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10+ DIYs to Make Cute Mini Notebooks

If you are in the habit of jotting down everything then you may need a whole lot of notebooks to keep a record of all that you do. Buying a whole lot of them could be taxing for you, hence consider making some cute mini note books at home. While you could simply design one from a single piece of paper which indeed is the easiest available option, cardstock or upcycled cardboard could be used for the outer cover with strips of paper glued within and a showy décor on top.

DIY Mini Notebooks Pictures

1. How to Make Mini Notebook from a Cereal Box

You could choose a big, showy button to make the mini notebook look more prominent.

Mini Notebook

2. How to Make Mini Spiral Notebooks

These mini spiral notebooks would be perfect giveaways for any special occasion. The spiral binding helps to add firmness. If planning to make it for kids then you could choose a certain theme like Minion, Peppa Pig or anything else.

Mini Spiral Notebooks

3. DIY Mini Pocket Printable Book

If drawing is your foray, then make sketches of anything of your choice, else there is also an easier option of gluing smileys or any bright stickers on your card.

Mini Pocket Notebook

4. Easy DIY to Make a Mini Notebook From One Sheet of Paper

These colorful notebooks may be made using just a simple sheet of paper and a little decoration.

How to Make a Mini Notebook

5. DIY Colorful Mini Notebook for Kids

Colorful wrapping paper as ones shown here help make your notebooks look attractive.

DIY Mini Notebook

6. Easy Way to Make a Cute Mini Notebook

Your kids would have a whale of a time in making these cute colorful notebooks. Give them the liberty to put their creative skills into action for the decoration part.

Cute Mini Notebooks

7. Pretty Handmade Mini Notebooks for Gifts

You could add lace or ribbon to the edges and even put beautiful stickers. If gifting it to someone then a personalized photo may even be glued on the cover bearing a thoughtful message.

Handmade Mini Notebooks

8. DIY Origami No Glue Notebook with a Single Paper

With just a few folds you can make a cute notebook that fits in your pocket.

Origami Notebook

9. Tutorial to Make a Mini Diary at Home

A cardstock having papers glued within with interesting decorations on top is all what you need for a mini diary.

Mini Diary

10. How to Make a Key Ring Out of a Mini Notebook

The colorful buttons make the notebook look even more colorful and attractive.

Mini Notebook Keyring

Be it a mini or pocket design or even ones with a leather case or pen stand, you can expand your creativity and make any variety of notebooks as per your choice. You could even choose the themes as per the occasion like Christmas tree or snowflakes for Christmas, bunny of Easter or pumpkin for Halloween.

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