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43+ Free Pin Cushion Patterns

A pincushion is a handy tool for keeping your sewing tools like needles and pins organized. A good thing about them is that they can be designed as wrist bands, bracelets, animals, plants and a host of other objects, including food items. Below are a few design ideas with their patterns and tutorials to get you started on the craft.

Free Pin Cushion Patterns

1. Pin Cushion Sewing Pattern

Any round object like mug bottoms or lids can be used to cut the circular shapes from fabric. This pincushion uses a rose pattern fabric. You can use ones with funny quotes as well, depending on your preferences.

Pin Cushion

2. Cactus Pincushion DIY

Cactus pincushions look lovely with felt flowers over them. You can make your cactus in large or small shapes according to your taste. If you want to make a Kawaii pincushion, give the flowers a miss and stitch in a pair of black googly or bead eyes on the cactus with a smiling mouth below.


3. Make Your Own Mouse Pin Cushions

A pin cushion mouse is super cute. And if it’s a couple of mice, then nothing can be as sweet as that. The supplies are wool blend felt, cotton, stuffing, beads, cardboard and thread.

How to Make Pin Cushions

4. Tomato and Strawberry Pin Cushion

This crocheted large tomato and strawberry pin cushion boasts of a vintage vibe. They are stuffed with fiberfill.

Tomato Pin Cushion

5. DIY Wearable Wrist Pin Cushion

The scalloped felt edge of this pillow wristlet pincushion looks beautiful. You can have leather edging as well to score with its classy looks. Embroidery on the fabric looks enchanting. You can personalize it with your initials or make it in a hexagonal or pear shape. The pincushion bracelet can be worn as an arm pin cushion as well.

Wrist Pin Cushion

6. Pin Cushion DIY

This donut pincushion looks yummy, doesn’t it? The pink icing adds to its looks. It is made with felt and provides an excellent way to store your needles and pins.

DIY Pin Cushion

7. Cute Sewing Pin Cushion Pattern to Make

This apple pincushion would be a valuable addition to your sewing kit. The novelty pincushion looks cool with its red and white patterned fabric.

Cute Sewing Pin Cushion Pattern

8. DIY Magnetic Pin Cushions

Magnetic Pin Cushions

9. Chicken Pin Cushion Directions

The triangle shape of this rooster pin cushion makes it unique. It can double up as an adorable toy for kids.

Chicken Pin Cushion

10. Homemade Hedgehog Pin Cushions

You can have the little handmade porcupine pin cushions in colors like purple, yellow, black, pink, etc. for a pop of color to your sewing desk.

Hedgehog Pin Cushions

11. DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion

A canning jar pincushion offers a great way to organize your spools, needles, pins and strings and prove to be a creative gift for your sewing buddy. If you don’t have a mason jar, use a jelly jar. You can make a salt cellar pin cushion following the same pattern.

Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Follow the same instructions as above to reuse an old, finished lipstick. The mini pin cushion looks adorable and adds a feminine touch to your sewing kitty.

Lipstick Pin Cushion

12. Make Your Own Bunny Pin Cushion

Making an oval rabbit pincushion with large ears would be the perfect craft for Easter. The hare pincushion can be a beautiful gift for your sewing addict friend. You can make a Hello Kitty pincushion along the same lines. Just make the face rounder and give it its trademark facial features.

Bunny Pin Cushion

13. Free Cat Pin Cushion Pattern

This simple project can be attempted by beginner crocheters. You can customize the crochet pattern to make the cat head of any size you wish.

Cat Pin Cushion Pattern

14. Pin Cushion Chair Tutorial

You can use the instructions of the above-linked tutorial to make a rocking chair, couch and sofa pincushions. They can also be used as toys by little ones.

Pin Cushion Chairs

15. Tortoise Pin Cushion Steps

Tortoise Pin Cushion

16. Dachshund Pin Cushion Pattern

A sausage dog pin cushion pattern would be a valuable addition to the sewing kitty of dog lovers. The blue ears and googly eyes add to the cuteness of the stuffed pincushion. You need just to alter the fabric cutting templates to make a poodle and Scottie dog shaped pin cushions.

