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39 Free Baby Afghan Crochet Patterns

Give the cozy and comfortable ambiance to your little one during the harsh winters by crocheting a snug afghan. If you are an avid crochet enthusiast, making something special for your little one doubles the joy. Scroll through the plethora of patterns and start soon.

Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern Pictures

1. Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern: Tutorial

Light and warm, this small blanket will provide your baby an excellent night sleep.

Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

2. Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern: Free

If you are bored of the dull-colored blankets, try out this colorful one and add some fun vibes to your little angel’s nursery.

Free Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

3. Single Crochet Baby Afghan

Plain and simple, the throw can also be recycled into something useful once your baby grows up.

Crochet Baby Afghan

4. Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern Free

If your friend is giving birth to a baby boy soon, this blanket could be the best baby shower gift ever.

Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

5. Make Easy Crochet Baby Afghan

The thick details of the dainty blanket promise more warmth and comfort.

Easy Crochet Baby Afghan

6. How to Make Baby Afghan Crochet

Baby Afghan Crochet

7. Easy Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern Instructions

It is a throw made by crocheting individual granny square motifs. You try it out with various other colors.

Easy Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

8. Free Easy Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern with Directions

The baby afghan is reversible, so it’s fun having double options. As for the comfort, you can be least bothered.

Free Easy Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

9. Easy Baby Crochet Afghan Pattern

A baby blanket can be kept simple and plain or else a bit of razzmatazz can be added to it as per your choice.

Easy Baby Afghan Pattern to Crochet

10. Baby Crochet Afghan: Pattern

The cute hearts on a crochet baby blanket displays charm and a winning look. Once your angel grows up, she will be delighted to preserve it as a childhood memory.

Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

11. Mile a Minute Baby Ring Crochet Afghan Pattern

You can do two single crochet stitches into the triple crochet stitches at the edges of the blanket to obtain the curled look.

Baby Rings Crochet Afghan Pattern

12. Free Baby Afghan Crochet Shell Pattern

Baby Afghan Crochet Shell Pattern

13. Crocheted Baby Afghan with Pattern

The usefulness of such an afghan is that your munchkin can use it for a few years.

Crocheted Baby Afghan

14. Free Baby Boy Afghan Crochet Pattern: How-To

Decide the measurements before you begin crocheting this diagonal pattern. It is undoubtedly going to be a handy item for any outdoor trip.

Free Baby Boy Afghan Crochet Pattern

15. Making Crochet Ripple Baby Afghan Pattern Free

A baby crochet blanket with a ripple pattern is going to steal your heart. Check out the tutorial to find out.

Free Crochet Ripple Baby Afghan Pattern

16. Pattern for Baby Afghan Crochet

The ones who have acquired the basic crocheting skills can try this pattern out. After all, anything for your baby’s comfort.

Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern for Beginners

17. Round Ripple Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

Round Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

18. Corner to Corner Diagonal Crochet Baby Afghan

The multihued crochet afghan brightens your baby’s nursery room. The borders are done following the reversible stitch pattern.

Corner to Corner Crochet Baby Afghan

19. Super Star Baby Crochet Afghan Blanket

Your little one is no less than a twinkling star. So, why not make the perfect throw in the shape of a star and add a smile to her face.

How to Crochet a Super Star Baby Afghan

20. Making Ripple Baby Crochet Afghan

Baby Ripple Afghan Single Crochet

21. Bernat Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern Instructions

Breathable and super cozy, an afghan is suitable for your baby when the weather outside gets unfavorable.

Bernat Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

22. Easy Rainbow Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

A Jamaican flavor seems to be added to the throw. After all, babies too love the funky stuff.

Rainbow Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

23. Angel Baby Crochet Afghan Pattern Tutorial

A lace crochet baby blanket with an angel pattern is something you ought not to miss. In the future, utilize it as a pretty Christmas wall hanging.

Angel Baby Crochet Afghan Pattern

24. Free Baby Bubbles Crochet Afghan Pattern

The idea of crocheting a bubble pattern for a kid’s blanket is that it provides extreme warmth and comfort during winters.

Baby Bubbles Crochet Afghan Pattern

25. Easy Filet Crochet Pattern for Baby Afghan

Filet Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

26. Free Quick Easy Crochet Baby Afghan Chevron Pattern

Chevron-patterned blankets are drool-worthy for its unique design. Emulate the same if you have plans to crochet a baby throw.

Baby Afghan Crochet Chevron Pattern

27. Step-by-Step Lacy Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

Click on the link provided in the tutorial and then you will be redirected to a PDF file where the pattern can be found.

Lacy Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

28. How to Crochet Basket Weave Baby Afghan

Another cool pattern you can try to make a cozy crochet basket weave blanket.

Basket Weave Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

29. Tunisian Crochet Baby Afghan Patterns Tutorial

A cuddly and colorful baby afghan, you can crochet this one with tons of yarns of different colors.

Tunisian Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern

30. Simple Afghan Crochet Pattern for Baby Girl

The ruffled borders of the blanket add volume. Also, you can even carry it to any picnic outings.

Baby Girl Afghan Crochet Pattern

31. Pattern for Baby Aran Afghan Crochet

Baby Aran Afghan Crochet

32. Baby Afghan Crochet with Animals

The animal designs on the blanket are a creative way of teaching your little one. Try out with alphabets and fruit patterns.

Crochet Baby Afghan with Animals

33. Chunky Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

Crochet Baby Afghan Animal Chunky

34. Little Elephant Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

It may take a bit longer to crochet this elephant throw for your baby, but as a crocheting enthusiast, you will enjoy doing it.

Crochet Baby Afghan with Elephant

35. How to Make Crochet Gingham Afghan

It is a one-of-a-kind-blanket that would perfectly suit your little boy’s nursery décor.

Gingham Baby Afghan Crochet

36. Free Baby Heart Afghan Crochet Pattern

Baby Heart Afghan Crochet

37. Crochet Hooded Baby Afghan

The advantage of a hooded blanket is that your baby’s head will be well protected. Wrap it around and see him enjoying the warmth.

Hooded Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

38. Free Hexagon Baby Afghan Pattern

Bet you will get tempted to make a similar one for yourself as well. It only means you get to experiment with more colors.

Hexagon Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

39. Zigzag Ripple Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern

A classy and snug baby afghan, you no longer need to worry about the weather outside as your baby will have a sound sleep.

Zigzag Crochet Baby Afghan

A pile of baby blankets is every mother’s dream. If you love crocheting, you can try out most of these patterns. Let us know how you fared in your endeavors.

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