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57+ DIYs on How to Make Wine Glass Charms

Showcase your crafting skills by making these graceful wine glass charms. They are quaint, pretty and have all the ingredients in them to get them noticed. Next time you are at a party, enjoy to the fullest without having to worry which glass is yours. Put it down on the table and even if you are busy in a conversation pick it up at your ease without confusing it with other’s glasses.

Wine Glass Charms DIY

1. Charms for Wine Glasses

These are cute and really clever. They are sophisticated without being over the top. The color combination of teal, brown and gold is a show-stopper. They are simple yet subtle.

Wine Glass Charms

2. Personalized DIY Wine Charm

These are fun and functional wine charms can be a part of your next party to prevent your guests from missing up their drinks. They are great gifting options too. You would have to decide on the words that you would like to stamp on your metal stamping pendants. They add a touch of personalization.

DIY Wine Charm

3. Elegant Wine Glass Charms

You will find this step by step to be inexpensive and easy. Sometimes you just don’t like the wine charms that are for sale and would like to fall in love with something handmade. This gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Instead of the Disney princess theme as directed in the video, you can go for plain beads and nothing else.

Quick Wine Glass Charms

4. Wine Glass Charms Personalized

If you are throwing a dinner party in the holiday season, you might want to personalize your place settings. Putting together paper wine glass charms would prove to be a cakewalk if you have the right tools. It would be good if you own circle punches of different shapes and sizes.

Personalized Wine Glass Charm

5. Make Your Own Wine Glass Charms

For this, you can use plain earring hoops or a wire to 8” length. While using the latter, you would need needle nose pliers to make a loop at the end of the wire. Then wrap it around a spool of thread to mold it into the correct shape.

How to Make Wine Glass Charms

6. Wine Glass Charm DIY

A great hostess always pays attention to the minute details. Wine charms are the simplest things to spruce up a party. They make a statement and take about 10 minutes to make. The jingle bell adds a musical element to the charm.

DIY Wine Glass Charm

7. Wine Glass Charms as Wedding Favors

Whip up these crochet and beads wine glass charms on an afternoon for yourself as well as someone else. They are wonderful as hostess gifts. You would need the special beaded crochet stitch for these.

Wine Glass Charms Wedding Favors

8. Making Bling Wine Glass Charms

The pretty wine charms have been made with necklace pendants. You can string them with your choice of beads or tiny ornaments.

Bling Wine Glass Charms

9. How To Make Your Own Bridal Shower Wine Glass Charms

Beads, charms or a combination of both can be attached to a wire ring that fits around a wine glass stem. You can be your whimsical best as you dress up plain wine glasses. The tutorial shows you how to make them in 2 ways, one by using memory wire and another using earring hoops.

Bridal Shower Wine Glass Charms

10. Glass Wine Identifier Charms

Stock up on bottle caps to complete this project. They have been lent a unique= touch by adding polymer clay to them. A pasta machine was used in the thickest setting to roll out the clay. To make it thick enough to fill the bottle caps it is folded on itself.

Wine Glass Identifier Charms

11. Make Bridesmaid Wine Glass Charm

Before embarking on the DIY, it is important to visualize how you want your wine glass charms to look like. A stash of jewelry supplies would prove to be the staple of this. Pearls, beads and pendants can give them a trendy and pretty edge. If you are an animal lover, you could do with some Australian animal, horse, elephant and kiwi pendants.

Bridesmaid Wine Glass Charm

12. Cork Charms for Wine Glasses

If you are a wine cork collector, this tutorial is for you. Take a pen and write an interesting message on the wine corks before you secure them to eyepins and leverback earwires. You can rope in colorful beads too.

Cork Wine Glass Charms

13. Wine Glass Charms for Weddings

You would need to buy only the hoops and beads for this wine glass charm set. You can make it a tad complex by including charms attached to jump rings. Gold and art glass charms look damn cool. Throw in glitter for some sheen or make it a little more expensive but classy by adding Swarovski crystals.

