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18+ DIYs to Make a Ribbon Lei

A lei has an immense significance in Hawaiian culture, often presented as a token of love and appreciation to welcome or bid farewell to a person. Traditionally, flowers make up a lei, though, in recent times, a host of stuff like ribbons, money, or candy go into its making. Ribbon lei could be made by arranging ribbons in a braided, spiral, or ric rac pattern or even adding flowers or money to it. The tutorials below give vivid details to make lei out of the ribbon.

DIY Ribbon Lei Pictures

1. DIY Satin Ribbon Lei

The combination of blue and white ribbons arranged in a spiral pattern makes the lei look amazingly beautiful.

Ribbon Lei

2. How to Make Pretty Woven Ribbon Lei

The braided pattern achieved by designing ribbons of two colors looks increasingly fantastic. Sleek in appearance, you can create it in the school colors of the person who is graduating and moving on to the next level.

How to Make a Ribbon Lei

3. Tutorial to Make Braided Lei for Graduation

Blue and purple grosgrain ribbon arranged in braids go into the making of this colorful lei.

Graduation Ribbon Lei

4. How to Make a Satin Ribbon Lei for Graduation

Mix and match different ribbons to make a unique lei. A tiny small flower may be attached to an end for a great appeal.

How to Make a Graduation Ribbon Lei

5. Interesting Tutorials to Make Graduation Leis Out of Ribbon

You could fix a bow at one end for an enticing look.

Ribbon Lei DIY

6. How to Make a Simple Ribbon and Money Lei for Graduation

The ribbons, alongside a butterfly made with money, give the lei an innovative touch.

Ribbon Money Lei

7. How to Make a Triple Braided Ribbon Lei

3 Colored Ribbon Lei

Weaving faux pineapples together with a green ribbon in between each of them, finally tied with a white ribbon, completes this lei.

Pineapple Ribbon Lei

8. How to Make a Double Braided Hawaiian Ribbon Lei with Four Strands

You could also use four ribbons of different shades, for a vibrant, colorful effect.

How to Make a Lei Out of Ribbon

9. Instructions to Make a Colorful Ribbon Lei

Add decorative beads at the center for a scintillating effect.

Ribbon Lei Instructions

10. Tutorial to Make a Ribbon Lei

The combination of satin purple and aqua ribbons that form the body, with green and pink ones popping out at the center, makes this lei apt for a Hawaiian wedding theme.

Ribbon Lei Tutorial

11. Instructionsto Make a Hawaiian Ribbon Lei

This beautiful lei with peach and pink ribbons is ideal for a bridal shower.

Hawaiian Ribbon Lei

12. Tutorial to Make a Pikake Ribbon Lei

If making this for Hawaii’s famous Lei Day that falls on the 1st of May, this Pikake ribbon lei, replicating the colorful plant, is indeed a great idea.

How to Make a Pikake Ribbon Lei

White and orange, as shown here, resembles the color of the plumeria flower. The remaining instructions for designing the lei would be the same as mentioned above.

Plumeria Ribbon Lei

13. Spiral Fancy Hawaiian Ribbon Lei DIY

How to Make a Spiral Ribbon Lei

14. Tutorial to Make Money Leis Using Ribbon

Using origami techniques, you can form interesting designs using the money and combine it with the ribbon.

How to Make Money Leis With Ribbon

15. Braided Ribbon Lei Tutorial

Braided Ribbon Lei

17. How to Make a Lei with Four Strands of Ribbon

Ribbon Lei 4 Strand

18. How Do You Make a Lei with Pink Ribbon

For a Mother’s Day celebration, this lovely lei with carnations and ribbon would be a perfect pick.

Pink Ribbon Lei

Be it for a graduation ceremony, bridal shower, baby shower, or any special occasion; you could make such colorful leis as shown in the tutorials above. You may even make a lei with a host of other things like money, candy, beads, and show on.

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