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How to Make a Bow and Arrow: 28+ DIYs

A bow and arrow set is mainly made of wood and string. However, you can also make it from foam, cardboard, paper, toothpick, popsicle sticks, etc. It reminds you of ancient times when fighting with bow and arrows was common. Even today, you cannot do without it if you are enacting Robin Hood on stage. And, of course, it is a favorite toy for kids.

DIY Bow and Arrow Pictures

1. Bow and Arrow Instructions

This medieval bow and arrow set has string and wood as its main supplies. It is a powerful weapon; hence caution should be maintained while using it.

Bow and Arrow

2. How to Make a Bow and Arrow At Home

You can use this fake bow and arrow set for cosplay and larp. It can also be used as a prop. The design looks unique, doesn’t it?

How to Make a Bow and Arrow

3. Make a Bow and Arrow for Kids

This one would make your kid’s playtime memorable. It is made from popsicle sticks and is quite safe. Your toddler would find this mini bow and arrow pretty amazing. You can make it from ice cream sticks as well.

Bow and Arrow for Kids

4. Homemade Easy Bow and Arrow

Easy Bow and Arrow

5. Homemade Bow and Arrow Steps

Homemade Bow and Arrow

6. Native American Bow and Arrow Out Of Tree Branches

This traditional native American bow and arrow are good and old fashioned. Once you know the basic procedure, you can cut the wood in different designs to make Indian, Greek, Cherokee, Chinese, stone age and Apache bow and arrows.

Native American Bow and Arrow

7. Good Wooden Bow and Arrow

Wooden Bow and Arrow

8. Bow and Arrow from Paper

A small bow and arrow out of paper would be an excellent craft for children. You can make it in a large size to act as a prop.

Paper Bow and Arrow

Using the same principle as above, you can make a flat bow and arrow out of cardboard. It is a harmless fake bow and arrow that would be a great toy for kids.

Bow and Arrow with Cardboard

9. Bow and Arrow for Hunting

Hunting Bow and Arrow

10. Forest Bow and Arrow

If you are stuck in the wild, you can make a survival bow and arrow out of readily available materials. The real bow would be life-size.

Make A Bow and Arrow in the Forest

11. Bows and Arrows from Sticks

These bows are made from sturdy, inflexible sticks with rubber bands looped at their ends. They are very easy for kids to work with and manipulate.

Bows and Arrows Out Of Sticks

12. Big Paper Bow and Arrow Directions

You should use this weapon with extreme care lest you hurt someone. It is advisable to wear protective glasses while working with them.

Big Paper Bow and Arrow

13. Unique Paper Clip Bow and Arrows

This fun project utilizes the junk in your office drawer. Needle nose pliers and wire cutters give the distinct shape of the bow to the paper clips.

Paper Clip Bow and Arrows

14. Viking Bow and Arrow Making

Viking Bow and Arrow

15. Pretty Cupid Bows and Arrows

Cupid Bows and Arrows

16. Bow and Arrow Out Of PVC Pipe

PVC Bow and Arrow

17. Toothpick Bow and Arrow DIY

You can paint the toothpick bow and arrow in colors of your choice to make it look striking. You can even paint stripes to give it a tribal look.

Toothpick Bow and Arrow

18. Yumi Bows and Arrows that Remind You of Tradition

A natural Yumi bow and arrow are reminiscent of Chinese traditions. Though it looks primitive, it is a proper weapon.

Yumi Bows and Arrows

19. Bamboo Bow and Arrow

The above-linked tutorial gives you the details of building the bow. For the arrows, take some bamboo canes and wrap oval felt pieces around their ends. At the other end, cut a small notch in the wood at the center so that the bow can be pulled back into the string to align it all up.

Bow and Arrow with Bamboo

20. Nice Coat Hanger Bows and Arrows

Coat Hanger Bows and Arrows

21. Recurve Bow and Arrow Tutorial

You can use this bow and arrow for professional purposes. Archery addicts would love this set. It has greater arrow propelling distance and is more powerful than the conventional ones.

22. Pencil Bow and Arrow

This is a simple bow and arrow set that is made with pencils. You can use pens instead. The other supplies are rubber bands, push pins and binder clip.

Bow and Arrow Out Of Pencils

23. Composite Bow and Arrow Video

Composite Bow and Arrow

24. Compound Bow and Arrow Step By Step

Compound Bow and Arrow

25. Fiberglass Bow and Arrow Guide

Fiberglass Bow and Arrow

26. Fishing Bow and Arrow How-to

Fishing Bow and Arrow

27. Children’s Foam Bow and Arrow

If you want to keep your project green without using bamboo or wood in any form, you can make it with foam. It is safe for kids.

Foam Bow and Arrow

28. Bow and Arrow DIY

DIY Bow and Arrow

It is really up to you what size you want to make your bow and arrow set. You can make a fake one for hanging on the wall. They can be used in games where you have to hit a target. The mini versions would be a favorite toy for your munchkin. Sharpen your shooting skills with this primitive weapon.

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