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12+ Interesting DIYs to Make a Clothespin Picture Frame

Clothespins form the base for a wide variety of crafts, and you could put into use some of your used ones in making pretty photo frames. Check out the tutorials below to get a clear insight into how to make a clothespin picture frame.

DIY Clothespin Picture Frame Images

1. DIY Clothespin Picture Frame

The cardboard forms the base of the picture frame. If you desire to put fewer pictures, place them at the center of the frame.

Clothespin Picture Frame

2. DIY to Make an Interesting Photo Frame

This indeed is a simple arrangement where you need a frame and then must arrange the pictures in any order or design with a clothespin attached to each one of them.

DIY Clothespin Picture Frame

3. DIY Twine & Clothespin Picture Frame Makeover

The inclusion of twine gives it a rustic appeal.

Picture Frame Twine Clothespins

4. DIY Clothespin Photo Frame from Wire Hanger for Christmas

Your old wire hanger could be shaped into a frame to hold the pictures. The green and red combination makes it apt for Christmas.

DIY Picture Frame with Wire and Clothespin

5. How to Make a Clothespin and Wood Picture Frame

Painting the wood, fixing a photo on it, and attaching a clothespin complete the frame.

How to Make a Clothespin Picture Frame

This idea is simpler where a wooden frame forms the base, with the photos placed at the center attached to the clothespin through a twine string.

Wooden Picture Frame With Clothespins

6. How to Make a Hanging Clothespin Photo Frame

Picture Frame With Mini Clothespins

7. How to Make a Barnwood Picture Frame with Clothespin

You could paint the barn wood frame to make it appear colorful.

Rustic Clothespin Picture Frame

You would need a pallet for this one. Paint the clothespin for a bright look.

Pallet Picture Frame With Clothespin

8. Instructionsto Make Clothespin Hanging Pictures Without Photo Frame

If you are looking for something simple, then attaching the pictures to a clothespin and hanging them on a string would be a great idea.

Clothespin Pictures Without Frame

9. DIY Grandkids Picture Frame With Clothespin

Grandkids Picture Frame With Clothespin

10. How to Make a Kids Picture Frame With Clothespin

 You could either make the decoration like the one shown below for your kid’s room or even make memorabilia by placing their childhood pictures one after the other in the form of a collage on a string.

Kid Picture Frame With Clothespins

11. How to Make a Picture Frame Collage Using Clothespins

You may put together memories of your child’s growing up process and frame them, as shown here.

Picture Frame Collage Clothespin

12. How to Make a Glitter Clothespin Picture Frame

The addition of glitters to the clothespin makes it enticing.

Glitter Clothespin Picture Frame

You could alternately decorate the frame by adding a burlap bow to it.

Clothespin Picture Frame on Burlap Mat

You could try a whole lot of other crafts with clothespins like bag, reindeer ornament, dolls or a wreath.

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