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How to Decoupage with Napkins: 16 Ways

Your interior and table décor would look enviable with decoupage using napkins. They are a great way to jazz up boring lampshades, chairs, tables, glass plates, bottles, tin cans, etc. Your candles and flower pots would look attractive with floral designs on them. Take your pick from any of the DIYs below to get acquainted with the lovely craft.

DIY Decoupage with Napkin Pictures

1. How Do You Decoupage with Napkins

Decoupaging glass with napkins would be a brilliant fall décor idea. You can create designer flower pots and candles using this easy technique.

How to Decoupage with Napkins

2. Decoupage Glass Plate with Napkins

A watermelon decoupage pattern on a glass plate would look delicious! For x-mas, you can choose Christmas paper napkins with Santa and snowmen designs. You can also decoupage napkin ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree.

How to Decoupage with Napkins on Glass

3. Decoupage on Wood with Napkins

A good decoupage should leave you without wrinkles on a wood plate. You can decoupage a wooden spoon and furniture using the same method.

Decoupage Napkins on Wood

4. Guide to Decoupage a Chair with Napkins

Your old wood furniture can be given a facelift by decoupaging them with beautiful paper napkins. The supplies for this project are floral napkins, mod podge matte, sanding sponge, paint brush, craft paint and an old chair.

Decoupage A Chair With Napkins

5. Decoupage Bottle with Paper Napkins

Do you want to serve a drink to your guests in style? Why not decoupage glass wine bottles using fancy napkins? Click on the link above to know how.

Paper Napkin Decoupage

6. DIY to Decoupage Lampshade with Napkins

Your interior décor quotient would go up by notches thanks to this lampshade decoupage idea. The simple method also allows you to decoupage tiles, tin cans and rocks.

Decoupage Lampshade with Napkins

7. Steps to Decoupage a Table with Napkins

Transform a plain tabletop into an artistic one by decoupaging using napkins. You can use some vintage glossy decoupage images to cover the blemishes on the table.

Decoupage A Table With Napkins

8. Decoupage Easter Eggs With Napkins

Decoupage Eggs with Napkins

9. Decoupage Basket with Napkins Guide

Decoupage Basket with Napkins

10. Decoupage Jar with Napkins Project

Decoupage Jar with Napkins

11. Directions to Decoupage Seashells with Napkins

Decoupage Seashells with Napkins

12. Rice Paper Napkins Decoupage Tutorial

Rice Paper Napkins Decoupage

13. Napkin Candle Decoupage Idea

Decoupage Candles with Napkins

14. Instructions to Decoupage Tile Coasters with Napkins

Decoupage Tile Coasters with Napkins

15. Steps to Decoupage Napkins to Canvas

These smileys are nothing but napkins decoupaged on fabric. The quirky interior decor offers a clever and effective way to express your emotions.

Decoupage Napkins to Canvas

16. Decoupage Pumpkins with Paper Napkins for Fall

Decoupage Pumpkins with Paper Napkins

Your fall, Easter and Christmas decors would never be the same once you know how to decoupage with napkins. Get paper napkins in various patterns to create interest in commonplace objects. Even a humble rock would look artistic with this decoupage technique.

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