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How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt: 13+ Cool Instructions

Sewing yo-yos for making quilts is a wonderful means of spending a few creative hours, and you will end up with artistic and cozy coverlets. There are countless designs and patterns to fall in love with. So, those with a knack for sewing, stitching, and knitting can invest their time into making a yo-yo quilt following the below-mentioned tutorials.

How to Make Yoyo Quilt

1. How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt

The yo-yo pattern, resembling rosette, is easy to make if you have some round shaped fabrics on hand. This homemade tutorial will help you make a quilt using colorful yo-yos.

Yo-Yo Quilt

2. DIY Handmade Yo-Yo Quilt

A quilt like the following one is a nice embellishment for your bed. You may gift one to your beloved as well.

Long Yo-Yo Quilt

3. Instruction for Yo-Yo Quilts

If you don’t have the desired shape of fabrics, use a lid for cutting a normal fabric in a perfectly round shape. Needless to say, the diameter of the yo-yo will be the same as the lids. So, choose accordingly.

How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt

Once you master the art of making yo-yos, making a Christmas quilt like the following one is just about finding some free time.

Yo-Yo Quilt Christmas Tree

4. Vintage Yo-Yo Quilt

A cluster of colors! Use as many colorful fabrics as possible for making the quilt an interesting one. Use light shades for a vintage look.

Vintage Yo-Yo Quilt

5. How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt with Backing

These fluffy pincushion yo-yos impart a different look to your quilt, ensuring comfort at its best!

How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt with Backing

6. Easy Yo-Yo Quilt Throw

You can embellish your yo-yos with colorful buttons or ribbons. However, this idea is good only if the quilt is to be used occasionally, or else, the buttons may come off.

Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

7. Make Your Own Yo-Yo Patchwork Quilt

A black or dark backdrop would be real nice for colorful yo-yos. More the merrier! So, don’t forget to use fabrics with different prints.

Yo-Yo Quilt Patchwork

8. Giant Yo-Yo Quilt Instruction

Use the template given in the tutorial and make yo-yos easily. It might take a month or more, given how much time you are spending on it, but the outcome is going be awesome and attractive.

Giant Yo-Yo Quilt

Creating a quilt in circle, hexagon or square shapes isn’t a problem anymore? Is it?

Circle Yo-Yo Quilt

9. Directions for Making a Modern Yo-Yo Quilt

Why splurging hard-earned money for something that you can make on your own in some simple steps? Check out the tutorial now.

Fabric Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

Yo-Yo Quilting Instruction

10. DIY Red  Yo-Yo Quilt

The red and white combination is a striking one, lending elegance to your bedroom. You may also try out other shades for combining with red.

Red Yoyo Quilt

11. Crochet Yo-Yo Quilt

Crochet enthusiasts will find it easy to link two or more yo-yos together for an intricate design. Follow the guideline for further help.

Yo-Yo Quilt for Dollhouse

Yo-Yo Crochet Quilt

12. DIY Yo-Yo Quilt

Yo-Yo Quilt Image

13. Colorful Quilt with Yo-Yo Patterns

Simple Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

The list has reached its end, and you must have already realized how easy it is to make such quilts. The basic trick is to make your yo-yos properly. And now you are given proper instructions for that, you may use them to make doilies and table runners other than quilts.

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