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12 Flower Shadow Box DIYs

A flower shadow box looks beautiful and can be made with real or paper flowers. They can be used as gifts for a host of special occasions and can even be themed on holidays. They offer an opportunity for preserving flowers as well. You can pepper them with heartfelt messages and monograms.

DIY Flower Shadow Box Ideas

1. 3D Paper Flower Shadow Box

You can make your loved one a paper flower and monogram shadow box for her birthday. It can also make a perfect baby shower or wedding gift.

Flower Shadow Box

2. DIY Dried Flower Shadow Boxes

A dried flower shadow box would be a brilliant craft idea. The flowers are held in place with a little bit of sewing. You can even make a DIY shadow box with a single flower.

Dried Flower Shadow Boxes

3. DIY Paper Flower Shadow Box

This flower shadow box would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day. The eyes of your beloved would light up, on seeing the red and pink paper flowers.

Paper Flower Shadow Box

4. Wedding Flower Shadow Box DIY

Wedding Flower Shadow Box

5. Cricut Flower Shadow Box Idea

Cricut Flower Shadow Box

6. Flower Petal Shadow Box Idea

Flower Shadow Box Idea

7. Rolled Flower Shadow Box Tutorial

This shadow box flower art would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. You can have a message painted on the box for your mom.

Rolled Flower Shadow Box

8. Flower Bouquet Shadow Box

Shadow Box for Flower Bouquet

9. Flower Shadow Box DIY

DIY Flower Shadow Box

10. Paper Flower American Flag Shadow Box

In the run-up to the 14th of July, you can have a gala time arranging rolled paper flowers and stars in a shadow box. It brings on the patriotic spirit.

American Flag Flower Shadow Box

11. Pressed Flower Preservation Shadow Box

A preserved flower shadow box can make an excellent wall décor. You can preserve funeral flowers to cherish the memories of a departed soul. In that case, put his photograph and an obituary inside the box.

Shadow Box for Pressed Flower Preservation

12. How to Make an Ombre Flower Shadow Box

Ombre Flower Shadow Box

You can arrange flowers in a variety of patterns in your shadow box. They can be put in a heart shape or in neat rows and columns to fill the entire box or in the form of a bouquet. You are free to experiment with the looks of your flower shadow box.

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