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16 DIYs to Make a Necklace Holder

You may have necklaces of different designs and patterns, and organizing them is your topmost priority so that they do not get misplaced. Instead of shelling out a handsome amount in buying showy holders, you could consider channelizing your creative skills and make them at home. Check out the tutorials to design fabulous necklace holders at home.

Pictures of DIY Necklace Holder

1. DIY to Make a Fashionable Necklace Holder

The black and white twine used to hang the metal rack add to its rustic look.

DIY Necklace Holder

2. How to Make a Necklace Holder Stand

Paint the board with the color of your choice to enhance its brightness.

DIY Necklace Holder Stand

3. Instructions for Making a Picture Frame Necklace Holder

You could attach photos of yourself or family on the sides for a personalized touch.

DIY Picture Frame Necklace Holder

4. How to Make a Necklace Holder for Your Wall

This six-chambered necklace holder would accommodate not just your necklaces but also other jewelry pieces like bracelets and earrings.

Wall Necklace Holder

5. How to Design a Wall Mounted Necklace Holder

The decorative trim surrounding the tray adds to the uniqueness of the necklace holder.

Wall Mounted Necklace Holder

6. DIY to Make a Necklace Holder Using a Hanger

Put your upcycled hanger into good use by designing pretty necklace holders out of them.

DIY Necklace Holder Hanger

7. Directions to Make a Wooden Necklace Holder

DIY Wooden Necklace Holder

8. How to Make a Long Necklace Holder and Organizer

You could go for a designer color paper for an enticing touch.

How to Make a Necklace Holder

9. Instructions to Make a  Framed Holder for Earrings and Necklaces

The beautiful earring and necklace holder is practical and elegant. It has a thin storage tray at the base. You can also store rings and pendants in this. 

DIY Earring and Necklace Holder

10. DIY  Homemade Wall Necklace Holder

The longish and rectangular structure of this jewelry box helps to fit in all the necklaces and earrings well.

DIY Wall Necklace Holder

11. How to Make a Driftwood Necklace Holder

The combination of white, pink, blue, and gold paint makes this driftwood necklace holder appear even more gorgeous.

DIY Driftwood Necklace Holder

12. How to Make a Travel Case Necklace Holder

To get a mobile necklace holder that you can carry along while traveling, the one shown in the picture would be apt. You could take the cue given in the link above to make a rolled-up necklace holder with pockets.

DIY Travel Necklace Holder

13. DIY to Make a Deer Horn Necklace Holder

You could paint the antlers in brown if giving it as a Christmas gift.

DIY Deer Horn Necklace Holder

14. How to Make a Necklace Holder Using a Cardboard

DIY Cardboard Necklace Holder

15. Easy Way to Make a Necklace Holder

Paint the small dowels in any color of your choice according to the occasion.

DIY Easy Necklace Holder

16. DIY Fabric Box Necklace Holder

To gift someone a necklace holder, you could make a pretty box like this one coated with a bright-colored fabric.

DIY Necklace Box Holder

With so many tutorials at hand, you would have an enjoyable experience in making these holders accommodate your jewelry. Besides the necklace holder, you could also make organizers for your earrings and bracelets separately.

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