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14 DIYs to Make a Light Box

A light box often comes to aid while capturing a picture or even during tracing or drawing. Instead of buying one that would come with a high cost, it is always feasible to go the DIY way. Light boxes also serve as decorative pieces helping to enhance one’s home decor.

DIY Light Box Pictures

Light Box for Photography

Most of the light boxes shown here are made of cardboard with transparent paper or fabric, which is actually the easiest way to design them. Wooden planks serve as an alternative option.

1. DIY to Make Your Own Light Box with Cardboard

The open flaps help controlling light reaching inside the box.

DIY Light Box

2. DIY Instructions For an Inexpensive Photo Box

DIY Photo Light Box

3. DIY to Construct a Wooden Light Box for Photography

If you are a pro at woodworking, then this wooden light box would suit you the best.

DIY Light Box Photography

4. How to Build a Light Box to Photograph Food

Though light boxes give flexibility, food is always photographed the best in natural light. A smaller light box has been used here, with tracing paper replacing the fabric.

Food Photography Light Box

5. How to Make a Light Box for Miniature Photography

How to Make a Light Box for Photography

6. DIY to Make a Homemade Light Box for Jewelry Photography

Make sure to use daylight bulbs to get fabulous results while taking pictures of jewelry.

Jewelry Photography Light Box

7. DIY to Make a Foldable Light Box

Following the above link would help you in making a foldable light box like the one in the picture below. You could easily carry them wherever you go.

Foldable Photography Light Box

Light Box for Tracing and Drawing

They have a different purpose, mostly used while tracing out something or making a drawing. Tempered glass is preferable mainly on the top though plastic can serve as an alternative. Be careful about the choice of lights and go for neon lamps or LED torches lest the glass might break.

8. How to Make an Inexpensive Light Box for Tracing

DIY Light Tracing Box

9. How to Make an LED Light Box for Classroom

This incredible light box with LED strips on it facilitates tracing to the fullest.

DIY LED Light Box

10. Easy Directions to Make a Light Box for Drawing

Acrylic sheet has been used for the drawing surface.

DIY Light Box for Drawing

11. How to Make a Cheap Light Box for Tracing

How to Make a Light Box

Light Box for Art

These light boxes have no practical utility, mostly serving as a work of art.

12. How to Make Light Box Letters

The light box here is a readymade one decorated with letters, the addition of lights enhance its brightness.

DIY Light Box with Letters

13. How to Create a Lighted Holiday Gift Box

A transparent wrapping paper helps the light to shine through them. If planning it for Christmas decoration, a red or green cellophane paper would be perfect.

DIY Lighted Gift Boxes

14. How to Make a 3D Silhouette Light Box

The 3D effect gives the light box a fantastic look. Adding light at the back of the cutouts gives them a glowing effect.

How to Make a Silhouette Light Box

With these fantastic tutorials at hand, making a light box for any purpose would be a mere cakewalk for you.

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