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29+ DIYs to Make Wind Chimes

The beautiful sound of wind chimes never fails to tug at your heart strings. You can make them out of household items and recycled material like washers, tin cans, beer bottles, teapots, etc. You can design them in a large size or small. Whichever way they are done, they look simply awesome. Hang it in your balcony and let its soothing sound ward off your worries. The guides come with explanatory pictures.

DIY Wind Chimes Ideas

1. HandmadeWind Chimes

In this tutorial, a variety of washers are spray painted in eye-popping colors and then suspended from a craft loop by threads. You can make them perfectly tuned by deciding on the thread lengths.

How to Make Wind Chimes

2. Bamboo Wind Chimes Step By Step Instructions

If you have bamboo growing in your garden, you can consider making bamboo wind chimes. Cut it to the appropriate length to produce a loud musical bass sound.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

3. Melodious Deep Toned Wind Chimes

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to design a deep tone wind chime. Get a lowdown by clicking on the above link.

Deep Tone Wind Chimes

4. Wind Chimes with Seashells

This project is nothing but rows of seashells glued to strings that hang down from the branch of a tree. It is a great craft to bid goodbye to summer. You can use capiz shells for the elegant wind chime.

Seashell Wind Chimes

5. Beautiful Wind Chimes With Beads for Kids

You can involve preschoolers in this simple craft. They can do it for their school project. It is basically a plastic cup that is pierced to accommodate a string of pony beads.

Wind Chimes with Beads

6. Wind Chimes Made With Shells

If you love the beach, you would fall in love with these shell wind chimes. A starfish is the base of the melodious décor item.

Shell Wind Chimes

7. Blue Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Wine bottles give you a great opportunity to add pizzazz to your wind chimes. You can recycle plastic, aluminum or glass beer bottles for this project.

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

8. Spiral Wind Chimes with Keys

A spiral wind chime is made by varying the lengths of the suspender threads. Old keys at the bottom add to their looks. If you want you can spray paint them in bright colors for an eye-catchy look.

Spiral Wind Chimes

9. Unique Spoon Wind Chimes

In this DIY, a candle holder is hung upside down and a fishing line is used to suspend spoons. You can hang other cutlery like forks and knives too.

Spoon Wind Chimes

Your old silverware can be put to display in all its brilliance by attaching them to fishing lines that hang down from a horseshoe. Isn’t he craft at its quirky best?

Horseshoe Wind Chimes

10. Easy Wind Chimes to Make At Home

Make it fun for kids this summer by involving them in this DIY project. Colorful glass beads make it eye-catchy. You would love the sound it creates when it gets wind

Easy Wind Chimes

11. Wind Chimes Made Out Of Tin Cans

This spoon and tin can combo would be music to the ears. You would have to translate the tutorial as it is in a foreign language. Just click “Translate” on the dialogue box that pops up on clicking the above link. It can also be made from aluminum, soda and beer cans.

Wind Chimes from Tin Cans

If it’s Christmas time, you can be at your crafty best by painting the tin cans white and making them sport the facial features of a snowman.

DIY Snowman Wind Chime

Another great idea would be to use a watering can as your wind chimes with beads and crystals hanging from the spout for producing soft music for your ears.

12. Rustic Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Clay pots have a raw charm about them. If they are terracotta ones, then it’s even cooler. You can use flower pots in various sizes with a terracotta bell hanging down the bottom one.

Clay Pot Wind Chimes

13. Pipe Wind Chimes

Glass beads, fresh copper pipes, nylon cord, and wooden circles are the supplies for this fabulous wind chime. The suspended tubes would amp up your interior décor.

Wind Chimes Out Of Pipes

14. Ceramic and Copper Pipe DIY Wind Chimes

If you want, you can make these wind chimes out of copper tubing only. But the ceramic cup that acts as the base of the electrical conduit wind chime gives it an edge over the others. It boasts of majestic Corinthian looks. The metal make lends it an enchanting sound. You can even hang a golf club in the middle for a sporty look.

DIY Ceramic and Copper Pipe Wind Chimes

15. Rugged Driftwood Wind Chimes

You would simply adore the rustic look of this driftwood wind chime for your garden. Be careful about the length of the wooden pieces as they contribute to the loudness and tone of your DIY.

Driftwood Wind Chimes

16. Wind Chimes with CDs

Wind Chimes Out Of CDs

17. Make Your Own Wind Chimes with Bangles

Wind Chimes with Bangles

18. Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes Out Of Bottle Caps

19. Big Homemade Bamboo Wind Chimes

Giant wind chimes boast of the beauty of a big dimension. It would be apt to hang them outside from a tree. They are simply hard to miss.

Big Wind Chimes

20. Wind Chimes with Paper

Simple items like colored paper can be the ingredient of an excellent floral wind chime. You can also recycle newspapers with this DIY if you want to bank on its raw charm. For Valentine’s Day, you can use beautiful paper roses on your wind chimes. Paper butterflies is another good idea.

Wind Chimes Out Of Paper

21. Exquisite Wind Chimes With Paper Cups

Wind Chimes with Paper Cups

22. Classy Japanese Wind Chimes

Japanese Wind Chimes

23. Quirky Tin Man Wind Chimes

Tin Man Wind Chimes

24. Red Dream Catcher Wind Chimes

Dream Catcher Wind Chimes

25. Serene Sea Glass Wind Chimes

The sea glass gives these DIY wind chimes unique looks. You can also make it from stained glass if you so wish.

Sea Glass Wind Chimes

26. Metallic Teapot Wind Chimes

27. Wind Chimes DIY

DIY Wind Chimes

28. DIY Seashell Wind Chimes

Seashell Wind Chimes DIY

29. Vivid DIY Suncatcher Wind Chimes

These lovely suncatcher wind chimes are decorated with a variety of beads and crystals. You can use it as a gift for your loved one. It is deep sounding.

DIY Suncatcher Wind Chimes

Give wings to your creativity by putting your craft skills to work. The wind chimes look charming though made at home with waste material. Just pick one and have a gala time going through the steps of the DIY. They would look great as wall hangings and even toddlers would love to get involved in the DIYs. The free tutorials come with photos for easy comprehension.

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