Dachshund Pin Cushion

17. Handcrafted Thumb Pin Cushion Tutorial

A finger pincushion offers easy access to your pins and needles while sewing. It is also known by the name ring pincushion. The cake looks yummy, doesn’t it?

Thumb Pin Cushion

18. Pink Flamingo Pin Cushion

Flamingo Pin Cushion

19. Picture Frame Pin Cushion Instructions

This alluring pincushion is made from a picture frame. You can use big photo frames for a giant pincushion.

Picture Frame Pin Cushion

20. Quilted Bird Pin Cushion Pattern

You can work these quilted birds in 3 different sizes. Put your fat quarters to use and make them in a pinwheel or patchwork pattern.

Quilted Pin Cushions

21. Pattern for Bottle Cap Pin Cushions

Bottle Cap Pin Cushions’ Patterns

22. Lovely Macaron Pin Cushion

Macaron Pin Cushion

23. DIY Mannequin Pin Cushion Pattern

A miniature dress form mannequin push pin cushion is also known as a tailor’s dummy pin cushion. The pattern scores with its unique looks.

Mannequin Pin Cushion Pattern

24. Heart Pin Cushion

Keep your stray needles and pins organized in this heart-shaped pincushion. It would turn out to be a useful tool for all your future sewing projects. You can gift this one to your sweetheart.

Pin Cushion Heart

25. Union Jack Pin Cushion DIY

This attractive pin cushion is made from cotton fabric, cord, ribbon and stuffing. You need to machine sew the sides.

26. Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion Pattern

Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion

27. Caravan Pin Cushion Tutorial

Caravan Pin Cushion

28. Hand Sewn Petal Pin Cushion

This attractive petals of this pincushion flower spell charm. You can use orange fabric to make a pumpkin pincushion for Halloween.

Petal Pin Cushion

29. Unique Chinese Babies Pin Cushion

This Asian pincushion has 4 Japanese babies surrounding it. It boasts of an oriental touch. You can transform it into a pin cushion sharpener by stuffing it with emery.

Chinese Babies Pin Cushion

30. Easy Toadstool Pin Cushion to Sew

This easy toadstool can be made from scraps of fabric. You need to cut circles of felt for the polka-dotted pattern and can use it as a Christmas ornament apart from a mushroom pincushion.

Toadstool Pin Cushion

32. Wooden Pin Cushion Idea

Put small wooden bowls to use by turning them into pin cushions. You can put a pincushion flower on it to create a flower pot pincushion.

Wooden Pin Cushion

Follow the same directions as above to create a Victorian shoe pincushion. Note that the wooden base above is replaced by a baby shoe in the below craft.

Baby Shoe Pin Cushion

33. Old Fashioned Cathedral Window Pin Cushion

Cathedral Window Pin Cushion

34. Free Knitting Pattern for Fancy Cupcake Pin Cushion

This sweet knitted pincushion can be done on a hot summer day or any day, for that matter. It is knitted in a single piece.

Free Knitting Pattern for Cupcake Pin Cushion

35. Christmas Tree Pin Cushion Pattern

Christmas Tree Pin Cushion

36. Fun Frog Pin Cushion Pattern

Frog Pin Cushion Pattern

37. Cute Pig Pin Cushion Pattern

Pig Pin Cushion Pattern

38. DIY Sushi Pin Cushion

Sushi Pin Cushion

39. Crochet Heart Pin Cushion Pattern

Crochet Heart Pin Cushion

40. Easy DIY Egg Pin Cushion

Easy Egg Pin Cushion

41. Bright Ladybug Pin Cushions

Ladybug Pin Cushions

42. Needle Felted Teacup Pin Cushion

The felted wool makes this small cushion unusual. The polka dots add to the looks. You can recycle any old teacup for this craft.

Needle Felted Pin Cushion

43. Fun Owl Pin Cushion

Owl Pin Cushion

You can just alter the cutting template of the fabric to create a penguin, pineapple, Pokemon, Minion, sheep, shell, skull, sprocket, squirrel, teapot, teddy bear, tuffet, tuna, turtle and unicorn pin cushions. Velvet and silk fabric for your craft give them a Victorian or vintage vibe. Decorative wedding pincushions can be a great gift for the bride. The above images and ideas would inspire you in the craft.

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