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How to Make Feather Centerpieces: 12+ DIYs and Ideas

Whether it’s a wedding of a dear friend, your birthday, or someone’s baby shower, you can easily save money by making grand centerpieces from feathers to add an elegant look to the décor. Here are some cool DIY tutorials as well as ideas to make your special event an unforgettable one.

DIY Feather Centerpieces Ideas Pictures

1. Giant Feather Centerpieces

A perfect addition to your wedding décor, these fluffy white feathers leave a luxurious effect.

Feather Centerpieces

2. White Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Using lighted stands complement the look of the dazzling centerpieces making the table appear more attractive.

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

3. Feather Centerpieces for Weddings

Your darling daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party can be made memorable with an impressive decoration setup. Here, the addition of pearl chains has a classy appeal.

Feather Wedding Centerpieces

4. DIY Ostrich Feather and Crystal Centerpiece

DIY Feather Centerpieces

5. Tree Feather Centerpiece

If you have a summer outdoor party at your home, deck up your table with bright-colored feathers.

Feather Centerpiece

6. Wine Bottle Centerpiece with Peacock Feathers

You need not have to wait for an occasion to make centerpieces. Instead, decorate your home with some artificial peacock feathers planted into a recycled wine bottle.

Peacock Feather Centerpieces

You can also make the bottle centerpiece more attractive by placing some fresh blooms from your garden.

Centerpieces with Feathers and Flowers

7. Ostrich Feathers Wedding Centerpiece Decoration

You can vouch for this kid-friendly craft that makes a suave arrangement for any small or big event taking place at your home.

How to Make Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

An elongated glass vase makes a modish holder for the feathery bouquet for styling dining tables.

How to Make Feather Centerpieces

8. Feather Ball Centerpiece

A cute table centerpiece made from a feather ball is a simple DIY you will enjoy doing during your free time.

How to Make a Feather Ball Centerpiece

9. Purple Eiffel Tower Feather Centerpieces

Coat the Eiffel tower vase with lavender glitter and place a bunch of feathers of the same color to brighten up your décor.

Purple Feathers for Centerpieces

Taking a cue from the previous DIY, you can use feathers of different colors for a vibrant look.

Pink Feathers for Centerpieces

10. Tall Pheasant Feather Centerpiece

Fake pheasant feathers available at any thrift store can be purchased and arranged in a large glass cylinder.

Pheasant Feather Centerpieces

11. Feather Vase Boa Centerpiece

Feather Boa Centerpieces

12. Feathered Plume Centerpiece DIY

Have you a Mardi Gras mask? Use it along with some black feathers and glittery candles to make your Halloween decoration a bit different this year.

Feathered Plume Centerpiece

Few More Ideas to Make Interesting DIY Centerpieces with Feathers

Add a jazzy effect to your otherwise dull coffee table by placing red and black feathers into a tall lighted vase. Place a red cloth and LED lights at the base to upgrade the look.

Black and Red Feather Centerpieces

If you have a collection of martini glasses at home, use them as holders for keeping short feathers.

Martini Glass Centerpiece with Feathers

Masquerade Feather Centerpieces

Black and White Feathers Centerpieces

A white porcelain square vase and some pretty pink and white flowers can whip up a beautiful piece.

Short Feather Centerpieces

Black and Gold Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Right from bright white to gold, you can choose feathers of any color to style your house or use them as an elegant theme for any special family event.

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