Wedding Wine Glass Charms

14. Paper Wine Glass Charm Instructions

Pretty patterned paper cut with the assistance of a wine charms monsters template is the main ingredient of this set. If you don’t want to download the templates, you can draw your own. Follow the directions of folding the cardstock before starting to draw. The Googly eyes add life to the monsters. You can also make them in an equestrian or Hello Kitty theme.

Paper Wine Glass Charms

15. Christmas Charms for Wine Glasses

First use a sharp, serrated knife to cut a cork into 6 similar pieces. An old nail file could be used to smoothen the edges. Then write merry or any other word, number or personalized name with a fine-tipped Sharpie, alternating the colors among the round cork pieces.

Christmas Wine Glass Charms

16. Wine Charms for Stemless Glass

Click on “The Cork Wedge” link on the above-linked webpage to be redirected to a guide to making wine charms for stemless glasses. Make a wedge in a round cork and pass it through a memory wire along with a few beads.

Stemless Wine Glass Charms

17. Cute Baby Shower Wine Glass Charms

Memory wire is first cut into small pieces and twisted into circles using pliers. Crystals along with jump rings are then threaded through it. The charms are hung with the aid of the jump rings. Experiment with your choice of charms to convey a message or symbolize the party theme. For a baby shower, you can have feeding bottle or baby article charms.

Baby Shower Wine Glass Charms

18. Cheap Custom Wine Glass Charm

For this one, you got to use jewelry forms for the base. Cut out circles and brush a little glue or Mod Podge into the jewelry form and press in the circle so that they firmly adhere to each other.

Custom Wine Glass Charm

You can make them in a square shape with funny one-liners and quotes to tingle your funny bone. Just cut out the letters and glue them on the squares.

Funny Wine Glass Charms

19. Engraved Wine Glass Charms with Initials

A little bit of personalization is everyone’s fave. Take a wine cork, slice it 4 times and stamp it with letters of your choice. Now take wire circles and jazz them up with some beads. Glue the wine cork at the center and you are done.

Engraved Wine Glass Charms

20. Thanksgiving Wine Glasses’ Charms

Do it in a combination of ways to create variety. You make one and you would be craving to make more. Check the above-linked post to get the hang of various ideas. You can use clear glass beads, wire wrapped pearls or simple beads for your creations.

Thanksgiving Wine Glass Charms

21. Wine Glass Charms for a Hen Night or Hen Party

Just visit a local craft store and grab some charms, earring hoops and beads to get creative. Just pass wires through the charms and press the ends around the stems of wine glasses and you have it nailed. You could also make the charms out of wine corks.

Hen Party (Hen Night) Wine Glass Charms

22. Bright Disney Wine Glass Charms

Disney lovers would vouch for this design. Just punch out Mickey’s head from foil or color paper, punch a small hole in the Mickey shape, use pliers to connect 2 jump rings and hook one of them through a paper Mickey.

Disney Wine Glass Charms

23. Eerie Halloween Wine Glass Charms

This one scores well on the Halloween front. Small bottle cap charms, wire and resin see you through the project. Ensure that you customize it for the occasion with spooky spiders and candy corn buttons.

Halloween Wine Glass Charms

24. Holiday Wine Glass Jewelry Charms

These would look adorable for Xmas. They can serve as gifts for friends as well as a fun décor idea for the dining table. The plus point? You can make them in less than 5 minutes!

Wine Glass Jewelry Charms

Silver charms in heart shape with the words bride and groom engraved on them look adorable for weddings. They speak volumes about your love. The above picture bears testimony to that. Similarly, you can design them for graduation, New Year, in a Thank You and travel theme, yoga, etc. Just select the apt charms for the wire rings that hold them.

Bride and Groom Wine Glass Charms

25. Magnetic Wine Glass Charm Step By Step

Cut memory wire rings, thread magnetic jewelry clasps, beads and charms through them and bend one end of the wires back into themselves. You already halfway through it!

