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30+ DIYs to Make a Boutonniere for Different Occasions

A boutonniere made of real or faux flowers would be a perfect pick for your man to wear on his tuxedo or jacket suit’s lapel. Choose fresh flowers like rose, carnation, or baby’s breath or even make an artificial one using ribbons, laces, or burlap. The tutorials that follow give an insight into the innovative ways of making a boutonniere.

DIY Boutonniere Ideas

1. Interesting DIY to Make a Boutonniere with Real Flowers

The black and white striped ribbon gives the boutonniere an elegant look.

How to Make a Boutonniere

2. DIY to Design a Simple Wedding Boutonniere

 The rosemary along with the rose makes it look appealing. You may even add a few baby’s breaths to it.

How to Make a Wedding Boutonniere

3. Easy Steps to Make a Pretty Boutonniere

You could choose different floral combinations to design lovely boutonnieres for the male guests at the wedding,

How to Make a Boutonniere Easy

4. DIY Silk Flowers Boutonniere

If you do not desire to discard the boutonniere after one-time use, then making it with faux flowers would be a great idea indeed. Choose the flowers in a way that match the color of the suit or tuxedo.

How to Make as Boutonniere with Fake Flowers

For a sports fanatic, a replica of a football inside a boutonniere would indeed be fun, just like the one shown in the picture below.

Football Boutonniere DIY

5. Instructions to Make a Corsage and Boutonniere for Prom from Fake Flowers

This matching corsage and boutonniere would be a perfect pick for the boy and the girl to wear to prom night. Go for white faux flowers or even real ones if you plan to make them for the bride and groom.

How to Make a Boutonniere and Corsage

6. Paper Rose Boutonniere from Music Sheet Tutorial

The paper flower made from a music sheet is indeed an innovative idea for a boutonniere. Adding embellishments to the paper rose would give it an enticing look.

How to Make Paper Flower Boutonniere from Sheet Music

7. Orchid Boutonniere DIY

Orchid Boutonniere How to Make

Another flower suited for a summer or spring wedding or even prom would be a daisy. Following the steps given in the above DIY, you could design an excellent daisy boutonniere like the one shown in the image below. You may add ribbons or even other flowers to it for a magnificent appeal.

Gerbera Daisy Boutonniere How to Make

8. DIY for a Groom’s Boutonniere

A bouquet of roses arranged as boutonniere would be a great pick for the groom.

How to Make a Groom’s Boutonniere

9. Burlap Rose Boutonniere DIY

Adding white beads would make it all the more enticing.

How to Make a Burlap Rose Boutonniere

10. Carnation Boutonniere Tutorial

For a spring wedding, a carnation flower boutonniere is an excellent idea.

How to Make a Carnation Boutonniere

11. How to Make a Boutonniere with Succulents

You could tie a burlap ribbon to the succulent for a rustic appeal.

How to Make a Boutonniere with Succulents

12. Red Rose Boutonniere Directions

The blend of red rose and baby’s breath enhances the gorgeousness of this boutonniere.

How to Make a Rose Boutonniere

13. DIY Necktie Fabric Boutonniere

What better way can you recycle your necktie than making it into an elegant boutonniere. This piece would serve as an excellent Father’s Day gift.

How to Make a Fabric Boutonniere

14. Ribbon Boutonniere DIY

Attach a pearl at the center to enhance its look to the fullest.

How to Make a Ribbon Bow for a Boutonniere

15. Rose Boutonniere Directions

How to Make Rose Boutonniere for a Wedding

16. Boutonniere with Baby Socks for Baby Shower

Making a boutonniere with baby socks seems an ideal gift for the father-to-be. You could make a combination of pink and blue boutonnieres if the gender of the to-be-born isn’t yet revealed.

How to Make Baby Shower Boutonniere

17. Easy and Simple Paper Flower Boutonniere DIY

How to Make Paper Flower Boutonniere

18. Making Your Own Boutonniere for Prom and Homecoming

While arranging the boutonniere, make it a point to place the main flower, in this case, rose, in the middle. Wrapping it with a satin ribbon intensifies its beauty to the fullest.

Making a Boutonniere for Prom and Homecoming

19. Quick DIY for Baby’s Breath Boutonniere

The fern and dusty miller stem behind complete the bunch.

How to Make Baby’s Breath Boutonniere

20. DIY Seashell Boutonniere

A seashell boutonniere would be perfect for a beach wedding.

How to Make Seashell Boutonniere

Orange roses and blue hydrangeas attached to a wine cork makes for a unique boutonniere as shown here.

DIY Wine Cork Boutonniere

21. Boutonniere for a Funeral or Memorial Service

How to Make a Boutonniere for Funeral

22. How to Make a Ranunculus Boutonniere

The white ribbons around the ranunculus add to its charm.

How to Make a Ranunculus Boutonniere

Following the above tutorial, you could make a boutonniere with tulip, and wrap it with a band or ribbon.

How to Make a Tulip Boutonniere

23. DIY Air Plant Boutonniere

DIY Boutonniere

24. Homemade Christmas Boutonniere Tutorial

The combination of green and red brings in the perfect Christmas fervor.

DIY Boutonniere Tutorial

25. Classic White Boutonniere DIY

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

26. A Unique Autumn Wedding Boutonniere for Groom

The hemp string used for wrapping the boutonniere give it a rustic look.

DIY Groom Boutonniere

27. Lavender and Mint Boutonniere DIY

Lavender and mint gives it an aromatic feel.

Lavender Boutonniere DIY

28. Easy DIY for Fabric Boutonniere

If planning a boutonniere for Halloween, go for black fabric.

Fabric Flower Boutonniere DIY

29. DIY to Make a Cute Feather Boutonniere

The crochet doily and buttons make the boutonniere look increasingly beautiful.

Feather Boutonniere DIY

30. DIY Starfish Boutonniere

You may even attach a small seashell at the center to bring out the beach feel.

How to Make a Starfish Boutonniere

These amazing tutorials would help in making a boutonniere for any special or auspicious occasion with flowers, real or artificial, or anything else in accordance with the theme.  You could simultaneously make a corsage also to create a complete pair for a wedding or prom.

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