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How to Make a Board Game: 47 DIYs

Board games keep your grey cells energized and kicking in your quest for success. You can take these games with you while traveling and they help you plan game nights. If you are getting to stay a long time indoors due to the pandemic, you can refresh your knowledge of science, geography and history with these games. Children can learn integer, fractions and algebra with the mathematical board games.

Board Game DIY Pictures

1. How to Make Your Own Board Game

Kids can make this easy board game on a rainy afternoon. You can have it in a family theme with photos of family members. Even toddlers can play this game.

How to Make a Board Game

2. DIY Board Game for Free

This Triovision board game can be made simply at home with recycled materials. The tutorial comes with a template.

DIY Board Game

3. Make Your Own Educational Board Game

This board game allows your child to learn about a subject, explore 7th-grade math problems, make up definitions and check spellings and historical facts.

Make Your Own Board Game

4. Make Your Own DIY Board Game Idea

This Minecraft board game is a great one to play if you are having a Minecraft themed birthday party at home. The supplies are cardboard, a sheet of white card, plain white paper, sharpie, colors, pencil, scissors and glue.

Board Game Idea to Make

5. Nice Board Game for a School Project

This Groundhogs Day board game can be played with friends and family after using it as a school project. The article comes with free downloadable templates.

Board Game for A School Project

6. Easy To Make Board Game

Easy Board Game to Make

7. Snakes and Ladders Board Game You Can Make Yourself

This chutes and ladders board game would be a favorite with children as well as teenagers. This can be a great girls’ night game.

Board Game You Can Make Yourself

8. Homemade Math Board Game

This cool board game allows kids to learn multiplication and addition. You can use it as a times table board game. It makes a good project for school.

DIY Math Board Game

9. Christmas Board Game DIY Idea to Make

In this Christmas board game, you are required to travel the game pieces around the board. In principle, it is the same as Parcheesi and ludo.

Board Game DIY Idea

10. Board Game with Questions and Answers

This trivia or trivial pursuit board game would be a hit with adults. The custom board game can be based on Harry Potter, Star Wars and other popular fictional characters and movies.

Question and Answer Board Game

11. Make a Tripoley Board Game Step By Step

Tripoley Game Board

12. Board Game about a Book

You can play this monopoly game with Harry Potter the theme. Different versions of the game can be played with marbles, cards, etc. You can make a fun game based on a mystery story.

Board Game Based On a Book

13. Fun Periodic Table Board Game

Test your knowledge of Chemistry by playing this periodic table board game. You can make it in your science class.

Periodic Table Board Game

14. Science Board Game Tutorial

Science Board Game

15. Make Your Own Sequence Card Board Game

Sequence Card Game Board

16. Dodge or Dare Board Game Steps

Dodge or Dare Board Game

17. Jeopardy Board Game Instructions

Jeopardy Game Board

18. Make Your Own Risk Board Game Map

Risk Board Game Map

19. Sorry Board Game Guide

Sorry Board Game

20. Trouble Board Game DIY

Trouble Board Game

21. Large Horse Race Game Board

A horse racing board game would be a fun addition to a party. The creative project would ring in a competitive spirit.

Horse Race Game Board

22. Making Your Own Opoly Board Game

Make Your Own Opoly Board Game

23. Make Your Own Clue Board Game

Clue Board Game

24. Make Your Own Role Playing Board Game

This is a paper role-playing fantasy game that can be played with one or two players. It is named, Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess game.

Role Playing Board Game

25. Giant Twister Game Board You Can Make

This life-size game board can be placed outdoors for unlimited fun. Just follow the instructions to make this professional board game.

Giant Twister Game Board

26. Cool Hunger Games Board Game

Hunger Games Board Game

27. Unique Mancala Game Board

Mancala Game Board

28. Colorful Wheel of Fortune Game Board

This is a wonderful and popular probability board game. Just spin the wheel for knowing your fortune. The game tests your vocabulary words.

Wheel of Fortune Game Board

29. Carbles Board Game to Make At Home

This adult board game is played with marbles and cards. The marble game board is made of pine wood. It is also known as a pegs and jokers game board to bring on the laughs.

Carbles Game Board

30. Peg Board Game Instructions

You can make this peg game board triangular if you so wish. The colorful pegs look cute on the board. Preschoolers can do this simple craft.

Peg Board Game

31. Making a Candyland Board Game

Make Your Own Candyland Board Game

32. Catan Board Game Tutorial

Make Your Own Catan Board Game

33. Checkers Board Game to Make You Think

Also known as draughts, this is a strategy game that suits adults. You can play this game with your whole family indoors or outdoors.

Checkers Board Game

34. 3D Go Game Board

Go Game Board

35. DIY Guess Who Game Board

Guess Who Game Board

36. Creative Lego Board Game

Lego Board Game

37. Fab Magnetic Board Game

Magnetic Board Game

38. Scrabble Board Game for You

Scrabble Board Game

39. Egyptian Senet Board Game to Make

The game of Senet enhances your study of ancient Egypt. Kids would enjoy playing this as a part of a lesson in history.

Senet Board Game

40. Interesting Solar System Board Game

Make way for some geography learning by giving kids a space board game to play. It comes with a fun printable and how-to-play instructions.

Solar System Board Game

41. Ancient Viking Board Game

Viking Board Game

42. Wooden Aggravation or Wahoo Board Game

Wooden Aggravation/Wahoo Board Game

43. Make a Damath Board Game from Scratch

Damath Board Game

44. Great DIY Halloween Board Game

DIY Halloween Board Game

45. DIY Lovopoly Board Game For Couples

You can fold this board game if you wish to carry it somewhere. You and your partner would love to play this game on Valentine’s Day.

DIY Lovopoly Board Game

46. Pac Man Board Game DIY

DIY Pac Man Board Game

47. Pollyanna Princess Board Game DIY

Pollyanna Board Game DIY

With these medieval, educational and other types of board games in your kitty, you are never to get bored. The ones based on comic and movie characters would be a hit with the young and old alike. Choose a board game that appeals the most to you and get set to have an enjoyable time making it.

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