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76+ DIY Finger Puppets Instruction, Printable Templates and Patterns

Finger puppets would hold suitable for any occasion, be it while cuddling your little munchkin to bed with his favorite stories, or even entertaining your guests with a unique presentation during Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Here are some fantastic tutorials to make finger puppets at home.

DIY Finger Puppets

1. DIY Finger Puppets Using Cardboard

The tale of a king and the queen along with their prosperous kingdom would be a fantastic bedtime fairytale to lull your little one to bed. You can embellish the king and the queen with beads or glitters for a gorgeous effect.

Finger Puppets

2. Family Finger Puppets Tutorial

While teaching your kiddo the finger family song, you can make finger puppets of your family members and also include pets if you have any, to combine learning with fun for her.

Finger Family Puppets

Give your kid the liberty to color or design “Mommy”, “Daddy” and other members of the family as he/she wishes.

Finger Family Template

3. How to Make a Cat Finger Puppet with Felt

You can make a black cat if you are planning to do it for Halloween.

Finger Puppet

4. Easy Way to Make a Cat Finger Puppet

If you are looking for something easy and quick, then this cat puppet made from paper would be your perfect pick.

Cat Finger Puppet

Your little one would be amazed to hear a cat and dog’s tale, while the puppets of both animals would help you give a live demonstration.

Cat Finger Puppet Free Template

5. Farm Animal Hand Finger Puppets Instructions with Printable Templates

While entertaining your kid with the farm stories or telling him about the cat-mouse tale these puppets would come handy.

Hand Finger Puppet

6. How to Make Paper Cone Finger Puppets with Printables

Teaching preschoolers about the animal world using finger puppets would not only fasten the learning process but also help in enhancing language development.

How to Make Finger Puppets

7. Directions with Printables to Make Forest Friends Animal Finger Puppets

The fox, owl, and hedgehog would fit comfortably into the leaf envelope.

Animal Finger Puppets

8. Exciting Ways to Make Finger Shadow Puppet

Your finger itself would do all the magic here sans any material. Check out the tutorial to see the several wonders you can do by merely using your finger.

Finger Shadow Puppets

If you intend to create something funny without making it long and tedious, then all you need to do is draw funny designs on your fingers with a pen as shown in the image below. Besides the funny ones, you can also try out a sad or angry look by sketching a grumpy face using a pen.

Funny Finger Puppets

9. Felt Monster Finger Puppets DIY with Printable Templates

Monster Finger Puppets

10. How do you Make Super Hero Finger Puppets

If you are planning a superhero theme for your son’s birthday, then a small skit based on the favorite superheroes of the kids would be a great idea.

Superhero Finger Puppets

Children would find finger puppet making more convenient with this template in hand.

Superhero Finger Puppet Template

11. Batman Finger Puppet Template and Instructions

After downloading the template, the remaining is about stitching and gluing the felt.

Batman Finger Puppet

12. Unicorn Finger Puppet with Printable Pattern

With Christmas around the corner, if you are planning a script of nativity then this unicorn finger puppet is undoubtedly going to be of help.

Unicorn Finger Puppet

13. Frozen Finger Puppets Printable Pattern with Tutorial

If your kid is obsessed with Frozen, then make an Olaf or Elsa or any of his favorite character in the form of a finger puppet, so that he may have a whale of a time in fantasizing with them.

Frozen Finger Puppets

14. Old Mc Donald Finger Puppets with Felt

With all of Old Mc Donald’s farm animals, your little one would sing the song with greater zeal.

Felt Old Mc Donald Finger Puppets

From animals to vegetables or fruits, as well as flowers, you can make anything with felt after you have downloaded the template. If you are teaching your kiddo variety of fruits and vegetables or trying to make your fussy child eat by telling him exciting veggie tales, you can make finger puppets as shown in the image below by following instructions of the above tutorial.

Fruits and Vegetables Finger Puppets

15. Cow Finger Puppets Tutorial

As you teach your toddler the Moo sound, these cow puppets would be of immense aid.

