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5+ Horseshoe Boot Rack Ideas

The growing collection of the latest foot brands in your home demands a bigger storage space for helping you to pick your favorite pair before heading to a party. As closets or cabinets may involve a bit of expenditure, you can get hold of few horseshoes and a long rebar for stocking boots and other fashionable shoes.

Horseshoe Boot Rack Ideas

Scroll on for the 2 DIY’s to learn the basic procedure of metal welding. A few ideas have been provided as well to create a rustic accessory rack at a minimum cost.

1. How to Build a Boot Rack from Horseshoes

The colorful Western boots comfortably fit into the horseshoes. You can keep it anywhere in the house and move rooms whenever the need arises.

Horseshoe Boot Racks

2. Horseshoe Boot Rack Decor

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Some More Ideas for Making Shoe Racks out of Horseshoes

Using your metal welding skills, you can attach the horseshoes in various combinations to make different rack designs. You can add quite a few racks if you have more pairs to keep.

Double Decker Horseshoe Boot Rack

Horseshoe Cowboy Boot Rack

Give a tweak to the two-tier horseshoe shoe rack by arranging the horseshoes in a row at the base on the two sides to maintain a gap.

DIY Horseshoe Boot Rack

Here, the horseshoes are fixed on the side of the rebars to hold the boots in a horizontal manner.

Horseshoe Shoe Rack

Doesn’t your home already feel clutter-free? Now you have reasons to shop for more shoes and flaunting them on the streets. Your useful suggestions are always welcome.

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