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How to Make Rag Quilts: 32+ Tutorials with Instructions for the Patterns

Rag quilts involve a special technique showcasing their exposed seams similar to tattered fabrics, (hence the name). These snuggly rag quilts are favorites of children and adults because of the coziness. With some simple tutorials at hands, you can easily make such quilts for your loved ones.

Rag Quilt Pictures

1. Rag Quilt Tutorial for Beginners

A pink and black combined quilt made of medium sized squares is a nice one to wrap yourself in, especially on a wintry night. The attractive color combination makes it even more special for your teenage girls.

Rag Quilt

Instead of sticking to experimenting with shades, try multiple prints. Here the following image shows a patchwork of floral, chevron, and itsy-bitsy printed fabrics interwoven together.

Easy Rag Quilt Pattern for Beginners

2. Instructions for Rag Quilt

An organized pattern of prints makes a wonderful quilt for teenagers. The vibrant shades used here are soothing yet appealing.

How to Make a Rag Quilt

3. DIY Rag Quilt

Once you are done with making fabric sandwiches, it takes time for sewing and assembling them together. For a small quilt, you may use some leftover fabrics and put them in a creative way.

Rag Quilt with Fringes

4. Monster Printed Rag Quilt

Make some cute monsters and friendly ghosts sleeping companions of your toddlers by producing a funny quilt.

Rag Quilt Pattern

5. Animal Printed Rag Quilt

For your animal lover child, making a quilt with interesting prints of dinosaurs, lions, and elephants will ensure his good night sleep. This one is ideal for being a camping quilt as well.

Rag Quilt with Animal Pattern

6. Strip Rag Quilt

Vertical strips joined together side by side gives an impression of a lengthy quilt. Also, if you are unwilling to cut a beautiful long fabric into smaller pieces, you can utilize them for making a quilt like this one. The process is much simpler and faster than others.

Strip Rag Quilt

This one is the result of the same quilting method, the only difference being that the strips used here are placed horizontally instead of vertically.

How to Make a Strip Rag Quilt

7. Rag Quilt for Babies

Baby rag quilts are much smaller than the regular ones, making them suitable for babies. The striking combination resembles block prints in terms of its appearance.

Baby Rag Quilt

Moving over pink, you can infuse lighter shades like blue, gray and white for a fresh look. On a snowy morning, your kid will enjoy staying at home clad in such a quilt.

How to Make a Baby Rag Quilt Blanket

An amalgamation of prints with light colors is what makes the baby quilt a mentionable one. All the prints are similar for creating a balanced look altogether.

Pink Baby Rag Quilt

Make a baby quilt and place it in your baby’s crib so that the tiny one stay comfortable and warm, even on the coolest days. The tutorial, however, remains the same but the choice of fabric will always be yours.

Baby Rag Quilt Pattern for Crib

8. Large Rag Quilt Tutorial

For an easy and fast way, use colorful layer cakes in both small and large sizes for making a large rag quilt. This way you don’t have to worry about the perfect size of the fabric.

Rag Quilt Tutorial

If you are a pro at rag quilting, then the evenly pieces of fabrics will entice you for sure. However, follow the same DIY and go for a large quilt in white shade.

White Rag Quilt

9. Green and Blue Flannel Rag Quilt

Placing green and blue fabric alternatively and sewing them subsequently are the basic steps you must follow for getting this amazing quilt.

Rag Quilt Instruction

10. Easy Rag Quilt to Make at Home

This one perfectly imparts a distressed look due to the exposed borders of the fabric. Spend a wintry evening on such a quilt near your fireplace solving sudokos or crossword puzzles.

Make Your Own Rag Quilt

11. T-Shirt Rag Quilt DIY

Instead of throwing your old t-shirts, recycle them for making t-shirt quilts. There is no norm regarding the order the fabric will be in, so let your mind be creative.

T-Shirt Rag Quilt

You can always accumulate different types of a particular shade for a structured look. Just like the following one is all about blue, try other motifs.

How to Make a T-Shirt Rag Quilt

12. Denim Rag Quilt

Jeans rag quilts also make good bedspreads because of the interesting textures of the fabric.

Denim Rag Quilt

You may try variations in terms of the pattern and design you wish to use for such quilts.

Cathedral Window Rag Quilt

13. Asymmetrical Jean Quilt

Ripped jean quilts are durable options for a quilt. If you want faded jeans but yours are a little bright, wash multiple times and get your desired shade.

How to Make a Blue Jean Rag Quilt

14. Flannel Rag Quilt

Made of three basic layouts the quilt is so soft that you will fall in love with. For a crumpled look, you should not wash the fabric beforehand, as washing may make it less crumpled.

Flannel Rag Quilt

Bring a little twist while following the same instruction by using uneven patches of flannel.

