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19 Free Crochet Owl Patterns

A crochet owl looks super cute and can be made in a variety of shapes and forms. The large round eyes spell charm. The pointed ears add to its looks. You can make an amigurumi owl toy for your little one to play. Choose pastel shades of yarn to make the crochet animal attractive to your eyes. You can make the designs on granny squares and make them into blankets, mittens, tea cozies, coasters, etc. You can make owl motifs and wall hangings with the free patterns and use them in making bags.

Crochet Owl Pattern Ideas

1. Crochet Owl Tutorial

A couple of crochet owls make a great gift for little children. The large eyes look attractive on the birds. Owl fans would love the pattern. The contrasting colors add to the looks.

Crochet Owls

2. Fun Crochet Owl Pattern

A small, winking owl with tiny, tassel-like ears looks chic as a gift for an owl fanatic. The violet and white color combination spells charm.

Crochet Owl Pattern

3. Crochet Chubby Owl Family Pattern

There are only a few who can ignore the appeal of striped owls. You can make them in varying sizes to create an amigurumi owl family.

Owl Crochet Pattern

4. Free Owl Pattern for You to Crochet

Free Owl Crochet Pattern

5. Free Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern

You can make multiple granny squares in a simple owl pattern and connect the pieces together into an adorable blanket. Double crochet and magic loop are used in the tutorial. If you manage to make a considerable number of such squares, you can easily turn it into a crocheted afghan.

Free Crochet Owl Square

6. How to Crochet an Owl Instructions

How to Crochet an Owl

7. Snowy Owl Crochet Pattern For Free

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you would love to design a crochet Hedwig owl in white. It is a mini version that would find a place close to your heart.

Free Snowy Owl Crochet Pattern

8. Small Crochet Owl Magnet Pattern

Crochet Owl Magnet Pattern

9. DIY Crochet Owl Potholder

Follow the steps of the above-linked tutorial to crochet a beautiful owl potholder. It is small and is a great addition to your kitchen. You can make it in a color combination of your choice.

Crochet Owl Pot Holder

10. Easy Crochet Stuffed Owl Pattern for Free

This beginner-friendly pattern works up to be an adorable amigurumi toy for your little ones. If you want, you can replace the bead and button embellishments with embroidered body parts. The design works in continuous rounds.

Stuffed Crochet Owl

11. Amigurumi Crochet Baby Owl Free Pattern

Chubby baby owls look adorable when crocheted. You can use them as home décor items, keyrings or ornaments. Bright colors look great on the owls.

Baby Owl Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

12. Tutorial for Crochet Owl Applique

An African flower owl applique can be used on a variety of things like a mobile phone case, baby hat, blanket, pillow cover, etc. The free pattern is unique, gorgeous and can be made easily.

Crochet Owl Applique Tutorial

13. Crochet Crocodile Stitch Owl Pattern

Crochet Owls in Crocodile Stitch

14. Mini Owl Crochet Free Pattern

This super cute mini crochet owl can be a fab Christmas keychain. It can be gifted as a toy or used as an item of home décor. Use any style of yarn and color for the pattern.

Mini Crochet Owl

15. Winsome Crochet Christmas Owl

Crochet Christmas Owl

16. Snazzy Crochet Graduation Owl

This project gives you the perfect opportunity to use up your yarn stash. The graduation cap makes this crochet owl unique. Once you start on it, the DIY progresses pretty fast.

Crochet Graduation Owl

17. Free Pattern for Crochet Owl Coaster

Crochet Owl Coaster Free Pattern

18. Free Pattern for Crochet Owl Keychain

Crochet Owl Keychain Free Pattern

19. Pineapple Owl to Crochet

Pineapple Owl Crochet

The stuffed crochet owls can be used as dolls by children. You can also make them into baby mobiles. Infants would love to watch and play with them from the coziness of their cots. The distinguishing features of the owls are the more or less round shape of the body and the pointed beak in between the big eyes.

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