Cow Finger Puppets

16. Minion Finger Puppets in Crochet Pattern

These Despicable Me fictional creatures would look fantastic when made into small puppets. Crocheting is not a cakewalk, but if you have mastered the art of it, then you can make a whole lot of such interesting characters.

Crochet Finger Puppets

17. Handmade Dinosaur Finger Puppets with Free Printable Pattern

If your child is in awe, after watching the famous movie Jurassic Park and wants to know more about these age-old creatures, make dinosaur puppets to help them understand these extinct animals better.

Dinosaur Finger Puppets

If you want your kiddo to take charge of the DIY all by himself, then you can make it easier for him by taking out a printable of a dinosaur and asking him to create a cutout of it. Color them in green, with two holes punched at the bottom for the little one’s fingers to fit in.

Cutout Finger Puppet

18. DIY Sesame Street Elmo Finger Puppet Tutorial

Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Ernie, Grover, or Kermit the Frog, your kid would love them all. Taking a cue from the Elmo tutorial, you can create the entire Sesame Street gang for your kid to cherish.

Sesame Street Finger Puppet

19. Harry Potter Finger Puppets With Crochet Pattern

You can arrange for a puppet show on any of the Harry Potter series on the occasion of Halloween. If you find crocheting to be tedious, then you may make the puppets using felt or even just cardboard that would require simple gluing.

Harry Potter Finger Puppets

Besides creating the proper pattern, the remaining steps would be the same as the given tutorial for creating the famous Salad Finger, the character of the British animation series of the same name or even Hubert Jason Cumberdale. Try to make Salad finger’s hunch back for a realistic effect.

Salad Fingers Puppets

20. Directions to Make Star Wars Finger Puppets

If your son swears by Star Wars and has an undying fascination for Darth Vader and Yoda, then recreate them into attractive finger puppets.

Star Wars Finger Puppets

These origami instructions would help you in creating an impressive puppet of this human robot of the Star Wars franchise.

C3po Star War Origami Finger Puppet Printable Pattern Instructions

While creating the Star War family puppet, you cannot afford to miss the legendary Chewbacca or Chewie. The template given below would make your task easier. You can make the R2D2 character similarly.

Origami Chewbacca Finger Puppet

22. Cute Crochet Finger Puppet Pattern

Crochet Finger Puppet Pattern

23. Free Patterns for Knitted Finger Puppets

The boy-girl pair knitted beautifully may be an excellent plaything for your son and daughter who would indulge in mimicking each other.

Knitted Finger Puppet Pattern

24. Minecraft Finger Puppet Tutorial with Template

Making a finger puppet of your video game that all of you love playing to the fullest would indeed be great

Minecraft Finger Puppet

If you are willing to make a finger puppet of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with felt, follow the instructions of the tutorial below, the only difference being that you would need to design the faces of the bears and the little girl, for which the following template would come of help.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Finger Puppets Printable Template

Your kiddo can also make a simple brown grizzly bear puppet or even his favorite Winnie the Pooh, with the help of this template. All he needs to do is to color the bear brown and then punch two holes in it so that it may comfortably slip into his fingers.

Bear Finger Puppet Template

25. Easy to Make No-Sew Finger Puppets with Pipe Cleaners for Children

These adorable finger puppets would be lovable playthings for your children. Pipe cleaners, which are used to make them, give the dolls flexibility. You can use various colored pipe cleaners to create a host of animals or birds like brown for a monkey, green for parrot or a grey one for a squirrel.

Finger Puppets for Children

26. How to Make Two-Finger Puppets out of Paper with Templates

If you are looking for something simple and easy-to-make, this one would be apt for you.

Finger Puppets with Paper

27. How to Make Five Little Monkeys Finger Puppets

If you are teaching your preschooler “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed,” then this tutorial would be of great aid to you. You can even a cutout of a mommy monkey and the doctor to make the presentation an interesting one.

Monkey Finger Puppets

These cute monkey templates would help your preschooler to learn about these jungle animals more efficiently.

