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24 DIYs to Make a T-Shirt Bag

Have you some old or outgrown t-shirts of different colors and label lying inside your closet? Don’t simply discard them as they will make some cool bags that can be carried to anywhere right from a grocery store to coffee dates. Check out some interesting tutorials to whip up a range of colorful bags.

DIY T-Shirt Bag Images

1. Repurposed T Shirt Bag

If you love the environmental-friendly stuff, this recycled t shirt bag will appeal to you. Next time, visit your grocery carrying the cute bag.

T Shirt Bags

2. How to Make Bag out of Tshirt

Express your love for someone gifting the cute pink bag made stitched from an old t-shirt.

How to Make Bag from T Shirt

3. Reusable T-Shirt Bag: DIY

If you have been feeling bad about discarding your old t-shirts, making them into something creative and useful like a lunch bag would give some DIY goals.

T Shirt Bag DIY

4. How to Make a T Shirt Tote Bag

As a summer arm candy, the tote bag will add a different look to your casual ensemble. You have no clue what all you can carry inside.

T Shirt Tote Bag

5. Tee Shirt Bag for Kids

Teach your little one the importance of recycling by working on your old tshirt to make a wonderful tote bag.

Tee Shirt Bags

6. Making a T-Shirt Bag

Take this t-shirt bag on your trip to the mall and you would be surprised at how well it holds up. It is a great recycling project and looks fab.

How to Make a Bag from T Shirt

7. Tee Shirt Market Bag DIY

Tee Shirt Bags DIY

8. T-Shirt Hobo Bag Tutorial

T Shirt Bag Tutorial

9. Easy DIY Recycled T-Shirt Bag

Funky old t-shirts that have become bedraggled could be given a new twist as suggested in the tutorial.

Recycled T Shirt Tote Bag

10. How to Turn a TShirt into a Bag

Taking out your summer wardrobe along with some age-old or out-of-size t-shirts can give you a reason to be happy, especially if you are in a dire need of an eco-friendly bag.

Reusable T Shirt Bags

11. Upcycling- T-Shirt Bag

The little bow on the bag gives the otherwise plain-looking bag a charming style addition.

Upcycle T Shirts into Bags

12. How to Make a Tie Dye T-Shirt Bag

Whether you are relaxing at a beach or window shopping in a mall, you can carry this beautifully patterned bag.

Tie Dye T Shirt Bag

13. How to Make a Sling Bag from an Old T Shirt

How to Make a Sling Bag from a T Shirt

14. How to Make a Produce T Shirt Bag

Keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time with a produce bag made from an old and ordinary t-shirt.

DIY Produce Bags T Shirts

15. No Sew Tshirt Bag

Apart from carrying grocery goods, you utilize the bag like any regular one. However, it would be better not to overload it with heavier items.

No Sew T Shirt Tote Bag

16. Drawstring Bag T Shirt

Have you been having a hard time cleaning the clutter in your kid’s room? Whip up few of these hand-stitched bags and stuff all the toys, puzzles, and legos.

DIY Drawstring Bag from T Shirt

17. T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Bag

Strips of t-shirt can be turned into a crochet bag when done with every detail. Get ready to show off this fabulous bag wherever you go.

T Shirt Crochet Bag

18. No Sew Recycled T Shirt Tote Bag

To have a regular shopping tote bag refer to the tutorial.

Make a Tote Bag from a T Shirt

19. T Shirt Beach Bag

T Shirt Bag Pattern

20. How to Make a Grocery T-Shirt Bag

The main advantage of using such a bag is that it can be washed and dried without getting damaged.

Grocery T-Shirt Bag

21. Shoulder DIY Tshirt Bag

Have a look at this DIY before you toss your old wear into the dustbin.

DIY Tshirt Bag

22. Custom T-Shirt Bag

The old pajama t-shirt you don’t love to wear anymore can be utilized for something better, especially when you are aware of the harmful effects of plastic.

T Shirt Tote Bag Instructions

23. How to Make an Upcycled Shopping Bag from Tshirt

T Shirt Shopping Bag

24. How to Make a Bag from a Tshirt

Now you have something fancy to carry in your arm no matter where you are going.

How to Make a Tshirt Bag

There are many ways to make a bag or backpack using an old t-shirt by making use of the tutorials discussed here. Do share with us your creation as we are open to new ideas.

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