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6 Free Batman Crochet Blanket Patterns

There could be no better theme than a superhero to crochet snug throws and blankets for your baby. Adding a touch of the brawny Batman, the following crochet blanket patterns will give you some serious crocheting goals.

Crochet Batman Blanket Pattern Pictures

1. Free Batman Crochet Blanket

It is a perfect pick-up for your baby’s winter blanket. Let your little one have a wonderful sleep while you enjoy sipping some hot chocolate.

Batman Crochet Blanket

2. Pattern for Crochet Batman Blanket

Your baby now has a company in the form of a superhero during the dreary days of winter. Expect a soft and snuggly time when your baby takes a nap.

Crochet Batman Blanket

3. Batman Crochet Blanket and Throw Pattern

The whimsical feel of the blanket along with a funky pattern adds a unique look.

Batman Crochet Blanket Pattern

4. Free Crochet Batman Blanket Pattern

Crochet Batman Blanket Pattern Free

5. Crochet Batman Hooded Blanket

The hooded blanket offers a dual purpose. It can be used both as a blanket and a fanciful costume.

Crochet Hooded Batman Blanket

6. Batman Security Blanket Crochet Pattern

Here is a warm security blanket to comfort your toddler. Your baby boy will surely love seeing the little Batman on it.

Crochet Batman Blanket Pattern

The majestic bat is a creative inspiration for your crochet blanket. You will surely love trying out these patterns.

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