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12 Instructions with Free Patterns to Make Window Quilt

Quilting is one of the favorite pastimes for many and you must indeed have a whale of a time in stitching colorful fabrics to design a pretty quilt. Instead of the long or full quilts you could make a sleek and elegant one just in the shape of a window. You could use the cathedral quilt pattern where modular blocks are made in an interlocking pattern in the shape of a circle. The volume of the fabrics used is high while the tops are heavy. Check out the interesting patterns and designs to make window quilt.

Window Quilt Pattern Pictures

1. How to Make a Window Quilt

This tutorial gives you an insight on how to make a cathedral window quilt, which may be difficult at the onset but would be easy once you get a grip of it.

Window Quilt

2. Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial

If planning to make one for Christmas, use fabrics of red, white and green for a unique effect.

Cathedral Window Quilt

3. Cathedral Window Rag Quilt Pattern

The circular sandwiches when stitched together makes for this unique rag quilt. If you do not want to use a template, then go for circular objects like a lid or dinner plate.

Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern

4. Beautiful Bird Window Pane Quilt Tutorial

By following the same pattern you could make a host of new themes like a deer or Santa cathedral quilt. If you are planning to make a quilt for Christmas after quilting the fabrics, you can applique a deer or Christmas tree on it for an amazing effect.

Window Pane Quilt

This picture idea would help you further to make a window pane quilt with Santa on it.

Window Pane Quilt with Santa

5. How to Make a Cathedral Window Quilt

How to Make a Cathedral Window Quilt

6. Changing Seasons Attic Window Quilt Free Pattern

The panel quilt is divided into four segments and separated through sashing, creating a wonderful optical illusion. A magnificent fall scene has been created here and following the same technique you may also create a winter or spring scene.

Attic Window Quilt Pattern Free

7. Attic Window Quilt 3D Pattern

The 3D effect created here gives your quilt a magnificent look.

3D Window Quilt Pattern

8. Recycled Denim Cathedral Quilt

If you have old blue jeans lying lazily in your cupboard, recycling them to make these pretty quilts would perhaps be one of the best ideas.

Denim Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial

9. Dovein the Window Quilt Block Pattern

Dove in the Window Quilt Block Pattern

10. Directions to Make a Kitchen Window Quilt

The symmetrical arrangements of the blocks give the quilt an elegant appeal.

Kitchen Window Quilt Pattern

11. Instructions and Pattern to Make Cabin Window Quilt

By following the instructions in the tutorial you could make a similar quilt as shown in the picture below. However, the pattern of the squares here are bigger and a little different. A black background with orange circles or squares would be apt if making it on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Cabin Window Quilt Pattern

12. 3D Faux Cathedral Window Quilt Blocks

Faux Cathedral Window Quilt

With so many exciting ideas at hand, you would definitely have a fulfilling time in making magnificent window quilts for any occasion.

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  1. I am looking for the instructions for a quilt that was printed in the July 2006 issue of The Quilter. it is on page [105] and that is all I have the one page. The quilt is by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero, it is an ink jet called “Attic Windows” any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and patience. Melissa Wrightson

  2. Jane says:

    I’m so interested in the windowpane quilts, especially Santa, but there are no instructions on how to make this. Can you help me?

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