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25 Garden Tool Storage DIY Ideas

Garden tool storages allow you to organize your gardening tools neatly. Instead of investing in pricey storage, you can DIY one from the below easy tutorials. They are compact and have special features to accommodate and support the long handles of the tools.

DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas Pictures

1. Garden Tool Storage Instructions

For this storage cart, you need a drill, a table or circular saw, a sheet of plywood, casters, and hooks. The initial steps involve cutting square pieces of wood and drilling holes into them.

Garden Tool Storage

2. Unique Garden Tool Storage Idea

In this step-by-step, an old pallet has been repurposed to create this rustic garden tools storage. It has been fixed to a wall and then filled with gardening equipment.

Garden Tool Storage Idea

3. Garden Tools Storage Rack

If you own a garage that is new and freshly painted, you might not like the idea of nails and hooks drilled into it and spoiling the show. This lovely garden tool rack frees you of the hassle without compromising on functionality.

Garden Tool Storage Rack

4. Spacious Garden Tool Storage Shed

For this shed, you need to prep the ground by leveling it. Start by burying a foundation block at each corner. For the rest, just click on the above-linked post.

Garden Tool Storage Shed

5. DIY Garden Tool Storage Caddy

This simple tool caddy provides you with extra storage space for your rakes, brooms, and shovels. You will find it easy to keep it a lot less messy now when you are gardening.

DIY Garden Tool Storage

6. Compact Garden Tool Wall Storage

This garden tool rack can be built in less than an hour in just 5 simple steps. You can customize it to suit the type of tools that you want it to store.

Garden Tool Wall Storage

7. Outdoor Tool Storage for Your Garden

This cheap shed has ample storage space for your requirements. The modular construction makes it easy to build, and it is amply pocket-friendly.

Outdoor Garden Tool Storage

8. Garden Tool Storage Plan for Your Garage

This video tutorial demonstrates how to make cheap storage for your garden tools so that they can rest comfortably when they are not battling it out in the yard.

Garage Garden Tool Storage

9. Pallet Garden Tools Storage

This would give you an opportunity to recycle pallets. In the first step, you have to make a small compartment at the top of the pallet. For this, you can cut the top front board on the pallet with power tools.

Garden Tools Storage

10. Storage of Long Handled Garden Tools

The above-linked article gives the details of turning a garage into a garden shed. Just pick the part that deals with the making of the artistic garden storage that is fitted to the wall and saves a lot of space.

Long Handled Garden Tool Storage

11. Easy Storage for Garden Tools

This super simple, out-of-the-box idea turns a few clay flower pots filled with sand into garden tool holders. You can use larger pots for the longer tools.

Storage for Garden Tools

12. Small Homemade Garden Tool Storage Shed

This small she could be the perfect shelter for your essential gardening tools. It holds the long handles ones like rakes, hoes, and shovels on one side and the smaller items on the other side.

Small Garden Tool Storage Shed

13. Garden Tool Box Storage In Small Size

Small Garden Tool Storage Box

14. Neat Garden Tool Storage Shed Plan

Garden Tool Storage Shed Plan

15. Garden Tools Storage Organizer

Garden Tools Organizer Storage

16. Stylish Garden Tool Storage Locker Plan

Garden Tool Storage Locker Plan

17. Innovative Gardening Tools Storage Rack Plan

Gardening Tool Storage

18. Wooden Garden Tool Storage Racks

Wooden Garden Tool Storage

19. Functional Garden Tool Storage Cart

Garden Tool Storage Cart

20. Garden Tool Storage with Hooks

Garden Tool Storage Hooks

21. DIY Fun Garden Tool Storage Idea

DIY Garden Tool Storage Idea

22. Large Garden Tool Storage Cabinet

Garden Tool Storage Cabinet

23. Colorful Garden Tool Holders Storage

Garden Tool Holders Storage

24. Rustic Garden Tool Storage Solution

Garden Tool Storage Solution

25. Minimalistic Garden Tool Storage System

Garden Tool Storage System

We are sure you liked our mix of easy and complex styles of building garden tool storages. We have thrown in unique, quaint as well as trendy ideas for making your own storage. Choose a design that best suits your tools and the space that would house this useful structure.

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