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16 + Free Patterns to Make a Crochet Towel Topper

Making a cute topper for your towel would definitely be one of the agendas in your to-do list and what better can it be than crocheting ones of interesting designs, especially if you are adept at the skill. Take a look at some of the interesting towel topper free patterns to help you better in your endeavor,

Pictures of Crochet Towel Topper Pattern

1. Interesting DIY toMake a Crochet Towel Topper

A showy button at the center would make the dish towel look even more interesting.

Crochet Towel Topper

2. Free Pattern to Make a Crochet Towel Topper

The waffle-like appearance is simply unique, while the red and white combination gives it a perfect Christmas look.    

Crochet Towel Topper Pattern

3. Crochet Fabric Dish Towel Topper Instructions

Using a worst weighted yarn would ensure the durability of the product you are making. Try contrasting the button with the color of the hand towel.

Crochet Dish Towel Topper

4. Crochet Venetian Leaf Kitchen Towel Topper

If making these cute leaves for Thanksgiving then a color combination of orange and yellow would be apt.

Crochet Kitchen Towel Topper

5. Free Buttonless Fancy Crochet Towel Topper Pattern with Holiday Variations

The pretty flower at the center gives the towel topper an increasingly gorgeous look.

Free Crochet Towel Topper Pattern

6. Free Pattern for Making a Crochet Dish Towel Topper

The whip stitch pattern has been used for making the towel topper.  A red or black button may be put to contrast the white crochet topper.

Crochet Pattern for Dish Towel Topper

7.  Free Pattern to Crochet a Dress Towel Topper

This adorable doll-dress would serve as a brilliant towel topper. If you are planning to make one for your little girl’s hand towel, then you could go for the Disney princesses and select the color accordingly.

How to Crochet a Towel Topper

8. Easy Crochet Tea Towel Topper Free Pattern for Beginner

The chain, slip, single and double crochet stitches have been used for designing this towel topper. The multi-colored flower at the center makes it amazingly appealing.

Easy Crochet Tea Towel Topper Pattern

9. How to Crochet a Double Layer Dish Topper

The simple towel design with the white topper and red button makes the entire thing look elegant.

How to Crochet a Dish Towel Topper

10. Crochet Chicken Towel Topper Free Pattern

The pattern in the given link would help you make chicken towel toppers like the one in the image.

Crochet Chicken Towel Topper Free Pattern

11. How to Crochet a Hand Towel Topper

Crochet Hand Towel Topper Free Pattern

12. Christmas Tree Towel Topper Crochet Pattern

The white flowers on the red towel topper bring in the perfect Christmas look. You could even go for other Christmas patterns like a snowman, snowflakes or even Santa Claus.

Christmas Towel Topper Crochet Pattern

13. Crochet Dress Towel Topper Pattern

The colorful towel shown in this picture absolutely matches the somber towel topper pattern.

Free Crochet Dress Towel Topper Pattern

14. No Sew Crocheted No Button Towel Topper Tutorial

No Sew Towel Topper Crochet Pattern

15. Crochet Butterfly Towel Topper Free Pattern

Butterfly Crochet Towel Topper

You may even choose an animal towel pattern like that of an owl or anything else and crochet a topper of a simple design.

Crochet Owl Towel Topper

16. Valentine Heart Towel Topper Pattern

The tutorial shows how to make a pretty red towel topper, following which you can make the one shown in the image. Stitching a satin ribbon to the edges would make it immensely gorgeous.

Crochet Heart Towel Topper

These tutorials would definitely help you in crocheting a whole lot of towel toppers for your dish, kitchen, tea or hand towels. Do not stop your fascination for crocheting here and you may try it to make a whole lot of other things like hats, cowls, shawls or scarves.

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