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25+ Easy DIYs to Make a Butterfly Mobile

A decorative mobile suspended from the top of the wall always adds charm and grandeur to your room. The feeling will transcend to another level if you have cute little butterflies hanging right above you. Following the Montessori principles, hanging a mobile over your baby’s crib or play mat would help increase his focus, concentration and grasping skill as he is growing in months. Let us take a quick glance at the various ways you can make them beautify your home décor.

How to Make a Butterfly Mobile

1. How to Make a Butterfly Mobile

Go for beads of different shades to create a colorful effect.

Butterfly Mobile

2. Directions to Make a Cute Rainbow Butterfly Mobile for a Baby

The colors of the rainbow would give the mobile a spectacular look. To add to its decoration, adorn the butterfly with sparkles or glitters.

Butterfly Baby Mobile

3. How to Make a Pretty Pink Butterfly Mobile for Nursery

This pretty pink butterfly mobile suspended from a beautiful satin ribbon would be more than enough to keep your newborn entertained. The fusion of dark and light shades of pink is stunning.

Pink Butterfly Ceiling Mobile

4. Tutorial to Make a Butterfly Mobile for a Baby’s Crib

The beautiful crochet flowers gracing the mobile adds to you beauty.

Butterfly Mobile for Crib

5. DIY Butterfly Crib Mobile for Baby

This fantastic mobile hanging from a grapevine wreath would be a perfect Christmas décor. You can wrap a green or red ribbon around it to capture the festive spirit.

Butterfly Crib Mobile

If you have twins with a boy and a girl, then make half of the mobile in pink and the other in blue.

Butterfly Cot Mobile

6. DIY Mobile with Plastic Canvas Butterfly

Opt for a light pink fabric if you have a princess in waiting.

DIY Butterfly Mobile

7. Handmade Butterfly Mobiles for Babies

These colorful butterflies would be a perfect way to teach your budding preschooler color concepts.

Butterfly Mobiles for Babies

8. How to Make a Pretty Pink Paper Butterfly Mobile

The tulle and poms make the mobile even more gorgeous, making it a perfect baby shower gift for your best pal.

How to Make Paper Butterfly Mobile

9. How to Make a Butterfly Mobile with Paper

Tie a burlap ribbon to the twig for a rustic appeal.

How to Make a Paper Butterfly Mobile

10. Tutorial for Butterfly Mobiles

Your little munchkin would indeed sleep peacefully in her crib with these white butterfly mobile hanging high.

Butterfly Mobile Picture

11. Origami Butterfly with Paper

Paper Butterfly Mobile

12. Instructions to Make Butterfly Mobiles for Nursery

Alongside the butterflies, you can also hang cute teddies from the wire ring to beautify it further.

Butterfly Mobile for Nursery

13. Origami Butterfly Mobile Tutorial

If you have a strong grasp in origami, follow the link to the given tutorial to make fantastic origami butterfly mobile. The twisted pattern of the wire gives the mobile a unique look.

Origami Butterfly Mobile

14. Easy Way to Make a White Butterfly Mobile

The smooth white color hanging in your plush dining hall would give your room a beautiful look. You can hang two big mobiles on two ends with a chandelier in the middle for a stunning visual impact.

How to Make a White Butterfly Mobile

15. Paper Butterfly Mobile: Do it Yourself

Green and red beads would look fabulous when you are decorating it for the festive season.

DIY Paper Butterfly Mobile

16. Tutorial to Make a Lovely Purple Butterfly Mobile

If you want an easy and cost-effective gift for your friend’s newborn baby, then this one would be a great option. You can even opt for a triangular or square hoop if you desire to try your hands at making innovative shapes.

Purple Butterfly Mobile

17. DIY Butterfly Chandelier Mobile Instructions

If you are planning to hold an outdoor party, then this large chandelier mobile would look wonderful in your garden alongside other decorations.

Butterfly Chandelier Mobile

18. How to Make a Butterfly Life Cycle Mobile

To teach a preschooler the transition of a butterfly from a larva to an adult, make a mobile comprising of all four of its life cycle and keep it as the main theme of your classroom for a week for the kids to get acquainted with it.

Butterfly Life Cycle Mobile

19. How to Make a Hanging Butterfly Mobile with a Wooden Hoop

You can increase the length of the beads for a wind chime like effect.

Butterfly Hanging Mobile

The direction would be similar to the above tutorials, with felt being used for the butterflies. The felt balls in between make it look even more appealing.

Felt Butterfly Mobile

20. Butterfly Crochet Mobile for Your Baby’s Nursery

If crocheting is your foray, then a wonderful crochet butterfly mobile would be a perfect choice for your kid’s room.

Crochet Butterfly Mobile

21. Butterfly Mobile Project with Crayons

Your kiddos would have a whale of a time in painting on the butterflies a color of their choice.

Butterfly Mobile Project

22. Handmade Mobile with Butterflies

Handmade Butterfly Mobile

23. Homemade Realistic Mobile with Butterflies

The given tutorial would help you how to make butterflies that look as good as real ones, after which you would need to hang them from a hoop or rod, the shape being according to your choice.

Realistic Butterfly Mobile

24. Tutorial to Make a Butterfly Mobile with Fabric

Rather than discarding off your kiddos worn out clothes, keep a memory of them by designing cute butterfly mobiles. You can even make other designs and hang them in a row to relive her sweet childhood.

Butterfly Mobile Tutorial

25. Instructions for Making a Butterfly Mobile with a Twig

The beads hanging below add to its elegance. You can even paint the twig for a colorful effect.

Butterfly Mobile Instructions

So get geared up to make a galore of these colorful fiestas for your favorite bestie’s baby shower or to welcome your cutie pie home.

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