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13+ DIYs to Make a Butterfly Feeder

Having butterfly feeders in your backyard is a fun way of inviting the dazzling butterflies during the blissful spring. Besides, your kids would be enlightened about butterflies native to their area. Recycle old bottles, porcelain glassware, or mason jars taking help from the following tutorials to accomplish your creative goals.

DIY Butterfly Feeder

1. Homemade Butterfly Feeder

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a reclaimed petri dish for making a unique butterfly feeder.

Butterfly Feeder

2. Whimsical Butterfly Feeder

Another mason jar craft added to your to-do DIY list for the weekend. The provision of a sponge allows the butterflies to drink the nectar solution with ease.

Butterfly Feeder DIY

3. Easy Butterfly Feeder

Love beading? Insert colorful beads through the yarns for adding a dash of glam to the feeder. Spread tasteful delights over the plate and see how soon the winged beauties come there flying.

Butterfly Feeder

4. Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder

How to Make a Butterfly Feeder

5. Butterfly Feeder Idea

Whip out a sumptuous syrup for the little flyers to give the most of it. Fit a sponge into a small glass and pour the feeder solution over it. If you love feeding birds as well, then fill the jar with some bird snacks to serve a dual purpose.

Butterfly Bird Feeder

6. Best Butterfly Feeder

Celebrate the spring with a beautiful butterfly and bird feeder, embellished with a flower made from cotton pad soaked in a sugar solution and a drop of food coloring.

Glass Butterfly Feeder

7. Children’s Butterfly Feeder

Have you some scrubber sponges at home? Let the kiddos get some old dishes and fill them with nectar solution. Now place the sponges on each of the dishes and place them in the backyard.

Butterfly Feeder Sponge

8. Simple Butterfly Feeder

Attract the pretty butterflies placing a cute little flower paper loaded with yummy food for a realistic look when you don’t have a floral garden.

Butterfly Flower Feeder

9. Recycled Garden Butterfly Feeder

Since butterflies love feeding on rotting sugar, you can get rid of the unwanted fruits in a better way. The kids too would be delighted to discover a mini botanical area at the back of their house.

Butterfly Fruit Feeder

10. Butterfly and Moth Feeder Craft

Fluttering in delight, your winged friends would not stop relishing a paper plate full of mashed bananas.

Paper Plate Butterfly Feeder

11. Butterfly Feeder for Home

Butterfly Bowl Feeder

Taking a cue from the previous tutorial, you can fill a galvanized container with colorful marbles and water to make a water feeder for the butterflies and bees.

Butterfly and Bee Feeder

12. Butterfly Nectar Feeder

What could be more refreshing than a bunch of flowers for the butterflies? The yard never looked so decorative before.

Hanging Butterfly Feeder

13. Butterfly Feeder Plan

Butterfly Feeder Dish

Those who are lucky enough to have a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city can add some value to their outdoor décor, making a butterfly feeder in a group. Not just butterflies, the birds, bees, and moths can enjoy the sweet recipes to their hearts’ content.

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