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28 How to Make a Gnome DIYs

A handmade gnome can be put anywhere in your home or outdoors as a décor element. It can be made in big or small sizes according to your preferences. Children would be especially fond of these tiny creatures that transport them to fantasy land. You would be surprised at the variety of materials they can be made from, as indicated by the tutorials below.

DIY Gnome Pictures

1. How to Make Your Own Gnome

The feet and hands of this gnome lend it a realistic look. The above-linked article shows you the steps of the sewing pattern. It would add an edge to your Christmas décor.

How to Make a Gnome

2. DIY Gnome Instructions

This lovely fall gnome is made with a mop head. The hat is made from a sock while a wooden bead makes the nose.

DIY Gnome

3. Homemade Christmas Gnomes DIY

DIY Christmas Gnomes

4. DIY Gnome Out Of Socks

This easy DIY sock gnome is themed on St. Patrick’s Day. You can embellish it with bells if you so wish. The beard is made with craft fur.

Gnome from Socks

5. Easy Gnomes DIY

Easy DIY Gnomes

6. Gnome Ornament DIY

This Christmas gnome ornament is easily made from felt. It is stuffed and sewn at the edges. The different parts like the hat, face and beard are hot glued together.

DIY Gnome Ornament

7. Xmas Felt Gnomes

These bright garden gnome dolls are made out of felt. You can use them as door hangers, Christmas tree toppers or door stops. Don’t the googly eyes look cute?

Gnomes Out Of Felt

8. Christmas Gnomes with Legs and Arms

The standing gnomes made from socks look adorable with their burlap boots. The burlap bow and button embellishments on the hats lend a rustic look.

Gnomes with Legs

9. Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Gnomes DIY

These giant Santa gnomes would light up your yard during Christmas. They fit any outdoor location like your porch or garden.

Tomato Cage Gnome Christmas Trees

10. DIY Valentine Gnomes

Deck your home for Valentine’s Day with these miniature gnomes. You would love to make them complete with a heartfelt message on their hats.

Valentine Gnomes DIY

11. DIY Evergreen Christmas Gnome

A large evergreen gnome on the mantle would be a lovely piece of Christmas décor. You can decorate it with ornaments.

DIY Evergreen Gnome

12. Free Pattern to Make Gnomes

DIY Gnome Pattern

13. How to Make Holiday Gnomes

DIY Holiday Gnomes

14. DIY Girl Gnome

A mini female gnome with her lover make an adorable couple, do they not? Note the cute pink hearts attached to their hats and dresses.

Girl Gnome DIY

15. DIY Wine Bottle Cover Gnomes

These snazzy wine bottle toppers would be great hostess gifts for all the parties that you attend during the winters. They are also a fulfilling holiday craft.

DIY Gnome Wine Bottle Covers

16. DIY Swedish Christmas Gnome

The body of this Scandinavian Christmas gnome is made with fabric filled with rice. You can also make the Nordic gnome with socks that are filled with rice and tied at the right places with elastic bands.

Swedish Christmas Gnome

17. DIY Pine Cone Tomte Gnome

Pine Cone Tomte Gnome

18. Garden Gnome Out Of Polymer Clay

Gnome Out Of Polymer Clay

19. Small Waldorf Gnomes

Waldorf Gnomes

20. Wooden Gnomes DIY

These awesome wooden gnomes have needle felted wool hats and clothes. The beard and hair are made from rovings. The shoes are made from small wood hearts.

DIY Wooden Gnomes

21. DIY Cement Gnomes

Search with the word “gnome” in the above-linked article that talks about various concrete projects. You will find the DIY in point no. 24.

Cement Gnomes DIY

22. DIY Mason Jar Gnome for Easter

For Easter, a cloth bunny hat over the mason jar gnome body would bring on the laughs and cheer. The Easter candy contents of the jar add to the fun.

DIY Easter Mason Jar Gnome

23. Pom Pom Gnome Ornaments DIY

Pom Pom Gnome Ornaments

24. Leprechaun Gnome DIY

DIY Leprechaun Gnome

25. Norwegian DIY Gnome Doll from a Sweater

DIY Sweater Gnome

26. Cool DIY Wine Cork Gnomes

DIY Wine Cork Gnomes

27. DIY Halloween Witch Gnome

Halloween DIY Witch Gnome

28. Neat Paper Gnome Christmas Card

Write your Christmas wishes on this pop-up Christmas card. Your friends would love to receive it with your heartwarming message inside.

Paper Gnome Christmas Card

The patterns and ideas would guide you through the DIYs. You can involve your kids adding to the fun. They offer a great way to channel your creativity during the holidays. The use of gnomes in the garden décor is popular, but they can also lend a unique edge to your interior décor.

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