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15 + DIYs to Make a Scarecrow Hat

Who does not get fascinated by the odd-looking mannequins standing with their arms stretched out in the fields! Of late scarecrows have become a highly sought-after theme for every occasion, particularly Halloween. While designing the hat, which is indeed an essential part of a scarecrow’s decoration, you may use burlap, felt, paper bag, or anything else for the body. Don’t forget to add straws for an authentic scarecrow look. The DIYs below would guide you on how to make a scarecrow hat. 

Scarecrow Hats

1. DIY Easy No Sew Burlap Scarecrow Hat

Following easy steps of cutting and gluing, you would get this pretty hat done. Tie a satin ribbon instead of a burlap one, if you want your hat to look extra gorgeous.

Scarecrow Hat

2. Adorable Felt Scarecrow Hat DIY with Sunflower for a Toddler

Embellish it as much as possible with faux flowers, ribbons, and other things for a brightened appearance. For a spring theme, sunflowers would be perfect. At the same time, you can also include fall leaves if making it for autumn or berries and poinsettias for Christmas.

DIY Scarecrow Hat

Follow the link above to create a scarecrow hat for your toddler. Then, make it attractive by following the cues in the picture below. Tie a ribbon at the center; add straws in between, alongside a felt patch at the center. If making it for a girl, add a red or pink ribbon instead of the brown one as shown here.

Toddler Scarecrow Hat

3. Scarecrow Wreath Straw Hat Tutorial

The leaves, acorns, berries, googly eyes, cob nose, and the cute smile made with brown felt give it an immensely adorable appeal.

Scarecrow Straw Hat

4. How to Make a Colorful Scarecrow Hat

If you have a straw hat, turn into a colorful one by adding a whole lot of flowers and other decorations. If planning to make one for autumn, then add faux fall leaves.

How to Make a Scarecrow Hat

To get an exact shape, you could print out a template and make the design accordingly.

Scarecrow Hat Template

5.  DIY Paper Bag Scarecrow Hat for Halloween DIY

A brown paper bag with straws, colorful straps and flowers make this lovely hat that your kid would love to wear as they go trick or treating.

Paper Bag Scarecrow Hat

If dressing up your baby girl as a scarecrow for a Halloween party, you could even attach a hat to her headband instead of making her wear it separately. The image below would give you a vivid idea of it.  Make the hat with burlap, felt or paper bag or even get a readymade one. Then, glue it firmly to the headband. You are free to embellish it as much as you can for an enticing appeal.

Scarecrow Hat Headband

6. No-Sew Burlap Scarecrow Hat for Kids DIY

Kids Scarecrow Hat

7. Instructions for Making a Scarecrow Hat Out of Burlap

The directions would help make not just a hat but the entire scarecrow costume for your tiny tot. The burlap patches on the costume add to its looks.

Burlap Scarecrow Hat

8. DIY Scarecrow Hat Wreath Tutorial for Fall

The pair of hat with the jeans on it along with flowers transforms it into a beautiful wreath.

Scarecrow Hat Wreath

9. Tutorial to Make a Purple Felt Scarecrow Hat

The flowers and streamers give the hat a gorgeous look.

How to Make a Scarecrow Hat Out of Felt

10. Paper Scarecrow Hat Instructions

By using your origami skill, you could design this cute paper straw hat. Tie a bow on the ribbon for a brightened look.

How to Make a Paper Scarecrow Hat

11. How to Make a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Hat with Burlap

This DIY would, to a great extent help you replicate the pointy, funnel-shaped Tin Man’s hat if you desire to blend the scarecrow and Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween. The black lace encircling the hat would intensify its gorgeousness.

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Hat

12. DIY for a Homemade Floppy Scarecrow Hat for Adults

Make this simple hat look attractive by tying a red ribbon at the center.

Floppy Scarecrow Hat

You may get a readymade hat, decorate it with patches and add straws to it, just as you see in the picture.

Womens Scarecrow Hat

13. Cute Crochet Scarecrow Hat Pattern for Babies

If planning for a baby’s scarecrow costume, this crochet scarecrow hat would suit the best. The sun in the center increases its charm to the fullest.

Free Crochet Scarecrow Hat Pattern

14. DIY Small Hat for a Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

When involving preschoolers in an exciting scarecrow making craft with toilet paper rolls, use the origami method while designing the hat.  Besides the flowers, as shown here, add beads, and glitters to make it look all the more attractive.

Small Scarecrow Hat

15. How to Make a Scarecrow Hat for Your Front Door Decoration

The burlap hat with the tulle and ribbon decoration is apt to grace your front door. You could make it a little eerier for Halloween by gluing small skull heads or even spiders.

Scarecrow Hat Door Decoration

You would certainly have a blast in making these scarecrow hats as a part of your Halloween costume, or even as a hanger to grace your door. Besides burlap and paper bags, the commonest materials for the hat, you could experiment with felt or art paper of different colors like red, green, brown, or anything else.

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