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12 Fire Pit Swing Plans

Fire pit swings allow you to laze around outdoors around a fire. You can swing and feel the warmth of the flames as you soak in the natural ambiance. The DIY tutorials walk you through the steps of building one of your own. You can have any number of chairs, benches or seats around the central fire pit.

Fire Pit Swing Plans

1. Fire Pit Swing Directions

This is an amazing idea of fire pit swings. The design looks complicated but can be made easily with the above-linked plan and dimensions of the wooden pieces. You can have 2 to 4 seats in a circle around the fire.

Fire Pit Swing

2. Gorgeous Fire Pit Swing Set

You can have square chairs or benches around the fire pit in your patio, porch or backyard. The design is awesome and you would like making it.

Swing Set around Fire Pit

3. Fire Pit Swing to Decorate Your Porch

The picture of this awesome fire pit swing would motivate you to build one of your own. The tutorial with guide you through the steps of the project.

Porch Fire Pit Swing

4. Guide for Swings around a Fire Pit

Isn’t it fun sitting in the cool breeze outside chatting with your friends and family? A fire pit swing allows you to do that in style. You can also have a sumptuous brunch, lunch or dinner sitting around the fire.

Swings around Fire Pit

5. Good Fire Pit Swing Plan

The instructions of this video tutorial are quite straightforward. You would love a breath of fresh air as you sit outside on the swing with your favorite book.

Fire Pit Swing Plan

6. Three Swing Fire Pit Instructions

The black frame of this fire pit swing looks suave. The swing set surrounding the fire pit makes it look classy. You would have many memorable moments sitting on the cozy hanging benches.

3 Swing Fire Pit

7. DIY Tutorial for Awesome Backyard Fire Pit with Swing Seats

DIY Awesome Backyard Fire Pit with Swing Seats

8. DIY Cool Fire Pit with Hanging Swings

DIY Fire Pit with Hanging Swings

9. Hexagon Fire Pit Swing Plan for the Porch

Hexagon Porch Fire Pit Swing Plan

10. Fire Pit Surrounded By Leisurely Swings

Fire Pit Surrounded By Swings

11. Gazebo Fire Pit Swing

Gazebo Swing Fire Pit

12. Steps for Building a Fire Pit Swing

How to Build a Fire Pit Swing

We are sure that the pics above would have convinced you by now to build fire pit swings to enhance your outdoor décor. Call your friends over for the weekend and have a gala time chatting and having delicious food. And be ready to be showered with compliments for your woodworking skills.

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