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How to Make Tassels: 20 DIYs

Tassels are a great option to accessorize your bag, purse, dress, hat, keychains, bookmarks, etc. They can also be used as interior décor items. And don’t we love tassel jewelry? The following collection of tutorials shows you how you make these pretty little things. The images would garner your attention towards the craft.

DIY Tassels Images

1. Make Tassels At Home

These colorful tassels boast of a boho look. Note how strings in deeper and lighter shades of the same color have been used to make each tassel.

How to Make Tassels

2. Large Yarn Tassel

In this DIY, yarn is wrapped around a piece of cardboard before knotting at one end and cutting to make this cool tassel.

Yarn Tassel

3. Tassel DIY

Making this cute tassel is not very difficult. Just follow the instructions and the pictures of the above-linked tutorial.

DIY Tassel

4. Homemade Tassels Out Of Yarn

Tassels Out Of Yarn

5. Make Your Own Tassel with Beads

Tassel with Beads

6. Graduation Tassel with Yarn

Graduation Tassel

7. Sleek Leather Tassels

Though these long tassels are made of leather that is cut using Cricut, you can go ahead and use faux leather as well, if you find genuine leather to be too c006Fstly.

Leather Tassels

8. Tassels with Tissue Paper

Mini tassels out of tissue paper steal the show at a party. Your guests can never have enough of these fancy tassels. If you want, you can make them with crepe paper instead.

Tissue Paper Tassels

9. Make Fancy Tassels

Once you know how to make these tassels, you can make them in both big and small sizes. Don’t the tiny ones look cute?

Fancy Tassels

10. Yarn Tassel DIY

DIY Yarn Tassel

11. Pretty Suede Tassels

Suede Tassels

12. Tassel from Embroidery Thread

Did you know that a commonplace thing like embroidery floss could make brilliant tassels? You can make them with silk or cotton threads in different colors.

Embroidery Thread Tassel

13. Bright Cloth Tassels

These gorgeous fabric tassels are made from fabric scraps and twine or ribbon. They look good hanging from the door handle.

Cloth Tassels

14. Tassel from Plastic Tablecloth

15. Colorful Cotton Tassels

Cotton Tassels

16. Unique Horsehair Tassel

If you want, you can make your DIY tassel from horsehair. The material is lightweight, pocket-friendly and comes in a variety of colors.

Horsehair Tassel

17. Rustic Jute Tassel

Jute Tassel

18. Stylish Pom Pom Tassels

Pom Pom Tassels

19. Decorative Ribbon Tassel

You can use this tassel to accessorize your keys, bag or bookmarks. The project offers you a wonderful opportunity to put odds and ends of ribbons to use.

Tassel Out Of Ribbon

20. Tassels from Wool

Tassels With Wool

Once you have the trick of making tassels up your sleeve, you can glam up anything from a greeting card to a headband. Your friends would love to get your handmade tassels on the presents that you gift them on special occasions. They can become your signature craft if done well.

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