Monkey Finger Puppet Printable Template

28. How to Make Itsy Bitsy Spider Hand Puppet

Another nursery rhyme your munchkins would like to sing along is Itsy Bitsy Spider.  You can make puppets of the sunshine too while explaining how it dried the wet spider.

Spider Finger Puppet

If you want to create a scary spider for Halloween, take out a printable, color it black, add two beads to make its eyes, make two holes at the side, and there you have a spider finger puppet at hand.

Spider Finger Puppet Template

29. How to Make a Bug Finger Puppet

If you want to design a ladybug, then you can go for a red stock paper, with small black dots on it.

Bug Finger Puppet

30. Ten Plagues Passover Finger Puppets DIY with Printables

On the auspicious occasion of Seder, you can educate your children about the 10 plagues that the Egyptian pharaoh had been threatened of by the divine almighty if he did not release the Jewish slaves (blood, frog, lice, wild animals, death of cattle, boils, hail and thunder, locusts, darkness, death of first born). If you have many kids coming over for the occasion, you can make each one of them enact a particular plague. Taking a cue from the following tutorial, you would be able to make plague finger puppets. You could obviously change your ideas while showing the various kinds of plagues.

Plague Finger Puppets

31. Two Little Dickie Birds Crochet Finger Puppet Tutorial for Toddlers

The different decorations of the Dickie birds give them a unique look. You can also choose yellow and red for a combination with a green beak.

Two Little Dickie Birds Finger Puppet

If you find crocheting a little tough, then a simple finger puppet from the template would be easier for you.

Two Little Dickie Birds Finger Puppet Template

While telling your kid the fairy tale of Three Billy Goats and Gruff, you can enact the story using finger puppets, following instructions from the above tutorial. You may also make one using paper, by creating the design from the templates or printables.

Billy Goats Gruff Finger Puppets

32. DIY for Making Felt Wool Finger Puppets

Felt Wool Finger Puppets

33. How to Make Finger Puppets on a Glove

Rather than discarding your old gloves, you can stitch puppets onto them. Green gloves with puppets of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and Snowman, would be ideal for Christmas.

Glove and Finger Puppets

34. DIY Felt Halloween Finger Puppets with Templates

The mummies and Dracula would all be ideal for a perfect Halloween celebration. You can also make puppets of pumpkin, Jack’ O Lantern and Sally to grace the occasion.

Halloween Finger Puppets

35. Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet for Halloween

If you want just a pumpkin, then do not make the eyes and nose.

Jack O Lantern Finger Puppets

36. Zombie Finger Puppet Tutorial with Free Printable Patterns

You can also team your scary Zombie with a witch, goblin or werewolf.

Zombie Finger Puppet

37. Ghost Finger Puppet Tutorial

Ghost Finger Puppets

38. Adorable Disney Princess Fairy Tale Finger Puppet with Printables

Princess, Snow White, Belle or Jasmine, Rapunzel, you can make puppets of the whole gang and place them in a pretty bag, for your little girl to cherish. Besides the Disney princesses, if you decide to enact Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood’s story, then you would need to make all the characters of these tales. The method would be similar to the ones shown in the given tutorial.

Disney Princess Finger Puppet

39. Badger Finger Puppet Craft for Kids

Badger Finger Puppet

40. DIY No Sew Felt Nativity Finger Puppet Pattern

With Christmas knocking at the door, you can include the nativity finger puppets as a part of the decorations.

Nativity Finger Puppets

Nativity Finger Puppets Printables

41.Elephant Finger Puppet DIY with Printable Pattern

While telling your toddler the story of a mighty elephant at bedtime, these finger puppets would make the session more interesting.

Elephant Finger Puppet

If you decide to get a full-sized picture of the jungle animal, then this template would be the one suited for you. Give your kids the liberty to color the elephant with their favorite shades.

Elephant Finger Puppet Printable

42. SpongeBob Sock Puppet DIY and Free Printable Pattern

Instead of a sock, you can stitch SpongeBob onto your gloves for finger puppets.