Magnetic Wine Glass Charm

26. Beautiful Wine Glass Markers Charms

Start off with attaching small jump rings to all the charms. Using needle nose pliers flatten the wires on the earring hoops so that the charms can easily pass through. Slide beads too and give it a symmetrical look. Re-bend the tip of the hoop to its place to hold everything in place.

Wine Glass Markers Charms

27. Exclusive Wine Glass Stem Charms

Make a loop at the end of a wire with needle nose pliers. Add colorful beads and close the wire with another loop. Twist the wire around the stem of a wine glass. Repeat with the other glasses. You can choose to alternate between the colors of the beads.

Wine Glass Stem Charms

28. Attractive Sea Glass Wine Charm

Sea Glass Wine Charm

29. Unique Slipper Wine glass charm

Unique Wine Glass Charm

30. Starry Wine Glass Ring Charm

Wine Glass Ring Charm

31. Blue Nautical Wine Glass Charms

Nautical Wine Glass Charms

32. Charismatic Butterfly Wine Glass Charms

Butterfly Wine Glass Charms

33. Enamoring Crystal Jeweled Wine Glass Charms

Crystal Jeweled Wine Glass Charms

34. Beads in Wine Glass Charms

Beads for Wine Glass Charms

35. Heart Wine Glass Charms for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Heart Wine Glass Charms

36. Cork Initial Wine Glass Charms

Initial Wine Glass Charms

37. Enchanting Owl Wine Glass Charms

Owl Wine Glass Charms

38. Easy Wine Glass Name Charms

Wine Glass Name Charms

39. DIY Wine Glass Charms Accessories

Wine Glass Charms Accessories

40. Wine Glass Charms in Beach Theme

Beach Themed Wine Glass Charms

41. Bachelorette Party Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms for Bachelorette Party

42. Dog Wine Glass Charms

Dogs Themed Wine Glass Charms

43. Homemade Wine Glass Charm for Engagement

The supplies are minimal for this project. You would find them easy and fast to fabricate. Make a bunch of them to serve as wedding favors. The love charms make the pieces unique. The beads add to the beauty.

Wine Glass Charm for Engagement

These attractive pieces are Jewish themed. You can choose the charms to reflect a logo, the Star Wars theme, zodiac signs, zombie, etc.

Jewish Wine Glass Charms

44. Wine Glass Charms for Easter

Easter Wine Glass Charms

45. Kaleidoscopic Flower Wine Glass Charms

Flower Wine Glass Charms

46. Grapes Wine Glass Charms Video

Grapes on Wine Glass Charms

47. Neat Board Game Wine Glass Charms

Board Game Wine Glass Charms

48. Exquisite Just Married Wine Glass Charm

Just Married Wine Glass Charm

49. Knit Floral Wine Glass Charms

Knit Wine Glass Charms

50. Colorful Rainbow Loom Wine Glass Charms

Rainbow Loom Wine Glass Charms

51. Music with Wine Glass Charm

Wine Glass Charm Music

52. Monopoly Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms Monopoly

53. Name Tag Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms Name Tags

54. Wine Glass Charms for Tennis

Here a dowel rod is used to twist wires into the round shape. Then you just need to slide in the tennis or sports charms and the beads. You need to create a latch on the wire with the needle nose pliers to keep your charms in place. Golf lovers can thread in golf club charms.

Tennis Wine Glass Charms

55. Sophisticated Vintage Wine Glass Charms

Vintage Wine Glass Charms

56. Tassle Wine Glass Charms Tutorial with Image

Image of Wine Glass Charms

57. Alphabet Letters on Wine Glass Charms

Alphabet Letters Wine Glass Charms

You can have Murano glass charms for your favorite glasses. It would add a touch of class. Make them for birthdays and anniversaries and do remember to write the apt messages or have the correct charms on the rings suited for the occasion.

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