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47+ Easy DIYs to Make a No-Sew Pillow

A soft, comfortable pillow would not just lull you into a deep slumber, but also be your prime weapon when you are in the midst of a tough fight with your sibling. Well, if you do not desire to spend a fortune on buying a ready-made one, then here are some unique DIYs for you to design great pillows without getting into the tedious process of sewing. Check out the instructions to make a now sew pillow in a jiffy.

DIY No Sew Pillows

1. Tutorial to Make a Simple No-Sew Pillow

If your old table runner has double layers, then you too could make great use out of them by designing gorgeous pillows. If you have a white pillow, then you can glue red pom poms onto them when decorating for Christmas.

No Sew Pillows

2. How to Make a No-Sew Pillow

If you already have a tattered pillow and want to give it a new look, then this easy tutorial would be ideal for you.

No Sew Pillow

3. DIY No-Sew Pillows from a Placemat

These cute pillows with amazing designs would ideally serve as throw pillows for your toddlers’ lovely nursery.

DIY No Sew Pillows

4. Easy Way to Make a No-Sew Floor Pillow

The fringes in the no sew pillow gives the pillow a unique look.

How to Make a No Sew Pillow

Following the instructions of the floor pillow tutorial, you can make one for your newborn baby just as the one shown in the image below. The size should be a little big to accommodate your child in it comfortably.

No Sew Floor Pillow for Baby

5. Instructions to Make a No-Sew Pillow Using an Old T-shirt

If you are sad to let go of your favorite t-shirt, then keep it forever by making a stylish pillow out of it.

No Sew T Shirt Pillow

6. Decorative Now-Sew Pillow out of T-shirts

During Halloween, you can go for some pumpkin decorations to retain the festive fervor.

T Shirt Pillow No Sew

7. No-Sew Fleece Pillow Instructions

You can glue a showy bow at the center for decoration.

No Sew Fleece Pillow

8. Directions to Make a No-Sew Fleece Pillow

The coordinating colors give the pillow a sensational look.

No Sew Fleece Pillow Directions

9. Handmade No-Sew Floor Pillow

No Sew Floor Pillow

10. Tutorial to Make a No-Sew Bolster Pillow

If you just want to change the color of your existing bolster pillow, this is the tutorial you would need to follow.

No Sew Bolster Pillow

11. Directions to Make No-Sew Throw Pillows

These sophisticated throw pillows would look marvelous on your plush couch.

How to Make No Sew Throw Pillows

12. No-Sew Decorative Galaxy Birds Pillow DIY

You can add your kid’s initials with glitters to personalize their pillows or even write a touchy message for your better half on Valentine’s Day by decorating your pillow.

No Sew Decorative Pillow

13. DIY No-Sew Throw Pillow

The square knot gives the pillow a chic look.

No Sew Throw Pillow

14. No-Sew Burlap Pillow DIY

You can add grace to its rustic look by designing it with pom poms at the sides.

No Sew Burlap Pillow

15. How to Make a No-Sew Knot Pillow

No Sew Tie Pillow

16. DIY Instructions to Make Emoji Face No-Sew Pillow

You can make various such emoticons for your kiddo’s room to express his changing mood.

No Sew Pillow Instructions

17. Easy No-Sew Pillow DIY

Well, if you just want to give your old pillow a new look by wrapping a showy fabric around it, then this DIY would certainly come to your aid.

No Sew Pillow DIY

18. Easy Way to Make a No-Sew Pillow with a Tea Towel

Easy No Sew Pillow

20. DIY Cute and Cozy No-Sew Animal Pillow

No Sew Animal Pillow

21. No-Sew Pet Fleece Pillow Bed

Stuff the pillow well to make it look beautiful and fluffy.

No Sew Pet Pillow

22. DIY Fried No-Sew Egg Pillow for Your Dog

Your doggy would be absolutely elated to sit on his favorite fried egg, wagging its tongue all day long.

No Sew Dog Pillow

23. DIY No-Sew Elephant Pillow

You can decorate its trunk with beads or other embellishments for a startling finish.

No Sew Elephant Pillow

24. Tutorial for Making a No-Sew Fleece Pillow and Blanket for a Doll

Your princess would be delighted to have a blanket and pillow for her favorite doll. You can also emboss the name of the doll in the bedding for a personalized touch.

No Sew Doll Pillow

25. How to Make a No-Sew Bandana Heart Pillow

When commemorating the 4th of July, you could make a pillow out of an American flag bandana.

