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50+ DIYs to Build a Lego Table

Lego tables offer a convenient space to build Lego. Not only that, they offer ample storage area for the Lego that otherwise would land up in every corner of the house after the kids have finished playing with them. Here are a few plans of making Lego tables that would be a treasured addition to the kid’s playroom. Add chairs and ottomans and you have a complete setup.

Lego Table Pictures

1. Make Your Own Lego Table

Lego pieces end up being scattered everywhere after your little one has finished hours of play with them. Here is a sliding table that keeps the kid’s play area clutter free.

Lego Table

2. Lego Table DIY Instructions

This simple procedure takes only about an hour to finish. Measure the table beforehand so that the base plates can be of the required dimensions.

Lego Table DIY

3. Make a Lego Table

Plan for Lego Table

4. Lego Storage Table

The above-linked tutorial needs to line up the base plates above a Trofast system. It is important to keep a gap between each plate so that the Lego blocks can be utilized on the entire surface. The storage drawers increase the utility of the table.

Lego Table with Storage

5. Table for Lego

An octagonal Lego table lends a contemporary appeal to the living room. The tricolor multiple level base of the table top in green, blue and gray signify land, water and urban buildings respectively. Similarly, you can design a hexagonal table.

DIY Lego Table

6. Duplo Lego Table

This DIY uses Lego blocks to hold the building plates together on an Ikea Lack table. They allow the drying and curing process of the Gorilla glue applied on the building plates to make them stick on the table.

Lego Duplo Table

7. Table Toys and Lego Play Table

This one makes use of an Ikea Ingo dining table and Ikea Trofast buckets for built-in storage. It is damn easy and cool.

Lego Play Table

8. Lego Duplo Activity Table

Trofast storage boxes can take care of all the Lego blocks under a single roof (the table top). Make your own timber runners to install the boxes and make them slide under the table.

Lego Activity Table

9. Lego Top Table

A Trofast Storage unit with plastic bins is the base of this Lego table. Sewer pipe caps are attached at the sides to give the table a Lego theme.

Lego Table Top

10. Lego Table Building Plan

Wheels allow this Lego table to be moved to any convenient corner of the house to play comfortably. An Ikea Lack side table on casters has been modified into a Lego table.

Lego Table Plan

You may want to attach a pink Trofast bin for storage at the bottom for customizing it for girls.

Girls’ Lego Table

11. Lego Train Table Idea

In this building method, Lego flats are glued to a table by liquid nails. Space them properly with the aid of Lego blocks, use books to add some weight on them helping the curing process. You would need a power drill and screws to add rails, magnet strips and buckets from Ikea.

Train Lego Table

12. Lego Table for Toddlers

This is not only a Lego table but can be used for a multitude of other activities. It is because only one side of the table top has the base plates attached to it and it is plain on the other side. This property makes it a convertible Lego table where you can build with Lego blocks or do some other activity as per your choice.

Toddler Lego Table

13. Table for Lego Building

It is the usual gluing of the Lego plates to a table in this step by step with a small difference. Low-tack painter’s tape is applied along the edges of the table to stop things from getting messy in the gluing process.

How to Make a Lego Table

14. Lego Building Table Idea

Tacky glue works on Lego flats that need to be attached to an Ikea bench. Trofast bins look after the storage part.

Lego Table Idea

15. Making a Big Lego Table

A huge Lego table would be a great base for making a Lego city. The main components of this project are an Ikea lack coffee table and 4 extra large baseplates having Velcro sticky backs. Storage bins are optional.

Big Lego Table

16. Lego Activity Table with Storage Drawer for Older Kids

This large Lego table with storage is of adjustable height. We loved the idea of covering one side of the shelf with green baseplates and the other smooth for building without the baseplates.

Lego Table for Older Kids

17. DIY Lego Building Table with Storage

This storage unit is nothing but 2 bookshelves joined by plywood. Trofast bins fill the gaps of the shelves and house the all the Lego.

Lego Building Table

18. Build a Lego Table

This step by step first creates the legs of the table from 2 X 4 ‘ Ikea pieces. They are glued and screwed to the bottom of an Expedit desk. Click the above link to know more.

