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29+ DIYs to Make a Photo Backdrop

When taking a photo for any occasion, a gorgeous backdrop makes it all the more fulfilling rather than a plain white one. You could choose a backdrop of your choice based on the theme or reason for the clicks. The tutorials below would guide you more on making a photo backdrop with ease.

DIY Photo Backdrop Pictures

1. DIY Photo Backdrop with Streamers

Attach faux flowers in between for a bright appeal.

DIY Photo Backdrop

2. DIY Cute Fabric Photo Backdrop

You can alternately place colorful fabrics and laces for an enticing feel.

DIY Photo Fabric Backdrop

3. DIY Photo Booth Backdrop For Cheap

A PVC pipe draped in a showy fabric is all that one needs to get this photo booth backdrop done.

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

4. DIY Photo Booth Backdrop PVC Stand

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Stand

5. How to Make a Photo Booth Backdrop for Christmas

You may even make Santa Claus using paper or paper plates and stick it on one side.

DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop

Another Christmas photo booth idea is the one shown in the picture below, where red, white, and green curtains are arranged, teamed with a Christmas tree, and a lot of gifts.

Christmas Photo Booth Backdrop DIY

6. DIY Ideas to Set Up Your Own Photo Booth

The colorful backdrop intensifies the soberness.

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Idea

7. DIY Wedding Ceremony Photo Backdrop

The pretty flowers surrounded by the colorful curtains make for a soothing wedding décor.

DIY Wedding Photo Backdrop

8. How to Make a White Photo Backdrop

DIY White Photo Backdrop

9. Balloon Photo Backdrop Tutorial

For a baby shower party, arrange for blue or pink balloons, or the combination of both if the gender is unknown.

DIY Balloon Photo Backdrop

10. How to Make a Halloween Photo Backdrop

The Halloween decorations gracing this backdrop would perfectly bring out the eeriness of the occassion.

DIY Halloween Photo Backdrop

11. How to Make a Cute Photo Backdrop for Easter

The rabbits and eggs glorify the Easter spirit to the fullest.

DIY Easter Photo Backdrop

12. How to Make a Paper Photo Backdrop for Mother’s Day

The honeycomb lantern decoration at the center makes it all the more unique.

DIY Mother’s Day Photo Backdrop

You may even make your kid stand at the center with cake smeared all over his face, to capture the true essence of the smash photo backdrop.

DIY Cake Smash Photo Backdrop

13. DIY Chalkboard Cloth Blackboard

You can implement this chalkboard theme for Halloween too, where you could include a spooky message written in white against a black drop cloth.

DIY Chalkboard Photo Backdrop

14. DIY Photography Backdrop Frame

DIY PVC Photo Backdrop Stand

15. DIY Floral Rustic Backdrop for a Wedding

DIY Rustic Photo Backdrop

16. How to Make a DIY Wood Backdrop for Photos

Paint the wood to give it a bright feel. 

DIY Wood Photo Backdrop

17. DIY Pastel Graduation Party Backdrop

The colorful backdrop created by arranging tablecloths of different shades with a congrats message written at the centre makes for an authentic graduation décor.

Graduation Photo Backdrop DIY

18. DIY Food Photography Backdrop

DIY Food Photography Backdrop

19. DIY Fall Leaf Photo Backdrop

You could place small paper pumpkins at the center to bring in the actual fall effect.

DIY Fall Photo Backdrop

Arranging paper or cotton balls hanging against a black background, gives the impression of snow or snowflakes, making for a great winter backdrop idea.

Winter Photo Backdrop

20. Directions to Make a Floral Photo Backdrop

If you plan to make this for Christmas, then attach poinsettias against a white or green pegboard.

DIY Flower Photo Backdrop

21. How to Make a Pinata Fringe Photo Backdrop

For a wedding celebration, you could design a simple yet gorgeous theme with golden fringes.

DIY Fringe Photo Backdrop

22. DIY Dessert Bar and Baby Shower Backdrop

You may attach a banner at the center with a personalized message for the mom-to-be.

DIY Baby Shower Backdrop

23. DIY Tulle Photo Backdrop with Lighting for Bridal Shower

The tulle fabric combined with lights makes this photo backdrop perfect for a bridal shower.

DIY Tulle Photo Backdrop

24. How to Make a Heart Backdrop for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Photo Backdrop DIY

25. 4th of July American Flag Backdrop

4th of July Photo Backdrop DIY

26. How to Make a Photo Backdrop for a Beach Party

DIY Beach Photo Backdrop

27. DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Backdrop

A dinosaur backdrop can also be made as a birthday party theme.

DIY Birthday Photo Backdrop

28. DIY Glitter Photobooth Backdrop

For a prom night or any other celebration, this gold photo booth made by spraying golden confetti against a white drop cloth would suffice.

DIY Gold Photo Backdrop

Arranging streamers and balloons of purple, gold, and green, the traditional Mardi Gras colors, bring out the theme to the fullest.

DIY Mardi Gras Photo Backdrop

29. DIY New Year Eve Party Backdrop

DIY New Years Photo Backdrop

The unique photo backdrop ideas given here would definitely help in setting unique photo booths for any party where you and your loved ones could have a whale of a time in taking pictures.

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