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How to Make a Photo Quilt: 19 DIY Patterns

Photo quilts are no less than a memoir, carefully reflecting the happier bygone days with family and friends. With some simple steps, have such quilts made of your favorite photographs. Be it a housewarming party or a homecoming event of your loved ones, such handmade quilts is an ideal gift, with a personal touch.

Photo Quilt Ideas

1. How to Make a Photo Quilt

This quilt is for a king size bed, so it will take a few hours for being completely done. Check out the tutorial to learn.

Photo Quilt

Instead of random pictures, make a series of your wedding pictures on a quilt and give them a dynamic pattern like the following one.

Wedding Photo Quilt

The zigzag pattern is good for other collections of images as well.

How to Make a Photo Quilt

Try out different shades of pink in one quilt for a vivacious yet soft look. Keep all same sized images together.

Personalized Photo Quilt

This one is characterized by a broad spacing between images and patchworks of fabrics.

Patchwork Photo Quilt

A structured pattern is always welcome as it lends a classy appearance.

Quilt Made of Photos

Making a quilt with all your selected captured moments is always special, isn’t it?

Photo Memory Quilt

How about infusing some handprints and photographs at the same time? It is full of warmth.

Custom Quilt with Photos

Quilt Made with Photos

A wide border heightened with a black sub border has an elegant touch.

How to Make a Patchwork Quilt with Photos

Side by side large images ensures a good night sleep when they are on a quilt.

Photo Collage Quilts

A mixture of fabric patchworks along with some photos lend a nice get-up when used for a rag quilt.

Photo Rag Quilt

Go blue while putting together your images for a quilt. The solid blue base highlights the photos in a great way.

Handmade Quilt with Photos

However, instead of so many pictures, use a few and let the quilt have some other embroideries as well.

How to Make a Photo Quilt for Beginners

Gifting one such attractive quilt to your favorite aunt will make her feel even more appreciated and loved than ever.

DIY Photo Quilt

An eye-catching combination of pale violet and black on a quilt has a spectacular effect.

Family Photo Quilt Patterns

Block prints have a cozier look, making it a perfect option for your bed.

Photo Quilt Idea

You may go vintage by choosing all black and white shades.

Making Your Own Photo Quilt

This quilt has a fascinating storytelling charm. Try this out for your son when he comes home from his boarding school.

Quilt with Photos on It

As the process is same, use that to produce photo quilts of different designs of your choices. Don’t limit your creativity and start infusing your ideas during the process.

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