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10+ Free DIY Minion Hat Patterns

A homemade Minion hat would be a favorite with all your family members, given that it can be made in a wide range of sizes. It would be a great gifting idea for a newborn or a teenager. A child can wear the hat as a fun Halloween costume. We have put together a handful of tutorials for making both hard and soft Minion hats.

DIY Minion Hat Patterns

1. Make Your Own Minion Birthday Party Hats

Kids would love to wear this yellow Minion Bob construction hat to birthday parties. The goggles on the hat make it an awesome Minion costume. It is a pretty simple craft.

Minion Hats

2. Minion Hard Hat Costumes

This hard two-eyed Minion hat tutorial also contains instructions on how to make a one-eyed Stuart Minion hat. Glitter foam craft paper is used to make the goggles. The hair is made from black pipe cleaners.

Minion Hard Hats

3. Crochet Minion Beanie Hat

This free crochet Minion hat pattern is for adults, teens and older children. However, instructions are included to customize it for babies.

Crochet Minion Hat

4. DIY Felt Minion Hats

The boy and girl Minion hats have been made by cutting yellow felt. They require no sewing, only some gluing. If you want, you can make them out of colored paper in a top hat design.

DIY Minion Hats

5. Minion Knitted Hat for Toddler

This knit Minion hat could be the perfect Halloween costume for your baby. He would love to wear the popular Despicable Me character the whole day.

Toddler Minion Hat

6. Free Purple Evil Minion Crochet Hat Pattern

This seamless Minion beanie hat is designed for toddlers and infants. It is crocheted in the round. The tuft at the top is made by cutting chunky yarn and brushing them for a fluffy effect.

Purple Free Evil Minion Hat Crochet Pattern

7. Girl Minion Hat Crochet Pattern with Ear Flaps

Minion Crochet Hat Pattern with Ear Flaps

8. DIY Minion Fleece Hat

DIY Fleece Minion Hat

9. Free Knitting Pattern for Minion Earflap Hat

This Despicable Me Minion hat is knit in the round to suits the head of a teen or an adult. For other sizes, you need to adjust the number of stitches cast on. The cute hat is adorned with decorative braids at the sides.

Knitted Minion Hat with Ear Flaps

You can use pink wool to knit the part of the above hat that is in blue. It makes an adorable Minion ski hat for girls.

Pink Girl Minion Hat

10. Loom Knit Minion Laplander Hat Pattern

Loom Knit Minion Hat Pattern

The crocheted and knitted hats are comfortable and keep your head warm during the winter without compromising on the style quotient. The woolly Peruvian Minion hats also make fun costumes. Wear them to parties and all eyes would be on you.

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