No Sew Bandana Pillow

26. Directions to Make a No-Sew Snowman Pillow

You can design the pillow in the shape of a snowman for an authentic feel.

No Sew Snowman Pillow

27. No-Sew Rectangle Throw Pillows

Toffees on your sofa for Christmas seems spectacular, doesn’t it!

No Sew Rectangle Pillow

If you want a pillow bed for your little ones, then this rectangular giant-sized no sew pillows would be a perfect pick. Just cut the fabric in a rectangular shape, stuff it well and hot glue the edges.

No Sew Giant Pillow

28. How to No-Sew a Donut Pillow

You can make your donut look more real by embellishing the top of the pillow with sequins or glitters or even cutting small strips of cloth to resemble sprinkles.

No Sew Donut Pillow

29. DIY No-Sew Fabric Eye Pillow

Add drops of lavender to this therapeutic pillow for a soothing effect.

No Sew Eye Pillow

30. No-Sew Doughnut Pillow Tutorial

Following the same process, you can create a host of savories you wish to munch on like French fries or even your favorite burger.

No Sew Doughnut Pillow

31. No-Sew Heart Pillow Instructions for Valentine’s Day

You can make Cupid’s arrow in the middle using strips of cloth and write the initials of your better half on it.

No Sew Heart Pillow Pattern

32. Homemade No-Sew Fleece Pillow for Halloween

You can even opt for a white base and design a spider or bat on it to enhance the eeriness.

No Sew Halloween Pillow

33. How to Make a No-Sew Lion Pillow

No Sew Lion Pillow

34. How to Make a No-Sew Letter Pillow

This is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of personalizing your pillow. You may even cut strips of cloth in the shape of the initial you wish to design, stuff them well and glue or iron for joining.

No-Sew Letter Pillow

35. DIY No-Sew Minion Pillow

If making the goggles seems to be a bit tedious for you, try designing two wiggly eyes to come close to the fascinating Despicable Me character.

No Sew Minion Pillow

36. DIY Monogrammed No-Sew Pillow

Taking a cue from the given tutorial, you can make gorgeous monogrammed no sew pillows just as the one in the image.

No Sew Monogramme Pillow

37. How to Make a Monster Pillow without Sewing

This scary looking monster pillow hung at the entrance would suffice enough to drive all those away who are on a trick-or-treating spree.

No Sew Monster Pillow

If you kids have an unexplained fancy for the yellow Moose and his blue bird companion Zee, then make a twin pillow for them by following the method shown in the above tutorial, after you have drawn these characters.

No Sew Zee Pillow

38. DIY No-Sew Owl Pillow

Make some cute owl pillows to give out as Christmas gifts.

No Sew Owl Pillow

If you are adept at sketching, then tracing a penguin, panda or anything else on fabric and then gluing would be a mere cake walk for you. To complete the pillow, stuff it well.

No Sew Panda Pillow

No Sew Penguin Pillow

39. DIY No-Sew Flamingo Lumbar Pillow

The color combination gives the pillow a charming appearance, apt for your summer décor.

No Sew Lumbar Pillow

40. How to Make a No-Sew Ice cream Cone Pillow

Hugging onto an oversized ice cream on a hot day would indeed rob your body of all the heat.

No Sew Ice Cream Pillow

41. DIY No-Sew Travel Neck Pillow and Mask

This U-shaped pillow would give you immense comfort when you are on the roads, while the mask would help shielding infections away.

No Sew Neck Pillow

A seat belt pillow would be one of the perfect gifts for a child that will keep him safe when seated in a car. Just cut the fabric into two long pieces, fill it with stuffing, glue it, add pockets, and lo you have a seat belt pillow at hand.

No Sew Seat Belt Pillow

42. No-Sew Oversized Pillow for Pets DIY

No Sew Oversized Pillow

43. DIY No-Sew Sweater Pillow

You need to take just five quick minutes of your busy schedule to make this smart sweater pillow. The main charm lies in tying the sweater appropriately.

No Sew Pillow from Sweater

44. No-Sew Outdoor Burlap Pillows

No Sew Outdoor Pillows

45. Pattern to Make a No-Sew Pillow from Napkins

For a color fiesta, take different shades of napkins and design pillows with them.

No Sew Pillow Napkins

46. DIY No-Sew Sushi Pillow

No-Sew Sushi Pillow

47. Origami Inspired No-Sew Pillow DIY

Origami No Sew Pillow

With a galore of no sew pillow making designs, choose the

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