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17 + Free Crochet Octopus Patterns

These cute eight-legged creatures with their fantastic appearance are indeed a delight to watch. You could replicate these invertebrates and make some at home by trying the crocheting technique. These pretty things could serve as centerpieces, a comfort toys for kiddos, preemies in particular (for which they have a reputation), put into keychains, and even designed as hats or blankets.

Free Crochet Octopus Patterns

1. Pretty Mini Crochet Octopus Pattern DIY

The cute smile, and big expressive eyes made with black yarn gives the octopus an increasingly appealing look.

Crochet Octopus

2. Free Pattern to Make an Interesting Crochet Octopus for Kids

The spiral, coily appearance of the tentacles makes it all the more unique. Since it has a long head, you could make button eyes for it using black yarn.

Crochet Octopus Pattern

3. Stylish Crochet Octopus Hat DIY

A colorful crochet hat in an octopus design made with two colors would enhance your style statement to the fullest. The hanging tentacles add a unique charm to it.

Crochet Octopus Hat

4. Cute Crochet Octopus Pattern

The big googly eyes with the blue and white short tentacles intensify its charm completely. The smile could be made a little more prominent by fixing black felt on it.

Free Crochet Octopus Pattern

5. How to Crochet and Octopus for a Premature Baby

Crochet octopuses have been a great success in serving as a comfort toy for preemies in NICU. The latter take the tentacles for the umbilical cord and grasp on to it tightly instead of pulling the tubes. As shown in the image, the blue and rainbow-colored ones would provide the tiny tots immense solace.

Crochet Octopus for Preemies

6. Interesting DIY to Crochet a Giant Amigurumi Octopus

The oval head, curly tentacles spread evenly all over, and the egg-like protruding eyes, are the main USP of this octopus. This giant creature would beautify your home when you hang it at the center of the ceiling.

How to Crochet an Octopus

7. Free Crochet Pattern for Amigurumi Octopus

Amigurumi, the famous Japanese technique would give a stuffed-toy like appearance to your octopus. These mini ones could be ideal as give-away at a birthday party or even be fixed into a keychain. The curly tentacles make it look marvelous. If planning to make these for kids, go for embroidered eyes to eliminate risks of any choking hazards.

Crochet Octopus Amigurumi

8. How to Make a Tiny Amigurumi Crochet Octopus Free Pattern

This tiny octopus with large black eyes, sans the tentacles, would serve as a beautiful centerpiece.

Crochet Octopus Free

9.  Free Pattern to Crochet an Amigurumi Octopus

Free Amigurumi Octopus Crochet Patterns

10. Crochet Octopus Tentacles Pattern

The small bulb-shaped head with the long, hanging tentacles gives it a different appearance. If you wish, you may stitch a large pom pom on top.

Crochet Octopus Tentacles Pattern

Following the cue given in the link of the above tutorial, you could make a round stuffed head, embroidered eyes with black yarn and a frill. The rainbow-colored tentacles give it an added charm.

Crochet Rainbow Octopus

11. Mini Crochet Octopus Free Pattern

You could crochet tiny hats too if you have a special skill in this craft and stitch it on the octopus for increased cuteness

How to Crochet a Mini Octopus

To make tiny octopuses as shown here, reduce the measurements than the ones done in the above tutorial. Black button embroidered eyes, and a small smile would complete the look.

Tiny Crochet Octopus

12. Crochet Octopus Baby Toy Free Pattern for Beginners

The soft bulky weight blanket yarn, as used here, would undoubtedly give the octopus a fluffy look.

Crochet Octopus Toy

13. Octopus Baby Blanket Tutorial

You could make an appliquéd octopus and stitch it to a blanket, as shown here.

Crochet Octopus Blanket Pattern

14. Crochet Octopus Keychain Tutorial

The mini octopus with curled tentacles and googly eyes make for a fabulous keychain.

Crochet Octopus Keychain

15. Kawaii Octopus Crochet Pattern

The Kawaii pattern of making a stuffed octopus is unique, indeed.

Huge Crochet Octopus

16. Super-Cute Stuffed Crochet Octopus        

The thick coiled tentacles and big round head make it a perfect stuffed toy.

Stuffed Crochet Octopus

17. DIY Cute-eyed Crochet Octopus Pattern

The cuteness of the octopus lies in its eyes. You could make them in accordance with the body. For a short, stubby one like this round or half-moon eyes suit the best. You may even go for button eyes or large googly eyes. The choice could range from safety eyes or black embroidered ones, mainly if meant for kids.

Crochet Octopus Eyes

This abundance of tutorials would give you ample choices to make fabulous crochet octopuses for any special occasion.

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