How to Build a Lego Table

19. Homemade Lego Table for Big Kids

This table has the looks of land and sea alternating with each other. What with the use of green and blue base plates. They were first laid down on the table and their borders were marked to prevent any unevenness.

Homemade Lego Table

20. Lego Table for Kids

A set of 4 wood crates is used in the making of this Lego table. The topper is multi-faceted. It has separate sections for Lego, clay and magic sand, drawing and chalkboard.

Kids’ Lego Table

21. Large Plastic Lego Table

For this jumbo Lego table, a wood board needs to be painted in your desired color of choice and left for drying. As it will be used regularly by kids, give it a second coat of paint. The Lego base plates are pasted to one side of the board. The storage space is abundant.

Large Lego Table

22. Coffee Table for Lego

Lego Coffee Table

23. Wooden Lego Table with Net

A mesh storage or net is attached to the center of the table with screws for storing the Lego blocks. It hangs from below the square hole in the middle.

Wooden Lego Table

24. Small Preschool Lego Table

A Lego Lack table is the main ingredient for this DIY. 4 sheets of alternating colors were Gorilla glued to the top of the table. To ensure continuous build, Lego were placed in between the sheets.

Small Lego Table

An old end table can be sanded and repainted to transform itself into a Lego table. Yellow and brown would look good on it. Lego plates are Gorilla glued to the top.

Small Lego Table with Storage

25. Your Own Lego Duplo Building Table

A cheap coffee table has been transformed into this good-looking Lego table. The trick is to cut the base plates of appropriate size so that they fit the table top before gluing them down.

Build Your Own Lego Table

26. Lego Duplo Play Table for Children

This Lego table was built as a Christmas gift. If you want to personalize, you can write the recipient’s or owner’s name with chalk on the black part of the table.

Children’s Lego Table

27. Custom Lego Playing Table

Custom Lego Table

28. Large Table for Legos

Table for Legos

29. Lego under Bed Storage Play Table

Under The Bed Lego Table

30. Lego Work Table with Storage and Chair

Lego Work Table

31. Lego Table Tray

Lego Tray Table

32. Lego Table for Adults

Adult Lego Table

33. White Baby Lego Table

Baby Lego Table

34. Round Lego Table with Drawers for Storage

For this handmade Lego table, you should scroll down to the post dated Jan 20, 2012, of the above-linked article. It suits a classroom setting.

Round Lego Table with Drawers

35. Lego Workstation Lack Table

Lack Lego Workstation Table

36. Foldable Lego Table

Lego Folding Table

37. Lego Table with Storage Drawer

Lego Table with Drawer

38. Lego Building Table with Storage Design

Lego Table Design

39. Cheap Portable Lego Table

Portable Lego Table

40. Lego Construction Table and Storage

Lego Construction Table

41. Craft Lego Table

Lego Craft Table

42. Turn Train Table into Lego Table

Convert Train Table to Lego Table

43. Ultimate Wooden Lego Table with Storage

Ultimate Lego Table

44. Lego Board Storage Table Idea

Lego Board Table

45. Lego Split Top Table Plan

Though the tutorial teaches you step by step to create a coffee table with hidden play areas for Lego blocks and trains, you can recreate the plan on a smaller table with a detachable top.

Lego Split Top Table

46. Cool Lego Play Table

Cool Lego Table

47. Lego Quad Table with Storage and Stool

Lego Quad Table with Storage

48. Lego Pallet Table

Just stick Lego boards over this pallet table and you are done. The instructions for the pallet table can be read by clicking on the above link.

Lego Table Made From Pallets

More Pallet Projects and Ideas

49. Spacious Lego Table Organizer

Lego Table Organizer

50. Large Lego Table with Reversible Top

Lego Table with Reversible Top

The DIY tables that are mainly Ikea hacks would suit age groups ranging from 1 to 10-year-olds, teenagers and adults. Old tables can be upcycled to create great Lego tables that would be an instant hit with the kids. Increase or decrease the number of chairs according to the number of players.

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