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12 Galaxy Jar DIYs

Galaxy jar is a fun craft that calms and soothes your senses. The below tutorials allow you to nail the project with ease. Choose an image that best appeals to you and click on the link above it to get the directions. Apart from a calm down jar, you can use it as a showpiece. It speaks volumes about your aesthetic sense and your awe for the galaxy.

Galaxy Jar Images

1. Galaxy Jar Tutorial

Kids, teens and even adults can indulge in this gorgeous craft. Cotton balls, water, acrylic paint, and glitter shapes have been layered to create this simple galaxy jar.

Galaxy Jar

2. Nebula Jar Instructions

The materials for this beautiful nebula jar are a jar, cotton wool, plastic trays and cups, acrylic paint, glitter, water and wooden sticks.

Nebula Jar

3. Galaxy DIY Jar

The above-linked recipe of a galaxy jar gives you the science behind the working of this craft. Though it is meant for all ages, kids would especially gain a lot from this project. It is done without cotton balls.

DIY Galaxy Jar

4. How to Make a Galaxy Jar Step by Step

This super easy craft would have kids, teens and tweens hooked to it. It takes just 15-30 minutes to complete and is great fun.

How to Make a Galaxy Jar

5. Galaxy Jar with Cotton Balls

Cotton Ball Galaxy Jar

6. DIY Galaxy in a Mason Jar

This lovely galaxy jar can help you a lot with stress relief. The main ingredients are mason jar, watercolor, glitter, glue and water. If you want, you can use food coloring instead of watercolor.

Galaxy in a Mason Jar

7. Striking Galaxy Mason Jars

These galaxy jars are painted to produce a galaxy effect on them. The success of this project depends on the perfect blending of different colors.

Galaxy Mason Jars

8. Pleasant Galaxy Calming Jars

Galaxy Calming Jars

9. Unique Galaxy Candle Jars

Galaxy Candle Jars

10. Lovely Glow in the Dark Galaxy Jars

Glow In the Dark Galaxy Jars

11. Galaxy Calm down Jar with Glitter Glue

Galaxy Jar with Glitter Glue

12. Charming Mini Galaxy Jars

Mini Galaxy Jars

Have a gala time making these pretty jars with your family members. They can be excellent gifting options too. Their dreamy designs inspire awe about the outer space and its galaxies. Making these could be a stepping stone for your little one into his studies about the universe.

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