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38+ DIYs to Make a Phone Case

If you find the readymade phone cases to be monotonous and desire to add a little innovation, then go ahead and enhance your creative skills by designing them at home. You could use paint or nail polish, or even make them keeping a specific theme in mind.

DIY Phone Case Images

1. How to Make Your Own Custom Phone Case

These abstract shapes add elegance to your phone.

Make Your Own Phone Case

2. DIY to Make a Pretty Phone Case From Scratch

A cute logo on your phone without spending too much on it would be the thing you desire.

How to Make a Phone Case From Scratch

3. Instructions to Make Your Own Cheap Phone Case

Black paper and scented gel pens are all that you need to make this decorative phone cover.

Make Your Own Phone Case Cheap

4. How to Make a Wooden iPhone Case

A wooden case for your expensive iPhone would intensify its sophistication.  Emboss the initial of your name on top for a personalized touch.

Make Your Own Wooden Cell Phone Case

5. DIY to Make a Wallet Phone Case

Make Your Own Wallet Phone Case

6.  How To Make a Bling Bedazzled Phone Case

Adding sparkles, beads, stones, and glitters would give the phone case a bling appearance.

Make Your Own Bedazzled Phone Case

7. Instructions to Make a Leather Phone Case

You can replace the leather with rubber, though the instructions would be the same.

Make Your Own Leather Phone Case

8. How to Make a Rhinestone iPhone Case At Home

The rhinestones, when embossed on your phone, make it look pricey indeed.

Make Your Own Cell Phone Case Rhinestone

9. DIY Glitter Phone Case

For a Christmas theme, make a mixture of green and red glitters.

Make Your Own Glitter Phone Case

10. Directions to Make a Balloon Phone Case

With two to three easy steps, you get to make this unique balloon phone case.

How to Make Your Own Phone Case With a Balloon

11. DIY Photo Cell Phone Case

 You can also make a collage and fix it on the phone for memorabilia.

DIY Phone Case

12. DIY Starbucks Phone Case

Besides Starbucks, you could fix the logo of your favorite coffee or food outlet and make an out of the box phone cover.

DIY Phone Case Idea

13. DIY Cute Bunny and Bear Phone Cases

The bunny phone case would be an apt pick for Easter.

Cute DIY Phone Cases

14. DIY Puffy Paint Phone Case

DIY Painted Phone Case

15. DIY Festive Phone Case Design

The gold wrapping paper gives the case a gorgeous appeal.

DIY Phone Case Design

16. DIY Phone Case With Nail Polish

The chevron pattern made by using nail polish beautifies this phone cover completely.

DIY Phone Case With Nail Polish

17. DIY to Make a Cool Herringbone Phone Case

The herringbone design created using washi tape is indeed an amazing one.

Cool DIY Phone Case

18. Tutorial to Make a Silicone Phone Case

DIY Silicone Phone Case

19. DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

The pressed flower pattern created on the phone cover makes it increasingly appealing.

Pressed Flower Phone Case DIY

A simple and easy way of creating a floral pattern is adding stickers on them like the one in the given image.

DIY Floral Phone Case

20. Unique DIY to Decorate a Phone Case

For a Christmas theme, you could make a snowman or reindeer too.

DIY Phone Case Decoration

21.  DIY Cactus Phone Case

You could create a spiky effect by adding colored paper to the case.

DIY Cactus Phone Case

22. DIY Cell Phone Flip Case

DIY Cell Phone Flip Case

23. Easy DIY to Make a Phone Case With Tutorial

Easy DIY Phone Case

24. DIY to Make a Felt Phone Case

You may make small flowers with paper or felt and glue it to the case.

Felt Phone Case DIY

25. DIY Faux Fur Leopard Phone Case

DIY Faux Fur Phone Case

26. Instructions to Make a Lego Phone Case

The unused lego blocks of your kid would come of aid in making this beautiful cover.

DIY Lego Phone Case

27. DIY Tie-Dye Phone Case

DIY Tie-Dye Phone Case

28.  DIY Pokedox Phone Case

DIY Pokedox Phone Case

29. DIYMelting Rainbow Phone Case

The melting rainbow theme would be perfect for summer décor.

DIY Rainbow Phone Case

30. DIY Water Color Phone Case

DIY Water Color Phone Case

31. DIY Beaded Phone Case

You may even make a simple phone case and adorn it with a few big beads.

DIY Beaded Phone Case

32. DIY Crochet Phone Case

If you are a pro in crocheting, then this tutorial would be apt for you.

DIY Crochet Phone Case

33. DIY Unicorn Rainbow iPhone Case

DIY Unicorn Phone Case

A cap or snowflakes stuck on the phone sets in the perfect winter mood.

DIY Winter Phone Case

34. DIYOreo Phone Case

Following the tutorial, you could design your phone case in the shape of a cookie, cake, or any other edible item.

DIY Edible Phone Case

35. DIY Disney Phone Case

You can also add any Disney character to make it look authentic.

DIY Disney Phone Case

36. Cute DIY Donut Phone Case

DIY Donut Phone Case

37. DIY Cross Stitch Phone Case

This cross stitch phone case stands as a unique gift for any special occasion.

DIY Cross Stitch Phone Case

38. DIY Up-Cycled Denim Phone Case

Instead of discarding your worn out denim, put them to good use by making something innovative like this phone case. The white laced decoration adds to its uniqueness.

DIY Denim Phone Case

With so many amazing tutorials at hand, designing cute and interesting phone cases would be a cakewalk for you.

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