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How to Make Beaded Keychains: 30 Tutorials with Patterns

If you like to bead, you would love making these awesome beaded keychains. We have here detailed tutorials with diagrams linked to the headings of the images given below. They help you create attractive keychains that can be identified easily in a big bag when you have your hands full of stuff and can’t find the keys to your apartment.

Beaded Keychains Ideas Pictures

1. Beaded Letter Keychains

For this project, you need to cut a length of cord or ribbon, fold it in half and pass it through a jump ring. String matching beads on both sides and tie it off with a double knot. Letter beads enable you to write your name on your keychains.

Beaded Keychains

2. Making Keychains with Beads

Split rings, Imitation leather jewelry cord, craft paint, assorted wood and plastic beads and suede tassels go into the making of these attractive keychains.

How to Make Keychains with Beads

3. Beaded Animal Keychain Pattern

This dolphin pattern employs weaving a string around pony beads. Kids would love to make this and show it off to their friends.

Beaded Animal Keychain

4. How to Make a Perler Bead Keychain

This Peppa Pig pattern is made out of Perler beads. You can download a pattern of the animation, insert the beads on a board according to the pattern and iron over them so that they melt and fuse together.

Perler Bead Keychain

5. Pony Bead Pattern for Keychain

Though this one looks like a gift, you can get rid of the ribbon loops on top to make the pattern resemble a flag. The detailed instructions for making a US flag can be read by clicking on the link above.

Pony Bead Keychain Pattern

6. Keychain with Pony Beads

This dragonfly key ring is made with blue and green beads and looks attractive. The tutorial comes with diagrams for better visualization of the pattern.

Pony Bead Keychain

7. Bead Lizard Keychain

This project suits teens as well as adults. A ring can be attached to the tail of the lizard to transform it into a zipper pull or keychain.

Lizard Bead Keychain

8. How to Make a Native American Beaded Keychain

If you are a fan of the Native American culture and beadwork, you would love to bead this keychain. It involves the famed Peyote stitch.

Native American Beaded Keychain

9. Flag Bead Keychain Pattern for Kids

Keep your kids engaged in summertime with this patriotic craft. You can do it in the run-up to 4th of July.

Bead Keychain Pattern

10. Wooden Bead Keychains

This wooden bead keychain is Scandinavian-inspired. You can play with different colors on them to create a design you love.

Bead Keychains

11. Keychains Made Of Beads

The smiling faces on the beads, stars and mushroom beads would endear this beaded keychain to little ones. Do up the keychain with bright colors of beads to up the chic factor.

Bead Keychain

12. Alphabet Bead Keychains

Alphabet beads help you in personalizing and identifying your keychain among others in a large key holder board.

Alphabet Beads for Keychains

13. Cool Hama Beads Keychain

Though the above-linked article guides you in making a Hama bead owl, you can use the same technique in creating a beaded rainbow keychain.

Hama Beads Keychain

14. Make Your Own Beaded Alligator Keychain

How to Make a Beaded Alligator Keychain

15. Beaded Cross Keychain Guide

This keychain is made with colored beads wrapped with wire around a cross made with nails. You can fix a jump ring at the top to make it act as a keychain.

Beaded Cross Keychain Tutorial

16. DIY Personalized Keychain Using Beads

DIY Personalized Beaded Keychain

17.  Heart Keychain of Beads

Keychain of Beads

18. Cute Paper Bead Keychain

Paper Bead Keychain

19. Valentine Bead Heart Keychain

This beautiful beaded heart pendant would be the perfect gift or accessory for Valentine’s Day. Make it into a keychain by attaching a key ring to the top of the structure.

How to Make a Bead Heart Keychain

20. Pony Beaded Snake Keychain Free Pattern

How to Make a Beaded Snake Keychain

21. Perler Bead Keychain Patterns

Keychain Bead Patterns

22. Beaded Keychain in Fish Pattern

Beaded Fish Keychain Pattern

23. Pony Bead Pet Animal Keychain Instructions

Pony Bead Pet Animal Keychain

24. Free Heart Beaded Keychain Pattern

Heart Beaded Keychain Pattern for Free

25. Monkey Beaded Keychain Instructions

Beaded Monkey Keychain Instructions

26. Gecko Beaded Keychain Pattern

Beaded Gecko Keychain Pattern

27. Handmade Beaded Giraffe Keychain Idea

Handmade Beaded Giraffe Keychain

28. Pretty Clay Bead Keychains

Clay Bead Keychains

29. Bead Loom Keychain Directions

Bead Loom Keychain

30. Football Beaded Keychains for Kids

How to Make Beaded Keychains for Kids

If you know how to do seed bead or regular beaded bracelets, you can transform them into wrist keychains by inserting a jump ring containing the keys. It becomes multi-functional that way.

Beaded Keychain Bracelet

The DIYs given here have used a variety of beads such as clay, plastic, seed, wood, etc. Apart from the loom, cross and Native American ones, all the keychains are kid-friendly. We are sure you’ll have a whale of a time completing these projects. Do share with us how they turned out.

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