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How to Make Felt Balls At Home: 12+ Crafty Tutorials

Making felt balls without taking anyone’s help is no longer an impossible task as we present some easy tutorials on the craft. The felt balls can further be used for adding to other homemade decorative items. Here are some examples of how constructive and creative these felt balls can be.

Felt Balls DIY Pictures

1. Felt Balls: Do it Yourself

To make this soft felt ball, you need some wool and a felting needle. This is the easiest way to make a felt ball. Once you learn and fall in love with the process, this will be your addiction to make them in numbers.

Pink Felt Ball

2. Felt Wool Balls Tutorial

The colorful bunch of wool felt balls are made of sponge and soap water. The process is easy and doesn’t take more than an hour.

Wool Felt Balls
How to Make Felt Balls

3. Multicolor Felt Dryer Balls

The fluffy balls are light enough to carry at a time. You can make many of them in your favorite shades and then use them for other purposes.

Multicolor Felt Dryer Balls

4. Felt Ball Baby Mobile

The baby mobile made of colorful felt balls is as simple as it could get. The multicolored mobile looks great against a white wall.

Felt Ball Mobile

5. Instructions to Make Quick Felt Balls at Home

For this easy process you can encourage your children to take part and help you with this task. They can also make a bracelet by joining the balls together.

DIY Felt Balls

6. Woolen Felted Balls

The woolen felt balls are ususally made in bulk, so that one can use them for making something more ornate. Since they are soft, they can be cool home decorative items.

Felted Small Wool Balls

7. Multicolor Felt Wrath for Parties

This colorful wreath could be nice adornments for parties and any get-together occasions. Either hang it or place it in a special nook, to enhance the beauty wall.

Felt Ball Wreath

8. Felt Ball Trivet or Coasters for Your Dining Table

These soft balls act as perfect ingredients to make a coaster as you can easily put heavy utensils on them. The shape of the trivet could be round, square, or anything you want.

Felt Ball Trivet

9. Felt Ball Hanging for the Wall

The decorative piece made of monochromatic felt balls are unique, and you can hang it anywhere inside the room. However, this particular piece exhibits docile wildlife through deer. The wooden touch makes it appear raw.

Felt Ball Wall Hanging

10. Felt Balls with Embroidery

The intricate embroidered felt balls can have many themes, like the universe, galaxy, starry nights, and skies, anything that you wish. There is a series of blue felt balls below, but you can choose any other shade as well.

Embroidered Felt Balls

11. Felt Ball Pillow for Couches

The squoval pillow nicely adorns the sofa with its cute felt balls. The color of the pillow and the felt balls have contrasts, you can either use the same colored balls or use such opposite shades.

Felt Ball for Sofa Pillow

12. Felt Ball Necklaces

The DIY necklace is a cool and funky, fashionable neckpiece that teenage girls would love to wear. This light necklace and could be a gift to your loved ones.

Necklaces made of Felt Ball

The felt ball is extremely useful and, as mentioned, many other craft items and many examples are given like coasters, necklaces, and wall hangings. If you like these tutorials, then you may be interested in making felt ball garlands as well.

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