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How to Make a Balloon Arch: 32+ DIYs

Whether it is your little one’s big birthday party or a friend’s wedding, decorating the entrance with loads of balloons and festoons adds whole new charm to the decor. Spice it up with some more extraordinary embellishments as well. Here is a string of cool ideas to make an arch with colorful balloons.

DIY Balloon Arch Pictures

1. Make Balloon Arch

Bring down the rainbow from the sky and deck up your wall with a host of vibrant balloons.

Balloon Arch

2. How to Make a Balloon Step By Step

You can welcome your guests in a more fun way by setting up a huge arch made of balloons. Change the colors to red, white, or blue to make a soccer balloon arch.

How to Make a Balloon

3. How to Make Simple Balloon Arches

You can mix and match the colors of the balloons and create something unique for your room.

Balloon Arches

4. How to Make Balloon Arch with String

How to Make Balloon Arch

Purchase double bubble balloons from any nearby store and build a single arch using with them as shown in the previous tutorial.

Double Bubble Balloon Arch

5. Balloon Arch DIY

A surprise party is celebrated in a fun way with a balloon arch set up in your backyard alongside some yummy refreshments.

DIY Balloon Arch

6. How to Do a Baby Shower Balloon Arch

A baby shower occasion cannot go without sweet delicacies, balloons, and good wishes.

Baby Shower Balloon Arch

Table Balloon Arch

7. Make a Minnie Mouse Balloon Arch

If your little princess is a fan of Disney, choose this theme for birthday and make her happy.

Minnie Mouse Balloon Arch

8. DIY Mickey Mouse Balloon Arch

Won’t you like a cute theme like this one to make your little princess happy on her big day?

Mickey Mouse Balloon Arch

9. DIY Rainbow Balloon Arch

A pool party with a balloon arch in the form of a rainbow adds colorful vibes. Follow the tutorial to know the DIY steps.

Rainbow Balloon Arch

10. DIY Balloon Arch without Helium

Go for an inflation pump to blow these beautiful balloons rather than helium. You can experiment with others colors as well.

Balloon Arch without Helium

11. How to Make a Rainbow Name Balloon Arch

If you plan is to organize a bigger party at a hall, arrange the balloons the way it’s shown in the picture.

Name Balloon Arch

12. How to Make a Flower Balloon Arch

Make flowers out of hordes of balloons and give the background a different look.

Flower Balloon Arch

Make a balloon arch in the paw patrol style in the same way but maintain a gap to avoid a messy look.

Paw Patrol Balloon Arch

13. Star Balloon Arch DIY

Here is a Christmas-themed party where the tree, gifts, and snowman are all balloons. You will love trying this one out during the holidays.

Star Balloon Arch

14. Unicorn Balloon Arch Decoration

Unicorn Balloon Arch

15. Nylon Line Popcorn Balloon Arch

Munch some popcorn in the backyard and make this one. Call your kid’s friends to have a gala time.

Popcorn Balloon Arch

16. How to Build a Spiral Balloon Arch

When you graduate with flying colors, it is quite natural to throw a wonderful party for friends and family.

Spiral Balloon Arch

17. DIY Halloween Pumpkin Balloon Arch

These orange air-filled balloons shaped like pumpkin will make your Halloween party a funky one.

Halloween Balloon Arch

18. Dallas Cowboys Square Balloon Arch

Square Balloon Arch

Dallas Cowboys Balloon Arch

19. Magic Pikachu Balloon Arch on Cake Table

If your munchkin is a fan of Pokémon, you will be even more excited to create a balloon arch of a similar theme.

Pikachu Balloon Arch

20. Making 3-Balloon Arch

3-Balloon Arch

21. How to Build Circus Balloon Arch

It doesn’t matter where you are setting up a balloon arch. Make the decoration more jazzy and unique with an addition.

Circus Balloon Arch

22. Pink and White Pacifier Balloon Arch

A mix of plain and polka dot balloons can create a girly balloon arch.

Pacifier Balloon Arch

23. Single Balloon Arch Image

Although it looks less like an arch, you can still DIY a similar one adding some decorative elements.

Single Arch Balloon

24. How to Make 1st Birthday Balloon Arch

1-Birthday Balloon Arch

25. Sesame Street PVC Pipe Balloon Arch

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday should be done in a stylishly. Learn how to make a balloon arch following this tutorial.

Sesame Street Balloon Arch

26. Pink and Gold Wedding Balloon Arch

If you have been scratching your head thinking about your décor, you can refer to this idea. How about trying it out for a quinceanera birthday party?

Wedding Balloon Arch

27. How to Create a Prom Balloon Arch

Prom Balloon Arch

28. Paris Mini/Small Balloon Arch

Mini Balloon Arch

29. DIY Love Heart Balloon Arch Decoration

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a pretty balloon arch in the shape of a heart for a special someone.

Heart Shaped Balloon Arch

30. Floor Monster High Balloon Arch

Monster High Balloon Arch

31. Camouflage Winter Wonderland Balloon Arch

Winter Wonderland Balloon Arch

32. Popping Outdoor Giraffe Balloon Arch

Giraffe Balloon Arch

There are hordes of ideas provided in this article that will help you decide a theme for a party. Also, by now you must have learned the trick of making an arch.

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