How to Make a Flannel Rag Quilt

15. How to Use Fleece for Making a Rug Quilt

Fleece being a comfortable fabric makes an amazing pair with hankies. The main advantage is that you get your chosen designs from the hankies and for the layers, fleece is a reliable material.

Fleece Rag Quilt

The tutorial will remain the same for this one as well but you won’t have to use hankies, instead use only fleece for your quilt.

How to Make a Fleece Rag Quilt

16. Colorful Rag Quilt for Your Bedroom

A dash color is always better to brighten up the interior of a bedroom, be it your kids or yours, go for such peppy combinations of quilts.

Rag Quilt Idea

When Christmas is around the corner, your upholstery needs to be changed to match the festive season. Try out the amazing green and red combination for quilts to bring in the essence of joy.

Christmas Rag Quilt

17. Floral Rag Quilt

Floral prints are always a favorite of people as it has a fresh appeal of spring. Use such prints in pastel shades for a rug quilt and gift it to your parents on their anniversary. Could anything be warmer than this?

Ideas for Making a Rag Quilt

Not only light colors, rather a combination of light and dark shades will equally look beautiful with floral prints on them.

How to Sew a Rag Quilt

18. Fast and Easy Rag Quilt

This one is the simplest of all in terms of the design and method. Check out and make one.

Blue and White Rag Quilting

19. Rag Quilting with Minky

For a personalized quilt go through the tutorial given here. You will love the design as it is trendy and cozy at the same time.

How to Make a Rag Quilt with Minky

20. Direction for Making a Log Cabin Rag Quilt

Mix some differently shaped fabric patches and get an avant-garde design comprising of multiple hues of fabrics. The geometrical shapes lend a neat look.

Log Cabin Rag Quilt

21. Rag Quilt with Cotton Fabrics

For a picnic, you may want to have a cotton quilt as the comfortable material will help you relax. Make this quilt by putting long cotton strips side by side.

Jelly Roll Rag Quilt Instruction

You may lengthen the size if you want a bigger quilt using the same method. The red, blue, and gray shades can be replaced with orange, yellow, and white.

How to Make a Rag Quilt with Cotton Fabric

22. Puffy Rag Quilt: Do It Yourself

Puffy or fluffy rags are even softer with some inner stuffing. Such bouncy quilts are perfect options to lie on.

Puffy Rag Quilt

23. Twin Size Rug Quilt Instruction

Deciding the size of a quilt is very important as you will need the materials accordingly. For a twin size rug, you can follow this DIY.

Twin Size Rug Quilt

24. Rag Quilt for Adults

For a king size bed, you need the largest quilt and for that check out the link given here. It could be a fusion of colors if you want to try experimental prints.

King Size Rag Quilt Pattern

On the other hand, for a simpler look, try monochromatic shades or plain black and white combination.

Queen Size Rag Quilt Pattern

25. Primitive Rag Quilt without a Border Tutorial

This primitive quilt has a rugged look. So, if you are willing to get such quilts gather some fabrics and get started.

Primitive Rag Quilt

Addition of a starry pattern across the quilt lends an ultramodern get-up that individuals find interesting. If you are one of such, then go on to make one.

Country Rag Quilt

26. Rag Quilt with Borders

A fine quilt having both frayed seams and a neat border can be placed in your baby’s room. You can make such quilts to present your sister on her baby shower party.

Rag Quilt with Border

27. How to Make a Rag Quilt with Batting

The fringy look of the seam is what makes the following one a rug quilt. Easy to make and comfortable to use, go through the complete DIY to know about it. The prints involving orange and navy blue combination are undoubtedly the best.

How to Make a Rag Quilt with Batting

For a different look, using of camo fabrics in combinations with white and gray shades is a nice way.

How to Do a Camo Rag Quilt

28. American Flag Rag Quilt

In honor of July the 4th, you can make a patriotic rug quilt by joining horizontal fabrics. The combination of color should match the flag of the country for a precise look.

American Flag Rag Quilt

29. Snowman Rag Quilt

How about making Mr. Snowman on your quilt through some patchworks? Check out the tutorial to know how it is made and get started.

Snowman Rag Quilt Pattern

30. Circled Rag Quilt

A rag quilt with circular motifs requires special methods and patience to follow them. The geometrical shape of an octagon is used here for a different look.

Circle Rag Quilt

31. Chenille Rag Quilt

A pink and white rag made of chenille fabric has an amazing charm that is simply irresistible. The floral patches here and there make a wonderful add-on.

Chenille Rag Quilt

32. Chevron Rag Quilt

Chevron pattern is equally popular across the globe so wouldn’t it be nice to infuse into a quilt? The yellow and gray blend is a good one, however, you may use pink and white, cyan and gray combinations as well.

Chevron Rag Quilt Pattern

Rag quilts are those things at home that ensure the fact that you are all snuggled and cuddled by the coziest thing around. Be it winter, summer, or spring, rug quilts are usable always. Browse through the patterns and ideas given here along with their tutorials to make a couple of quilts.

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