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4+ DIYs to Make a Unicorn Bow

Unicorn bows are indeed a sought-after craft, which could be used to decorate a gift or even be made into hair bows and hair clips. It may come with the trademark horns, or even without it. Some could also have the body of the unicorn as the base with a bow sitting on it. Check out the tutorials to make a unicorn bow.

DIY Unicorn Bow Pictures

1. How to Make a Unicorn Bow

Going by the instructions in the given link, you can make a beautiful bow. The golden horn and faux flowers sitting in between intensify its charm. When pasted on a gift box, the bow would make the present appear even more gorgeous.

Unicorn Bow

You can make and decorate the unicorn’s body with cardboard and glitters respectively. Paste a showy bow at the center, like the one displayed in the image.

Unicorn Bow DIY Idea

2. Instructions to Make a Pretty Unicorn Hair Bow

The tiny unicorn decorative pieces stuck on the bow makes it appear increasingly showy.

Unicorn Hair Bow

Printing out a unicorn-designed template beforehand makes your task easier.

Free Unicorn Bow Template

3. DIY to Make a Unicorn Cheer Bow

Following the tutorial in the link given above, you could make a unicorn cheer bow similar to the one in the image below. The only alterations are the colorful horn sitting in the center, as well as the eyes and mustache made with black glitter.

Unicorn Horn Cheer Bow

4. How to Make a Unicorn Bow with Tulle

Burlap may replace tulle for a rustic appeal.

How to Make a Unicorn Bow

The unicorn theme is an instant hit for birthday parties, Christmas decorations, or any other occasions or celebrations. Besides the bow, you may also make a unicorn headband, hair clips, and other such exciting accessories.

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