SpongeBob Finger Puppet

43. Homemade Mice Finger Puppets

You can make black spectacles using paper if you are making the puppets for the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice.”

Mouse Finger Puppets

If you intend to make puppets for the bride and the groom to commemorate your best friend’s wedding, you can do it the same way as shown in the tutorial above, using gloves. You would need white gloves for the bride, black for the groom and colored ones in case you want to add the flower girl or bridesmaids.

Wedding Finger Puppets

44. Father Christmas Finger Puppet Tutorial with Template

As you sing the Jingle Bells song, having Father Christmas on your fingers would make your presentation a musical one. The Santa Claus template in this tutorial would be useful for kids if they are trying their hands in making this finger puppet.

Christmas Finger Puppets

45. Handmade Snowman Finger Puppets with Template

Besides Santa Claus, these snowmen puppets would also thrill your kiddo to the fullest.

Snowman Finger Puppets

46. Bumble Bee Finger Puppet Craft with Pipe Cleaners

Replace the pipe cleaners with paper,  while the remaining process being the same. Taking out a printable of the bee would make your job an easier one.

Bee Finger Puppet

47. Lady Bug Finger Puppet Tutorial

Along with the bumblebee comes the ladybug. Your kiddo would be elated to have it on his finger while singing the ladybug song.

Lady Bug Finger Puppet

48. Horse Finger Puppet DIY with Templates

Horse Finger Puppet

49. How to Make Crocodile Finger Puppet

You can make an alligator finger puppet in the same way, only with a wider mouth.

Crocodile Finger Puppet

50. Ways to Make Butterfly Finger Puppets

These colorful butterflies would be helpful enough while acquainting your preschooler about its life. You can even make a caterpillar puppet if you intend to speak of its life cycle.

Butterfly Finger Puppet

51. How to Make a Cheerful Frog Finger Puppet

If you want your frog to frown, then you can omit the red strip.

Frog Finger Puppet

Have your little one to color this template, cut two holes at the bottom, lo and behold! You have a frog finger puppet at hand.

Frog Finger Puppet Template

52. 3 Little Pigs Finger Puppets

The three pigs and the wolf sitting on your fingers would delight your toddler. If you do not desire to get into this tedious process, a template of the pigs and wolf will make your task easier.

Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets

53. Peppa Peg Finger Puppets DIY

The following tutorial gives you instruction to make the Peppa Pig family using rubber gloves. You can also make the Peppa family using felt as shown in the picture below.

Peppa Pig Finger Puppets

54. How to Make a Cute Bunny Finger Puppet for Easter

You can even create a small basket with felt and attach it to its side if you want to make it for Easter.

Bunny Finger Puppets

Besides the bunny, you can have your kids holding colorful Easter eggs puppets. All you need to do is take out the printables, shape them, color the eggs and make two holes for your fingers to fit in or even attach a stick.

Easter Finger Puppets Printable

55. Instructions and Printables to Make a Snake Finger Puppet

You can add polka dots or various designs on the body to make it look like a real snake.

Snake Finger Puppet

56. Owl Finger Puppet Tutorial and Printable Pattern

Owl Finger Puppet

57. Knight Party Dragon Felt Finger Puppets DIY with Printable Template

You can even print templates of prince and princesses if you are looking for a perfect fairy tale.

Dragon Finger Puppet

You can also create the famous dragon of the noted animated movie Room on the Broom, along with other characters like the cat, witch, dog, frog, and bird as shown in the image below.

Room on Broom Finger Puppets

58. Gruffalo and Friends Finger Puppets DIY

While planning a skit of the famous story Gruffalo, you should even create puppets of the renowned mouse’ predators like the snake, owl, and fox.

Gruffalo Finger Puppets

59. Turkey Finger Puppets Tutorial and Template for Thanksgiving

Besides the turkey, you can also design puppets of pilgrims and Native Americans by taking the help of templates.

Thanksgiving Finger Puppet

60. Lion Template to Make a Finger Puppet

You can also make a full set of other jungles animals like tiger, elephant, and wolf. You can even recreate Simba’s tale from the famous Disney film Lion King. In that case, the manes would be brown and the body of a deep yellow color.

