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21+ DIYs to Make a Key Holder

Key holders come as a boon saving you from the trouble of frantically searching for keys when you are in a hurry. You could make them on a wooden plank, or even out of cardboard or any upcycled material. Check out the tutorials below to know how to make key holders at home.

Key Holder DIY Pictures

1. How to DIY a Chalkboard Key Holder

The chalkboard spray paint on the holder, adds charm to it.

DIY Key Holder

Following the instructions in the above tutorial, you could make a “his or her” key holder with a dog paw at the center using a chalkboard. The image below gives you a vivid idea.

His Hers Dog Key Holder DIY

2. How to Make a Rustic Hanging Key Holder for Your Wall

The dark color on the wood adds to its rustic appeal. The tiny pot on one side adds to its beauty to the fullest.

DIY Key Holder for Wall

You could add a mason jar instead of a pot, as shown here.

DIY Mason Jar Key Holder

3. Creative Way to Make a Modern Wood Keyholder

The unique part of this Keyholder is the wood balls bearing the keychains. 

DIY Wood Key Holder

4. How to Make a Mail and Key Holder

The bunting banner sitting right on top adds an increased cuteness to the entire key holder.

DIY Mail and Key Holder

5. DIY to Make a Cute Lego Key Holder

Besides your keys, you could also find room for your wallet and mobile in this multipurpose holder.

DIY Lego Key Holder

6. Handmade Key Holder Box

The white stripes on the wooden box create a chevron pattern.

DIY Key Holder Box

7. DIY Leather Key Holder

After you have made these leather straps to hold your key chains, attach them to a wooden plank for easy accessibility.

DIY Leather Key Holder

8. How to Make an Illuminated Magnetic Key Holder

DIY Magnetic Key Holder

9. Guitar Amp-Styled Key Holder Tutorial

Getting this done may require a lot of drilling and screwing though the result will be worth it.

DIY Amp Key Holder

10. DIY House-shaped Wall Hanging Key Holder With Cardboard

Cut out a cardboard base, design it in the shape of a house, and decorate it accordingly to get this magnificent key holder done. Make any other design like a Christmas tree according to the occasion.

DIY House Key Holder

11. How to Make a Chalkboard Key Holder

Write “Words of Wisdom” on the blackboard daily. The terra cotta pot to the side adds to its beauty.

Chalkboard Key Holder DIY

12. DIY Entryway Key Holder with Floating Shelf

Make the shelf as decorative as possible by painting it and also adding several accessories to it.

DIY Entryway Key Holder

13. How to DIY a Farmhouse Style Key Holder

The burlap strip at the center gives the key holder a rustic look to the fullest.

DIY Farmhouse Key Holder

You could make another cute key holder from an old wooden frame like the picture that follows. The smiley at the center adds to its cuteness.

DIY Frame Key Holder

14. Directions to Make a Birdhouse Key Holder

DIY Birdhouse Key Holder

15. Hidden Key Holder DIY

If you intend to hide the house keys outside, this pill bottle, known for its weather-proof properties, would be a great option. Take a rock to camouflage it and put it in a secret place out of everyone’s sight.

DIY Hidden Key Holder

16. Instructions to Make a Key Holder Using Car Seat Belt Buckles

DIY Seat Belt Key Holder

17. Easy Way to Make a Wall Hanging Key Holder

If you already have a key holder, paint or decorate it like the one shown in this tutorial.

How to Make Key Holder

18. How to Make a Key Holder for Your Wall From Waste Materials

If you have waste cardboard, make good use of it by turning it into a fascinating key holder. The birds and flowers make it all the more enticing.

How to Make Key Holder From Waste Material

If planning to make a key holder for your little ones, this one, as shown in the image, designed using colorful popsicle sticks. Glue the key rings to it, and embellish it with paper butterflies, stars, or anything else.

How to Make Key Holder for Kids

19. How to Make a Paper Flower Key Holder Using Newspaper

How to Make a Key Holder Out of Paper

20. DIY to Make a Key Holder Out of a Tennis Ball

This is an extremely easy and fun activity with a tennis ball that your kids are bound to enjoy.

How to Make a Tennis Ball Key Holder

Take an old CD, cut a hole at the center, wrap it in craft paper, and attach rings or clips to it for holding the keys.

How to Make Key Holder with CD

21. Macrame Key Holder DIY

Macramé Key Holder

These fantastic DIY ideas would help in making unusual holders for your keys. Take liberty in being as creative as possible in designing and embellishing them for specific occasions.

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