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41 Free Crochet Cowl Patterns

The season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is around the corner. So it clearly means that you need to pull out some warm attire from your wardrobe soon. However, if you are bored with the same old stuff, here are some classy crochet patterns to make a cozy cowl this season.

Cowl Crochet Pattern Pictures

1. Crochet Cowl Idea

Add a splash of color to your light winter attire with a beautiful cowl. Bet you can’t wait to wrap yourself once it’s made.

Crochet Cowl

2. Bulky Crochet Cowl

A trendy and elegant piece to wear around your neck, the crochet cowl is perfect for the beginners.

Crochet Cowl Pattern

3. Autumn Crochet Hooded Cowl Pattern

Crochet Hooded Cowl Pattern

4. Mobius Crochet Cowl

You can crochet a matching beanie, pair of cloves and leg warmers to complete your winter ensemble.

Free Crochet Cowl Patterns

5. Crochet Loose Cowl

Crochet Cowl Scarf Patterns

6. Soft Crochet Pattern Hooded Cowl

The delicate texture of the cowl will make you want to wrap it around your head.

Free Crochet Pattern Hooded Cowl

7. Haven Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern

Block the chilly winds from hitting your ears and head by wearing this warm hooded winter piece.

Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern

8. Braided Cowl Crochet Pattern

This Christmas the braided cowl look will up your fashion statement by few notches.

Cowl Crochet Pattern

9. Free Crochet Cowl Scarf

You can crochet a bunch of bulky yarn into a colorful Outlander-inspired cowl to add some glitz and glamour to your ensemble.

Crochet Cowl Scarf

10. Crochet Cowl Neck Poncho Tutorial

Here is a cozy poncho cum cowl giving you the much-needed warmth during the harsh winter season.

Crochet Cowl Neck Poncho Pattern

11. Kids Crochet Cowl

Here is a cowl crochet pattern for your child that you can make before the temperature dips.

Crochet Cowl for Kids

12. Crochet Scarf Cowl Pattern Free

Cowl Scarf Crochet Pattern

13. How to Crochet an Easy Crochet Cowl

Easy Crochet Cowl Pattern

14. Chunky Crochet Cowl Pattern

As a crochet beginner, you will enjoy working on this chunky winter accessory that would consume less amount of time.

Crochet Cowl Pattern Chunky

15. Crocheted Cowl with Buttons

Light and fluffy, the crochet cowl with 3 buttons adds a unique style statement to your ensemble.

Crochet Cowl with Buttons

16. Free Pattern for Crochet Cowl Neck Warmer

Free Crochet Pattern for Cowl and Neck Warmer

17. Easy Infinity Crochet Cowl Free Pattern

The sea foam cowl has been crocheted in a unique way to give an edgy look to your winter getup.

Infinity Cowl Crochet Pattern

18. Crochet Hooded Cowl for Toddler

If you want a gift-worthy scarf to keep your kiddo warm and comfortable, check out this pattern.

Baby Cowl Crochet Pattern

19. Free Katniss Cowl Crochet Pattern

The quirky Katniss inspired cowl is a work of yarn and old fabric strips. Refer to the tutorial to know more.

Free Crochet Katniss Cowl Pattern

20. Simple Puff Stitch Cowl Pattern Crochet

You won’t have to ponder over a Christmas gift for your close friend as nothing would be better than this winter cowl.

Puff Stitch Cowl Crochet

21. Simple Bandana Cowl Crochet

You don’t have to always wait till winter to flaunt a cowl. This bandana-styled neck scarf is perfect for an autumn-like weather.

Bandana Cowl Crochet Pattern

22. Quick Huntress Crochet Cowl Pattern

If you are a fan of Katnis Huntress from the popular sci-fi series, you should try out this pattern.

Huntress Cowl Crochet Pattern

23. Crochet Hooded Bear/Unicorn Cowl with Ears

You can skip the unicorn horn part to make a nice cozy bear crochet cowl for your little one.

Crochet Hooded Cowl with Ears Pattern Free

24. Bulky Yarn Crochet Fringe Cowl Neck Scarf

Crochet Fringe Cowl Neck Scarf Pattern

25. Free Glacier Crochet Cowl Pattern

Who doesn’t want a glacier-patterned cowl for this winter? Bet you will fall in love with it.

Glacier Cowl Crochet Crowd

26. Crochet Diamond Textured Cowl

Another impressive design to cater to your winter attire needs. The pattern is suave and classy, adding a new meaning to your look.

Diamond Crochet Cowl

27. Fox Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern Free

The crisp autumn brings you an opportunity to flaunt some funky wooly stuff such as this animal cowl.

Crochet Animal Cowl Pattern Free

28. How to Double Crochet a Cowl Neck Scarf

Double Crochet Cowl

29. Cowl Half Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet Cowl

30. Striped Crochet Cowl for Men

If you are planning to give your partner something useful this year, a crochet cowl could be a good gift idea.

Men’s Crochet Cowl Pattern

31. Dragon Scarf Cowl Crochet Pattern

The stylish cowl can be draped over a black dress or paired with a pair of jeans and tee to accentuate its classy appeal.

Dragon Wing Cowl Crochet

32. Free Easy Twisted Cowl Crochet

You can always experiment with the cowl by styling it in different ways based on your look.

Twisted Cowl Crochet Pattern

33. How to Make Herringbone Crochet Cowl Pattern

Once you finish making this herringbone patterned cowl, you cannot wait to wear it with your favorite dress.

Herringbone Crochet Cowl Pattern

34. Calm One Skein Crochet Cowl

One Skein Crochet Cowl

35. Free Crochet Lace Cowl Pattern

Here is a fancy cowl along with a lovely texture to bring out the best in you.

Lace Cowl Crochet Pattern

36. Star Stitch Crochet Cowl

Star Stitch Crochet Cowl Pattern

37. How to Create Tunisian Crochet Cowl

A vibrant cold-weather wear that would be apt for late fall as well.

Tunisian Crochet Cowl

38. Braided Infinity Crochet Cowl

If you want to make a different fashion statement this year, vouch for this braided pattern.

Braided Cowl Crochet Pattern

39. Neck Cowl Crochet Triangle Pattern

A no-brainer project, the cowl crocheted with different colors adds an elegant look, matching with any type of winter attire.

Triangle Cowl Crochet Pattern

40. Convertible Ribbed Cowl Crochet Pattern

Crochet Ribbed Cowl Pattern

41. Free Crochet Hooded Cowl Pattern

The tutorial boasts about a great layering piece that would be adorned by every crochet craft lover.

Free Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern

Now you have a plethora of patterns at your fingertips to start preparing for the winter. You are free to give some unique ideas to make a crochet cowl as well.

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