Lion Finger Puppet

61. Wizard of Oz Crochet Finger Puppets Pattern

Following the given crochet pattern, you can create the entire Wizard of Oz family, including Dorothy, her uncle and aunt, her dog Toto, and the wizard.

Wizard of Oz Finger Puppets

62. Cardboard Gingerbread Man Puppet DIY

You can add colored buttons or beads in the middle.

Gingerbread Man Finger Puppet

63. Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets for Babies

You can also make a big mother duck along with the five little ones. If you have your toddler trying his hand at making the finger puppet, download 5 duck printables, allow him to color them as he desires, and all you have to do is sing along.

Five Little Duck Finger Puppets

64. Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall Fun Finger Puppet

When you have Humpty Dumpty, why should Jack and Jill be left behind! Entertain your little one with this popular rhyme for which you can simply color the printable template as shown in the picture below.

Jack and Jill Finger Puppets Template

Taking directions from the given link, you can make a cute Humpty Dumpty finger puppet.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme Finger Puppet

65. DIY Googly Eye Finger Puppet with Pipe Cleaner

Eye Finger Puppet

66. Giraffe Finger Puppet Instructions with Template

You can make its neck a little longer to give it the typical giraffe look. The printable template would make your task a mere cakewalk.

Giraffe Finger Puppet

67. Instructions to Make a Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet out of Paper

If your kid is a ninja turtle freak, then these finger puppets would delight him to the fullest.

Ninja Turtle Finger Puppet

68. People Finger Puppets Tutorial

You can make a replica of your family or even your kid’s friends.

People Finger Puppets

69. Fish Finger Puppet DIY

You can go use various colors to illustrate the different varieties of fish like orange for clownfish, blue for gourami and so on.

Fish Finger Puppet

Following the same procedure, you can also opt for a finger puppet of the famous toothed whale with a mammoth tusk, narwhal. Take out the printables for the design. The big white tusk would be its specialty.

Narwhal Finger Puppets

A stitched dolphin finger puppet can also be made similarly just like the fish.

Dolphin Finger Puppets

70. Felt Shark Finger Puppet

Shark Finger Puppet

71. Alphabet Finger Puppets Tutorial

While teaching your children alphabets, these finger puppets would come of aid to make the learning process an enjoyable one. The tutorial has links to the printables and patterns while the rest is about stitching the felt together.

Alphabet Finger Puppets

72. Snail Finger Puppet with a Pipe Cleaner

The cap fitted on its back is indeed an innovative approach.

Snail Finger Puppets

 73. How to Make a Waldorf Inspired Finger Puppet

Waldorf Finger Puppet

74. Squid and Octopus Crochet Finger Puppet Pattern

These eight-legged creatures, as well as the squid, would be a delight to make as your child learns about a host of species.

Octopus Finger Puppet

75. Simple Handmade Penguin Finger Puppet

While teaching your kid about flightless birds, try making puppets out of them to make the learning process easy. You can even take out templates of other flightless birds like kiwi, emu, and ostrich and similarly make puppets.

Penguin Finger Puppet

76. Rudolph the Reindeer Paper Finger Puppet with Template

When you are narrating Santa Claus’ story to kids, you cannot obviously miss out Rudolph the Red-Nosed Deer for which a template would be sufficing and easy.

Reindeer Finger Puppet Template

77. Farm Animals Finger Puppet Pattern

Finger Puppet Pattern

You can make puppets with anything you please like cardboard, paper, wood, plastic or rubber. The list of finger puppets seem to be never-ending as apart from the tutorials mentioned above, you can also take out templates or printables and create anything under the son like Mickey Mouse and other members of the Disney family, members of the Marvel comic family like Captain America, Hulk, Thor or Avengers, a whole lot of inmates of the animal kingdom like the llama, donkey kangaroo or koala as well as eminent personalities like William Shakespeare,  Sigmund Freud and Abraham Lincoln.

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