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How to Make a Rag Rug: 30 DIYs with Instructions

A statement rug always changes the look of any room in your house. A bare necessity as well, a rug can often be an expensive affair as it gets quickly worn out. You can save on it by using any old shredded fabric strips from your bed sheet, t-shirt, or towel and transform them into a dainty mat. The following 30 DIY projects with detailed instructions will be of great help.

Rag Rug DIY

1. Rag Rug: DIY

All you need are few supplies and the technique to make this colorful rug.

Rag Rug

2. Make a Rag Rug

If stitching is your hobby, you may have a gala time working on this project.

How to Make a Rag Rug

3. Making a Fluffy Rag Rug

How to Make Rag Rugs

4. DIY Rag Rug Tutorial

The trick here is to fold the fabric bunches into individual rectangles and stitch them to whip up an extraordinary-looking rag.

DIY Rag Rug

5. Untreated Cotton Rag Rug

String cotton scraps together to make a rug and add something Moroccan style to your room.

Cotton Rag Rug

6. Make a Rag Rug Loom

Learn the technique of looming a classy and thick rug with the help of this tutorial.

Rag Rug Loom

7. How to Crochet Rag Rug

Raise your hand if you are a crochet addict. Pick out your favorite colors and your hook, and get ready to walk over it when you enter your room.

Crochet Rag Rug

8. Make a Shag Rag Rug

A quick fix for your bathroom décor, this colorful rug would take less than 30 minutes of your time.

Shag Rag Rug

9. How to Make Braided Rag Rug without Sewing

Old T-shirts are the best recycling products for someone who loves doing a lot of DIY projects. How about braiding a neat rag rug?

Braided Rag Rug

10. Rag Rug Runner from Cotton Sheets

No sewing involved to make this wonderful kitchen rag rug. Old cotton bed sheets will do this trick.

Rag Rug Runner

11. No Sew Hand Woven Rag Rug

The rag rug is a work of making knots throughout and adding a new luster to your space.

Woven Rag Rug

12. Braided Denim Rag Rug

It is an alluring welcome rag rug to greet your guests at home. You know whom to give credits when you get loads of compliments for your work.

Denim Rag Rug

13. Round Rag Rug Pattern

Crafters would always know the value of scrap materials. It works the same in making this rag rug by cutting cotton strips and braiding in a particular pattern.

Round Rag Rug

14. Rustic Rag Rug with Instructions

A cool way to repurpose your fabric strips is by transforming them into a useful rag rug.

Rag Rug Instructions

15. Rag Rug Weaving in a Loom

Rag Rug Weaving

16. Oval Rag Rug Pattern

Bet you will not ask for any colors in your room when you have this eye-catching rug in your room.

Rag Rug Pattern

17. How to Crochet a Rectangle Rag Rug for Beginners

How to Crochet a Rag Rug for Beginners

18. Rag Rug Bath Mat DIY

Keep the floors of your bathroom dry and clean with this well-braided rug.

Rag Rug Bath Mat

19. No Sew Shaggy Rag Rug

Give a fuzzy makeover to your little one’s bedroom with this awesome rag rug. This way you can keep your carpet clean.

Shaggy Rag Rug

20. How to Make a Rag Rug Table Runner

You can decide the shape of your rug runner based on the design of your table. Mealtime you’re your family will never be the same again.

Rag Rug Table Runner

21. How to Make Circular Multi-Colored Rug with Rags

A washable rag rug you can use for several purposes. This one is ideal for decking your table and your wooden floors.

Multi-Colored Rag Rug

22. Cotton Chindi Rag Rug Project

Cotton Chindi Rag Rugs

23. DIY Rag Rug Design Pattern

When the weather gets colder, your cold feet demands a nice and cozy rug.

Rag Rug Design Pattern

24. Making Rag Rug Placemat

If are looking for new placemats for your table, make this one with worn-out cotton rags.

Rag Rug Placemats

25. Vintage Jean Rag Rug

A primitive-looking rug, its addition to your room would be an absolute delight.

Vintage Rag Rug

26. Homemade Twined Rag Rug

Rather than going for super pricey rugs, you can make a similar one at home for a fraction of the cost.

Twined Rag Rugs

27. Making a Knotted Rag Rug

Knotted Rag Rug

28. Upcycle Knit Rag Rug

It may be a bit challenging to decide the different combination of colors that you are going to use in this pattern.

Knit Rag Rug

29. How to Make Rag Throw Rug

Before giving off your old T-shirts to any thrift store, click on the tutorial above to see how you can make a rug.

Rag Throw Rug

30. DIY Towel Rag Rug

Knot old towels in an unconventional way to make a cozy rug for your bathroom.

Towel Rag Rug

Having a vibrant rug makes a huge impact in your home. So choose the most appealing one according to you and see the effect.

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