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14+ DIYs to Make a Coffee Filter Butterfly

Coffee filters form the base for a whole lot of crafts because of their soft, durable texture. With the coming of spring, you would desire to deck your house with cute, colorful butterflies to replicate the ones that sit in your garden. Making them with coffee filters would indeed be an ideal option. The designs on the body are mostly created with washable markers, though paint or watercolors serve as an alternative. Pipe cleaners, clothespin, popsicle sticks, alongside beads and buttons, are the accessories to complete the butterfly’s body. An ideal craft for preschoolers, and kindergarteners, the coffee filter butterfly is easy to make, needing minimal time. 

Coffee Filter Butterfly DIY Pictures

1. How to Make a Colorful Coffee Filter Butterfly with Markers

The red pipe cleaners for the antenna complement the colorful body well.

Coffee Filter Butterfly

2. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

The polka-dotted design on the butterfly looks unique, indeed. You may paint the clothespin with a bright color of your choice for an enticing appearance.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

You could even replace the clothespin with a popsicle stick, as shown in the picture below. Decorating the eyes using beads would be simply amazing.

Coffee Filter Popsicle Stick Butterfly

3. A Cute Butterfly with Coffee Filter

The googly eyes add a realistic appeal to the coffee filter butterfly. The sporadic presentation of colors enhances its sophistication to the fullest.

Coffee Filter Craft Butterfly

4. A Fun DIY to Make Coffee Filter Butterflies for Kids

After drawing the patterns with markers, you could spray water from a bottle to help to spread and mix the color well.

Coffee Filter Butterflies for Kids

5. Interesting Tutorial to Make a Coffee Filter Butterfly

Many even opt for food coloring instead of the washable markers though it could get a little messy, especially if you are working with kids.

How to Make a Coffee Filter Butterfly

6. Making a Butterfly with Coffee Filter and Clothespin

You could omit the antlers or make two big ones with pipe cleaners or even felt.

Butterfly Coffee Filter Clothespin Craft

7. DIY Butterfly with Coffee Filters and Pipe Cleaners

The pipe cleaners could be used just for the antlers or the entire body, as shown here.

Coffee Filter Butterflies with Pipe Cleaner

8. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Pretty Coffee Filter Butterfly

Coffee Filter Butterfly Step by Step

9. How to Make a Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Butterfly

For a prominent tie-dye effect, use as many colors as possible.

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Butterflies

10. An Interesting Coffee Filter Project for Preschoolers

Coffee Filter Butterfly for Preschool

11. Coffee Filter Pointillism Butterfly Craft for Spring

The pointillism technique applied here by decorating the butterfly with points all over intensifies its beauty. The twig used for making a part of its body is an out-of-the-box idea, giving it a rustic look.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Spring Craft

12. Easy Butterfly Craft with Coffee Filter and Clothespin for Kindergarteners

While doing a project with toddlers or kindergarteners, you could keep the design as simple as possible by using small dots only, as shown here. The red pipe cleaner used for the face, makes it look simply amazing.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Kindergarten Craft

13. Directions to Make a Coffee Filter Butterfly with Markers, Clothespin and Pipe Cleaners

You can even add a big pom pom in between the pipe cleaner for a cuter look.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Directions

14. Classic Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Toddler

The abstract designs on the white filter with green sparkly pipe cleaners, add a different charm to the butterflies.

Coffee Filter Craft for Toddlers

Your toddler or older kid no matter whichever grade he or she is in would have a whale of a time in doing this craft, after learning about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar who would eat anything under the sun before emerging into a beautiful butterfly. Besides this one, you could make a host of other things with a coffee filter like snowflakes, wreath, and roses.

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