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9+ Interesting DIYs to Make a Flipbook

Whether it be a school project, a family album or anything else, a flipbook is always an instant hit. Rather than going for the readymade ones, you could consider DIYing innovative ones at home. The tutorials below would provide you easy instructions in making a flipbook at home.

How to Create a Flipbook

1. DIY to Make a Flipbook at Home

Fill each page with fun or inspirational quotes.  

How to Make a Flipbook

2. How to Make a Flipbook with Photos

While teaching your little one farm or wild animals, fruits, vegetables, or anything else, you could make a big-sized flipbook as shown in the picture below. It would make all the information easily accessible to your kid. Adding images and using large fonts for the heading would make learning more convenient for them.

How to Make a Flipbook with Photos

3. Step by Step Instructions to Make a Flipbook Animation

The pencil sketches make the flipbook appear like an animated one.

How to Make a Flipbook Animation

A flipbook like the one shown in the picture would be of immense help for not just English but other subjects as well. The methods would be similar to the ones shown in the tutorials above. Make it colorful and use markers for the main points so that they may be easily accessible to you.

How to Make a Flipbook for School

4. Directions to Make a Foldable Flipbook for School Project

The foldable flipbook would help teachers to get easy access to their classroom materials.

How to Make a Flipbook Foldable

5. Cute and Creative Flipbook for Kids

You could even make a flipbook on “My Family” and add hand-drawn pictures or photos of all members.

How to Make Flipbook for Kids

6. How To Make Flipbook with Index Cards

While making an index card flipbook, the alphabets may be arranged sequentially or at random.

Flipbook with Index Cards DIY

You can use sticky notes for making a flipbook like the ones shown on the picture. Keep it as your to-do list or design something funny on it to entertain your kids.

Flipbook with Sticky Notes

7. Tutorial for Making a Flipbook for Beginners

How to Make a Flipbook for Beginners

The template below gives you an insight into making an origami flipbook with a single sheet of paper.

Single Page Flipbook Template

8. How to Make an Accordion Flipbook

You could arrange photos of your family members in each section and even decorate using glitters, sparklers, or ribbons.

How to Make an Accordion Flipbook

Your accordion book could also be colorful, like the one shown in the image below.

Zigzag Flipbook

9. Homemade Flipbook for an Exciting Summer Craft

Create an exciting storyline for your kids to have a whale of a time.

How to Make a Flipbook for Summer

With these various DIYs at hand, you would all set to be prepared for designing flipbooks for your kindergarteners, 1st graders as well as older kids. You could even make them as memorabilia to give away on special occasions.

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