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Driftwood Clock: 6 Simple Tutorials

Woodworking has taken the world by storm because of its rustic and raw appeal. Besides making decorative pieces with wooden spools and logs, you may upcycle driftwood to have some amazing clocks for your home. They make a wonderful gift item as well for a housewarming party.

Driftwood Clock DIY

1. Tutorial for Creating a Driftwood Clock

Instead of numbers, you may use seashells or stones for a more authentic appearance. Use the hour and minute indicators from any old clock and make an amazing new one.

Driftwood Clock

Embellishment is in your hands, so do as your heart desires. Hang some shells or encrust the clock with them for a more beautiful look.

Driftwood Wall Clock

2. How to Make a Driftwood Clock

You have every reason to love a clock made out of driftwood. Follow the tutorial given her. It is for a wooden spool, but the technique is the same, you just have to use driftwood instead of the spool.

How to Make a Driftwood Clock

Large Driftwood Clock

3. DIY Driftwood Mantel Clock

For your TV cabinet, a mantel clock is absolutely perfect. You may paint the driftwood in a darker shade for a more intense appearance.

Driftwood Mantel Clock

Driftwood Style Clock

4. Driftwood Heart Clock for your Valentine

How wonderful it would be to surprise your significant other with a heart-shaped clock. Just attach some pieces of driftwood on the border of a cardboard. The handmade item will remind her of your undying love.

Driftwood Heart Clock

5. Driftwood Clock in White

The hands of this clock will be made of driftwood, lending a vintage look. Take help from the instruction given in the link above.

White Driftwood Clock

6. Stylish Driftwood Art Clock

Making a clock with a piece of driftwood is easy when you don’t have to change the shape and color of the wood. The video will guide you throughout and it is about time you come out with flying colors.

Driftwood Art Clock

Seashells and driftwood that we collect during our beach outings act as a memoir of our vacations. Instead of keeping them in the back of showcases, we could easily make some artifacts. This article is all about making a clock but who knows these instructions must have triggered some more creative ideas in your head. Follow the DIYs and revert with your reply.

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