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16 DIYs to Make and Decorate Buttons

You would need buttons for your dresses, your shirts, or even for decoration. When it comes to making buttons at home, there are two ways to do it; you could either make one from scratch using wood or polymer. On the other hand, readymade plastic buttons can be covered with fabric, or yarn, or even embroidered. Check out the tutorials to get an insight into the several ideas of making buttons.

DIY Button Pictures

9 Ways to Make Buttons

1. Handmade Wooden Buttons DIY

The wooden buttons, when stitched on a pullover or jacket, gives the garment a rustic look. Use any old button for drilling the holes for a perfect shape.

How to Make Buttons

2. Tutorial to Make You Own Buttons at Home

You could give these wooden buttons a shade of your choice by coating them with acrylic paints.

How to Make Your Own Buttons

3. DIY to Make Clothing Buttons from Shrink Plastic

These cute, enticing buttons have been cut from shrink paper, with holes punched at the center. Select any template of your choice in accordance to the theme.

DIY Buttons

4. DIY to Make Beer Cap Buttons

Glue safety pins to the beer cap to make a button or badge of your choice.

DIY Bottle Cap Buttons

5. DIY to Make Polymer Clay Buttons

Rolling out some clay, designing them into circles and inserting buttonholes in them, helps make a polymer clay button with ease. You could attach safety pins to them in case you desire to remove the buttons prior to washing, else you can consider stitching.

Easy Way to Make Buttons

6. DIY to Make Your Own Buttons with Crochet

If you desire to give someone Christmas gifts, then crochet red, white, or green buttons to keep up to the theme.

How to Make a Crochet Button

7. Tutorial to Make Pretty Yarn Buttons

If you have the rings of your keychain, wrap them with colorful yarn for beautiful buttons.

How to Make Yarn Buttons

8. DIY for a Pretty Beaded Button

Decorate the button blanks with beads of your choice to get magnificent buttons as the ones shown here.

How to Make a Beaded Button

9. DIY to Make Porcelain Buttons

How to Make Porcelain Buttons

7 Tutorials to Decorate Buttons

In the tutorials that follow, the button making procedure is a little different.  Here we have readymade buttons, with most of them wrapped in fabric for a unique appeal.

1 . DIY to Make Fabric Buttons

You could make these colorful fabric buttons for your little girl’s dress. Add a tiny bow to the center for a fabulous appeal.

How to Make Fabric Buttons

2. DIY to Make Your Own Bachelorette Party Button Pins

The diamond ring stickers on the buttons make them appear all the more enticing.

How to Make Button Pins

3. How to Make Souvenir Buttons with Pictures

Following the tutorial in the above link, you could make photo buttons like those in the image below and gift someone to keep as a souvenir.

How to Make Buttons with Pictures

4. DIY to Make Embroidered Buttons

Embroider any design of your choice and fix it on the buttons, it could be any personalized message based on the occasion.

How to Make Embroidered Buttons

5. DIY Upholstery Fabric Buttons

How to Make Upholstery Buttons

6.  DIY Cute Fabric Buttons

The red checked and white polka-dotted fabric covering the buttons makes them perfect for Christmas.

DIY Fabric Buttons

7. Covered Buttons DIY

You can add a small flower at the center to make it look all the more creative, especially if you are planning to use the button for a decorative purpose.

DIY Fabric Covered Button

With the aid of these above DIYs, you could make a whole lot of creative buttons or even design the existing ones in a manner to give them a new look. Besides making or decorating buttons, you have options for using them to create a lot of things like bracelets, necklace, earrings and so on.

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